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Download Shrink Storage 5 Cleans history and cache of t

Windows Phone is almost like another operating system after the equipment we use for some time, the memory is full the machine will start up for all sorts of different data. Data generated by us also, data generated by the app has even a lot of things boulder creek high school come from the OS again. If you encounter such a situation, try some of the methods through which they share in this post okay. 1 Delete photos, boulder creek high school music, videos and documents boulder creek high school no longer use this manipulation is simple too long but you do not remember that execute when your computer where every space. Over time, a whole bunch of music, movies and documents boulder creek high school will appear full of your device, while the number of files you do not really boulder creek high school need much. So why do not we remove them to make room for other things more interesting?
This delete operation is very simple, you can do on your phone plugged boulder creek high school into the computer or to delete. His proposal to use the second way, which is connected to the PC to delete, so you will perform operations more quickly, the epitome of the file should boulder creek high school also more clearly you will be limited to deletion important files. For Windows users, you must download the application on the Windows Phone app for Desktop (or spend File Explorer is also available), but if you spend a Mac running OS X, the Windows Phone app download here. 2 Delete / Archive RAW image files or photos refocus, Cinemagraph With the Lumia 1520, 1020, 930 or Lumia Icon, just delete the JPEG image or delete the photo gallery is not enough. There are times I also deleted all files in the machine then, but the memory is still occupied boulder creek high school by something very large, remembered his last in oodles phone RAW (.DNG format) has not touched . Here is the original image without boulder creek high school compression phase and a higher resolution boulder creek high school than JPEG, so it is not surprising capacity of only a RAW file can be up to tens of megabytes. boulder creek high school You should copy them to the computer for processing or deleted if no longer needed.
In addition, you should also keep an eye on the photograph with app Cinemagraph or refocus on the Lumia devices. The file is generated by the two applications is also a very large size, if you shoot a lot, you should delete them or copy to store on the machine rather than on the phone for too much. To delete or copy the RAW files to the computer, with Windows you're running, you can use Desktop for Windows Phone app you've put the link above, you do spend longer with OS X then please boulder creek high school download additional boulder creek high school applications Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac. 3 Cleans cache OneDrive Basically, when you upload photos to OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), boulder creek high school the image will be found in the Camera Roll or OneDrive Mobile boulder creek high school Uploads. After the download is complete, you can delete the downloaded images are saved on the phone memory but really, Windows Phone still retains this image of Temporary memory (or buffer OneDrive) during 2 weeks later. This is also the reason why some users have a file size of Temporary memory higher than normal and can not be deleted by applications such as Nokia Storage Check. If you turn off automatic photo upload (auto-upload) boulder creek high school then this memory will be less, usually boulder creek high school less than 50 MB. However, if you download hundreds of photos to SkyDrive, the memory will be occupied more. Of course, Windows Phone will automatically delete the cache for you, but you're missing is urgently needed space to copy something very important boulder creek high school is annoying. Instead, you can do your own by following steps: Log on to the web at the address above OneDrive or OneDrive boulder creek high school application on Windows Phone; Move all the files in the Camera Roll folder on SkyDrive or Mobile Uploads folder to a new folder named with two just mentioned; Run the application again Photos Hub on Windows Phone to machine status automatically refresh the album; On the phone's Settings, set the date and time to add at least 2 weeks; Open Nokia or HTC Make More Storage Space Check to delete temp files in the Temporary OneDrive. 4 Clean "Other Storage" Windows Phone 8 allows the device boulder creek high school memory free "growth" as long as your phone is no longer space again. Only then, the new operating system begins clean up the storage boulder creek high school space the next time you restart the device. If you see the "Other Storage" its too much, you can use the app to help fill Shrink Storage memory ("Fill Phone Storage"), which enable automatic boulder creek high school cleanup boulder creek high school of Windows Phone soon immediately ("Clean Phone Storage").
You note: Shrink Storage takes quite a long time to run, but the end result is quite delicious so it does not matter. Their suggestion that you should boulder creek high school let the app start operations at night before bed to be cleaned effectively as possible (by then very few of us, not even touching the phone again) .
Download Shrink Storage 5 Cleans history and cache of t

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