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If these abnormal wettable surfaces crystalloid in urine and stone formation so that ye will begin

Kidney Stones
KIDNEY STONES every 1,000 patients hospitalized in the United States in the first cause of hospitalization is the cornerstone of the kidney. In the autopsy npz cases of stone was found in 1% frequency. Accordingly, a more general approach npz of kidney stones urinary tract stones, a large part of it is quiet. So the patient does not reveal any signs uncomfortable. According to their chemical structure, different from each other for kidney stones can be found. The chemical structure "calcium oxalate", "calcium phosphate", "Amon-yumürat", "sodium urate", "uric acid", "Cystine", "xanthine", "calcium carbonate", "Ammonium phosphate" and "magnesium phosphate" There are the stones. Calcium npz phosphate, calcium carbonate, npz ammonium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, calcium oxalate stones, taken in a simple X-rays are likely to see the kidney. npz
Other stones to be seen "intravenous urography" [1 Vp] called in a special npz way, taking x-rays of the kidneys is required. 80% in case of one side of kidney stones. Consists of the right kidney stones more often. Two times more common in men than women are to be found in the kidney overflow. 60% in cases of kidney stones are one. Kidney stone 0.5 cm in 5 cm in size up in olabilmektedir.idr urate, phosphate, oxalate as the crystalloid-ir is molten state. Normally the urinary tract in the urine does not get wet. However, an infection in the urinary tract that will be developed, this will cause the urine to be wet.
If these abnormal wettable surfaces crystalloid in urine and stone formation so that ye will begin to collapse. Urea nitrogen, some ingredients such as salicylic acid may be present npz in urine, "hydrotrope agent-s" is. These agents increase the dissolubility in the urine are crystalloid, npz and hence prevents the crystalloid to create the collapsed stone. In urine "nucleic acid", "chondroitin sulfuric acid" include colloids such as. In the absence of this kolloidl-r consists of kidney stones. Have higher than normal concentrations in urine of crystalloid or persons due to loss of water intensive urination, is a factor predisposing to kidney stones. Urine is alkaline phosphate stones are formed in acid urine cystine and urate stones in the kidney occurs. npz The reason 4'üni% of cases of kidney stones "Gut" is a disease. Stone familial tendency is detected in 5% of cases. Vitamin A deficiency, urinary tract strictures caused by the slowdown in the flow of urine, being bedridden for a long time, chronic inflammation of bone, hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D excess leads to the formation of kidney stones are a variety of factors. Kidney stones are usually formed within the kidney calyx. With the flow of urine excretion of kidney stones by the way, no region can block the urinary tract. As a result, the urine can accumulate behind the obstruction. In this case, the kidney and urinary tract infections could lead to the formation of the-know. Stone moves in the urinary tract stones bleeding açabilir.böbrek the road does not bother the majority of patients. When Beürt give the most important symptoms "Pain" and "hematuria" is. Pain, kidney stone as a result of progress in the urinary tract spasm in the urinary tract is subject to developing. The pain may be dull, like "Colic called" very severe, sharp, stinging pain may be in the property, kiosks pain is very severe, the patient is convulsed face, solar, sweat pours. The pain may spread to the whole abdomen. Nausea and vomiting may occur as a result npz of pain. Moved as a result of urinary tract damage may be blood in the urine [haematuria).
During attacks of pain caused by kidney stones, or the like morphine analgesics to patients and administration of anti-spasmodic drugs, are useful in pain relief. Patient to drink large quantities of water, this will increase urine flow, convection can facilitate reduction. Self-fall and that can be dangerous for patients with kidney stones should be removed in the surgical procedure. Meat and liquid-rich, carbohydrate is quite a poor diet and 'an hour a day to walk up or regularly do sports kidney stones against npz a valuable önleyicidir.böbrek stones in ordinary circumstances in the urine dissolved substances precipitate hard debris particles in the generation emerges. Of these substances which lead to the formation of kidney stones Tirat concern mainly, such as oxalate npz and calcium phosphate compounds.
Instead of stone formation varying symptoms may occur. Stones in kidney dish (calyx) or pool (pelvis) can be placed. Also the urethra npz (urethral), as in the bladder npz and urethra (produces) can exist. To the number of kidney stones, where they are sorted according to their chemical structure and. Are few and smaller round, as in bladder stone is numerous and rubbing against each other if they are square. Be large gaps occur in the kidney dish and shows that, like the pool. The design of the entire kidney, which is a very small size reaches those who will fill the gap varies.

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