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I also use a Windows PC as many brothers here Delicate, so he understands that for the system to ru

I also use a Windows PC as many brothers here Delicate, so he understands that for the system to run fast and stable, then we will have to clean up "sweetheart" on a regular basis. To help you do this the easier, today I would share a few applications have the ability to automate many stages of cleanup, since it reduces the time and effort cleaned that we have to spend than when done manually. If you use any other additional software please share within this topic is always okay. Clean system with Windows Disk Cleanup This is a familiar tool built in Windows to delete the old files that are no longer needed sometimes we do not pay attention to. Recycle bin, temporary files, and dozens of other file systems is likely the cause of our storage is full, and Disk Cleanup will you clean them quickly and simply. Often after running this application you will have to add a few GB of memory even there, especially those who have not served long storage device is liberated even bigger. To run this software, go to the Start screen in Windows 8 (or Start Menu on Windows 7 or less), type the words "Disk Cleanup", then click on the app icon when it is found. You do using Windows 8.1 or Windows RT is on the bar Charm Bar> Settings> Control Panel> Admin typed into the search box, select Administrative Tools> Disk Cleanup.
At first, Disk Cleanup will scan the drive first, then it will display a dialog box to select the type of file you want to delete. Where it finished then click OK and wait for the machine erased files is finished. In addition, you can also click the "Clean up system files" to delete old files leftover after upgrading Windows. It will also remove the old restore points and system log files. If you update Windows cleaned from 7 to 8, it may have been around 1GB when you click this button you. In addition, you can also order the computer to delete all restore points System Restore properties and leaving only one last point only. To do this you also to the guidance on Disk Cleanup, click the "Clean up system files", switch More card options> System Restore and Shadow Copies section> click the "Clean up" to complete. Clean up temporary files and junk files with CCleaner cleaned If you want more options other cleaners, cleaned you can think of CCleander. This software is essentially the same as Disk Cleanup, but it is likely to move down the system files that Disk Cleanup does not touch it, it's parallel capabilities to delete temporary files created by the software third parties which may account for up to several GB space after a long time use. CCleaner will also dispose of the "traces" left you in the process of spending the PC, such as the history of opened files or web pages visited. In the first run up, the Cleaner tab, you should browse through the sub-categories that CCleaner will delete to prevent unwanted data loss. For example, if you want to keep the browser history and cookies then deselect these items.
CCleaner also has a tool to help clean up the Windows system registry. But their advice you should not use this feature because it gives the effect that not much, to risk causing instability to our system because a bunch of Windows as well as data applications are stored in the registry. You only need to use the free CCleaner cleaned is enough, most features are present clean, cleaned no need to buy the paid version do. Download CCleaner here. Clean duplicate files The application also helps to find duplicate files can help us a lot in the process of cleaning up your PC. Often photos, documents or music files overlap will cause the memory capacity of our occupied vain, so why do not we take advantage of that free space for important things more, right? cleaned
To find duplicate files, you have some free choice as follows: Duplicate Files Finder dupeGuru AllDup you use one of the above three, which are possible, but note that do not clean up the system folder as C: \ Windows or C: \ Program Files because it will make our machines instability. You should clean up the area containing personal data, documents, pictures, music videos only. Remove junk applications when you buy a new laptop (or desktop) to go home, you may be faced with dozens of applications that manufacturers recycle the equipment available to us. Maybe some of the software that is useful, but in most cases they only bother you alone. To uninstall this app, you can use the PC Decrapifier. The application is very easy to use, you just run it up and follow the step by step instructions on the screen cleaned is. Disk space analysis tool This is not an automatic cleaning software as its first international

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