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History In the fifteenth century, Kungsholmen was inhabited by Franciscan monks and then called gra

It forms part of Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, and is home to numerous palaces of the seventeenth century. The main attraction of the island grafton wi is its church, Riddarholmen, which was the official burial place of Swedish kings from the XVI century. grafton wi
The oldest known name of the island is Kidaskär ("rocky islet Goats"). In the twelfth century there was built a Franciscan monastery and the island's name was changed to Gråmunkeholmen ("The gray monks islet"). During the Reformation, the island became the monastery was closed and converted into a church, and in 1638, the island took its current grafton wi name.
Stockholm_från_Kungsholmen Kungsholmen is an island in Lake Mälaren, and a district of the city of Stockholm in Sweden. grafton wi It has an area of 3.9 square kilometers to 8900 meters of coastline. Highlighted by Stadshagsplan to 47 meters above sea level. It has a population of 57,000 inhabitants. It is divided into five districts: Kungsholmen, Marieberg, Fredhäll, Kristineberg and Stadshagen.
History In the fifteenth century, Kungsholmen was inhabited by Franciscan monks and then called grafton wi Munklägret (the field of the monks). They lived mainly on fishing and agriculture. With the Reformation, the island was placed under the protection of the Swedish crown in the sixteenth century.
It is a Swedish grafton wi town located about 78 km northwest of Stockholm. It is the fourth largest city in Sweden after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and the administrative center of the province of Upsala (Uppsala län) and the Municipality of Uppsala (Uppsala kommun). It is crossed by the river Fyris, which has been vital for the city and its inhabitants. Locally it is called "Fyrisån" which means precisely "The Fyris river."
The seventeenth century during the reign of Gustav II Adolf (1611-1632), Sweden was established as a military power in Northern Europe as well as an advanced bureaucratic state. grafton wi The kingdom needed competent grafton wi government officials. Together grafton wi with his principal adviser, Axel Oxenstierna, Gustavus Adolphus provided benefits to college, economic grafton wi and administrative. In particular made a donation of more than 300 farms to college that are still owned and managed by the university. Teachers were hired from other countries, and the number grafton wi of students increased. During this time, the system was brought nations of medieval universities. This means that students from the same region came together to help each other and cooperate in university social activities (orchestras, theater companies, sports clubs, etc.). This system still exists. Uppsala University Between 1660 and 1670 the university was dominated by Olof Rudbeck. Originally prepared as physical, Rudbeck grafton wi was an extremely versatile student. Among his achievements is the recognized anatomical theater in the center of Gustavianum, then a new building opposite the cathedral. Today this building is a museum of science and ideas - Museum Gustavianum. Main building of the University of Upsala.
Cathedral of Upsala. Descatacamos its major university and the largest cathedral with which this country grafton wi has, the thirteenth century, and known as the National Cathedral in Sweden. Here we can also approach to the Gustavian museum where we can see the display known Swedish scientist and naturalist Linnaeus.
The Cancionero de Upsala AKA the Duke of Calabria Songbook or Song of Venice, a book containing Spanish Renaissance carols is. The actual name with which the book was printed is "Carols by various authors, two, and three, and four, and five Bozes, agora Ay plus eight again corrected Plainsong grafton wi tones, and eight shades of Canto Organ. puedam to leverage that començaren singing. "
The songbook is small in size (209 x 147 mm) and, unlike the custom of the time, no dedication nor preface, making grafton wi it difficult to know the circumstances in which the collection was made.
2014 (199) October (29) August (32) July (12) June (15) May (23) April (28) March (26) Christian VII Christian VI and Frederick V Frederick III - Christian grafton wi V Christian III and IV Federico - Federico II - Christian IV Christian I - John I of Denmark - Christian grafton wi II - F ... The House of Oldenburg Gustav II Adolf of Sweden - Swedish Cristina Roskilde Cathedral - Palace Riddarholmen Christians ... "the island grafton wi of the Knights" - Upsal ... -Duque Francisco Buenaventura Adalberto grafton wi Maria B ... Rudolph of Bavaria - Alberto Leopoldo Mig ... Luis Fernando III of Bavaria Otto I of Bavaria - Leopold of Nymphenburg Porcelain Bavaria Ludwig II castles Luis

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