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Hibernate function creates hiberfil.sys file capacity is approximately the amount of RAM in your co

First of all, use CCleaner software to clean garbage off the Recycle Bin, browser cache, temporary files ... Most of the garbage in drive C is of this type. Use CCleaner will help most of the work done to clean this computer.
Not all programs are installed into regular use. Having installed the software, but only used a few times and then stop, when installed and never used to (the software of the computer manufacturer preinstalled when purchase in disc or printer driver). There is also software comodo cleaning essentials to be installed together comodo cleaning essentials with the software that the user does not pay attention during the installation process. The software takes the place quite so useless in hard drive, need to be moved out.
There are many ways to remove programs on your computer. The easiest is to use the functions available in the Windows Uninstall or Uninstall CCleaner. However, in many cases, the Windows Uninstall function still leftovers of programs or junk files in the registry key. To clean up more, we can use RevoUnistaller to scan and delete the remaining files and folders after a certain software uninstaller instead made crafts.
After garbage collection, the next step is to check what occupies a lot of space on the drive that can then act accordingly. Sometimes there are files created by the user during work, sometimes the files downloaded from Internet ... There are many software helps you track disk space as Space Sniffer, WinDirStat ... but I choose SpaceSniffer because the software takes a look at the chart style, more intuitive than the list format as Windows Explorer. Looking at the drive scan results will be seen immediately file / folder takes up more space on the drive, then decide to delete or not to delete or move to another drive to save space.
Usually, every time there is a change in the system such as installing software, drivers, Windows to create a backup of the file system comodo cleaning essentials and then the backup comodo cleaning essentials long gradually occupies a lot of space on the drive. To clean off the old backup, run Disk Cleanup, through the More Options tab, click Clean Up in the System Restore and Shadow comodo cleaning essentials Copies, c flavor comodo cleaning essentials will delete all the old backups, leaving only the latest version.
Hibernate function creates hiberfil.sys file capacity is approximately the amount of RAM in your computer. Often Windows users to use Hibernate function can save the system comodo cleaning essentials state before shutting down the computer to be able to quickly re-open in time to start. However, if you rarely use hibernate with the large hiberfil.sys file will occupy space quite useless. Also, in case the operating system is installed on the SSD, I noticed startup speed faster Windows boot normally with Hibernate. Hence hibernate in this case is not necessary.
Windows pagefile.sys be used as virtual RAM, usually equals the amount comodo cleaning essentials of RAM. However, if the RAM on the computer a lot and run at the program, you can reduce the file size to make room on the drive.
Steps: Go to Start, right click on Computer, select Properties Select the Advanced system settings in the Advanced tab, click Settings in the Performance section On the Advanced tab, click Change under Virtual memory paging Uncheck Automatically manage file size for all drives comodo cleaning essentials Click Custom size, declare initial size and maximum space for pagefile Click Set then OK
This directory contains the install files from the cache of the computer programs comodo cleaning essentials and can reach both GB. We can delete the folder PatchCache $ $ to have more space on your hard drive. However, note the following several points: This folder is a hidden folder and systems, to be able to see the need to enable the display of hidden files system not delete anything else in the% windows% / Some other installer cases
's Computer database management system should move the database files to another drive to save disk space to install Win With MS SQL, multiple log files when more than 1 GB of database files when only a few dozen to a few hundred MB. In this case it can reduce the log file size with this command (SQL Server 2008)
It has a web server installed GO ASPNET typically create temp directory for each site in the following folder: C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework64 \ \ Temporary ASP.NET Files \ C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework64 \ \ Temporary ASP.NET Files \ C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ \ Temporary ASP.NET Files \ C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ \ Temporary comodo cleaning essentials ASP.NET Files \
If the above folder taking up too much space or create project websites that are not used to the long days can delete to enlarge this. If you do not want to delete it manually declare to CCleaner can clean up automatically. comodo cleaning essentials In CCleaner, declare the folder path in the Options -> Include and when sweeper, check Custom Files and Folders. With XAMPP, should be installed in other drive instead of drive installed on Windows. Where installed on drive C, you can adjust to letter

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