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Gmail now offers 15GB of storage for free, but still not enough for some advanced users. With some

5 ways to clean your Gmail inbox - PC World VN
Gmail now offers 15GB of storage for free, but still not enough for some advanced users. With some quick tips below, you can clean up and have added a significant gap to your inbox.
Size Maximum attachment that Google's Gmail service support is 25MB, so you can find and delete these files to free up space on your Gmail inbox. To do this, use the Search Box in Gmail box to quickly search for specific file formats. Try typing in the phrase that "filename: mp3" or "filename: mov" to determine the attachment large.
Filter email that contains file attachments. You can find all emails with attachments, regardless of format by clicking the drop-down box arrow in the search box and check the box "Has attachment". You can also convert Office files to Google's own formats Drive to not account for multiple Gmail storage you break i fix capacity.
Email format HTML (with formatted text and embedded images) you break i fix typically occupy you break i fix more space than plain text email format (plain text). you break i fix If your job often have to use large amounts Gmail email daily, please set the plain text format for all that you will compose a new email, Gmail will automatically store this option in the future.
Plain text format occupies less space than. In addition, you can also save space by not insert the original email to every email that you responded. Please delete the original email text before answering or just select the required content sections.
Gmail search box also helps filter out those old emails that you may never need to use again. Please try entering the phrase "older_than: 2y" to see all the emails from more than two years ago, then select them all and click the trash can icon to delete.
Of course you can combine search terms, along with a label or a sender address you break i fix to filter out specific email that you do not really need to (eg newsletter). The search box dropdown also offer the option to search by date.
Previously, Gmail does not allow you to search emails by size, but now new features are added. Please enter the "larger: 5m" to find the email size from 5MB or more. You can also open the dialog box and use the drop-down search options including size.
Imagine you have 300 emails from 5MB or more in size, so they will occupy at least close to 2GB of your Gmail inbox. If you frequently use Gmail to receive emails containing images or PDF files high resolution, you should always do this to free up space Gmail inbox.
If you do not want to delete old emails or emails with large size in Gmail, you can download a copy of our mail client application on your computer to store. By POP or IMAP settings switch, you can "pull" email and then save them to a file or exported to storage. you break i fix
Download email to the email client with POP mode / IMAP. In the web interface of Gmail, click Settings icon shaped gear in the upper right corner. In the "Forwarding and POP / IMAP" you can enable / disable the POP and IMAP mail received.
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