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Hemorrhagic Shock Therapy Fluid, blood and vasoactive drugs are used. Fluid Therapy Rapid fluid rep

Hemorrhagic Shock Therapy Fluid, blood and vasoactive drugs are used. Fluid Therapy Rapid fluid replacement therapy is the cornerstone of hypovolemic power wash shock. Liquids, such as to replace de-fisit and speed must be INFIA. Rapid fluid replacement in young patients tend to do easily, quickly pulmonary edema may occur in the elderly is reduced tolerances. So they must be infused slowly and carefully. Colloid or crystalloid fluid therapy will be used in the discussion lasts for years. What will be will be, and how it will be given liquids and loss varies according to the patient. Also during the infusion hematocrit values and serum electrolytes are checked frequently. 1 Crystalloids: normal saline, Ringer's lactate solution as used, but also lead to pulmonary edema when given too fast. This fluid that is deficient amount should be about 3-4 times the amount. Oldukla- is on the same property with crystalloid fluid from the body through blood vessels to the rapid spread of non-vascular. Inftiz planing so that after about 30 minutes has increased in some non-vascular. Within 2 hours, but 20% of the volume remains in the vessel. 2 Colloids: high molecular weight liquids. Barrier power wash between the intravascular and extravascular partly to allow the passage of these molecules. Therefore colloids, crystalloids remain in the vasculature for longer than, and even smaller quantities is sufficient to restore circulating blood volume. Again this oncotic pressure of fluids into the vessel from outside the vessel to be more fluid draw. If we were to summarize the arm-amyloid; a. Albumin is a favorite kollo-id. Effectively when given intravenously increases blood volume. Less passes of non-vascular. However, it is quite expensive. b. Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) is a liquid synthetic and expensive. That adversely affect the clotting mechanism is not recommended to be given more than 2000 ml. c. Dextrans: Dextran 70 (90% of molecules with a molecular weight from 25000 to 125000), dextran 40 (molecular weight from 10,000 to 80,000, 90%) is used. Provides both volume power wash expansion. Dextran 70, while the half-life of Dextran 40 several days faster cleared from plasma. In operation of this liquid renal failure, hemorrhage, including anaphylaxis is a possibility of complications seen. More than 1000 ml should not be used at a time. d. Gelatins: Synthetic plasma wide-leticia they are. Anaphylactoid reactions during the infusion of these fluids occur. power wash Are widely used in fluid resuscitation. email address. Fresh frozen plasma: Resüsitas-colloid is another power wash that can be used to sculpt. All naturally occurring immunoglobulins and coagulation factors provides other than platelets. However, all blood products, such as hepatitis, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) there is a risk of diseases such as transport. power wash Hypovolemic shock due to bleeding blood replacement in patients who will be given the best liquid, as well as lose blood. Giving blood during blood will be given to the appropriateness of the patient's blood should power wash be checked thoroughly. Stay in a very difficult situation, when blood is not found in accordance power wash with the patient's blood group 0 Rh (-) blood given. Vasoactive drugs for the life of the patient first, which causes power wash the problem to be solved. First of all fluids need to be put in place. Although the fluid therapy, sometimes these agents may be required for hemodynamic power wash support. Here the requirement power wash is because the patient's own sympathetic system sometimes can not be sufficiently effective. In this case the outside support can be catecholamines.
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