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Currently the amount that a Gmail user owns the 15GB, 15-fold increase since the service pawling ny

Currently the amount that a Gmail user owns the 15GB, 15-fold increase since the service pawling ny launched in 2004, however, some users find that this much storage space is not enough , especially those you do usually have to send and receive the attachment. That's not to mention the aforementioned 15GB also be shared with Google Drive Google + Photos and more. So how can we clean up Gmail? Invite you to monitor a few tricks. Delete messages containing attachments from Gmail search bar allows us to find certain kinds of file types, for example, if you want to search for messages with attachments MP3 format, type filename: mp3, even if want to find a document, enter the filename: doc. After finished, delete all the messages are no longer touching another or the letter was too old. If that file is important to you, then it does not matter, you absolutely can save it to your computer before removing the body. Because capacity can attach files up to 25MB deleting files like this will help you get a decent clean empty space there. Share more with Office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, if you still want to store online, you can transfer them to the original format of Google Drive. This way, you can view your documents wherever you are, manage them and share to others, while file size will no longer be charged to the 15GB limit again. Search by file size not previously existing features in Gmail, pawling ny Google recently last forever add it to your service. By using a larger phrase, you can find out the mail attachments larger than a certain size. For example, larger: 5m ie larger pawling ny than 5MB files. Test yourself with your own account, the result returns 20 letter that contains file attachments larger than 5MB, so if you delete them, then we will have 100MB of storage, a small number is not given demand e-mail exchange. If your little cleanup may result pawling ny in even greater returns. Clean trash and spam mail folder pawling ny you deleted from Gmail is not yet completely disappeared. They will be moved to a separate area called "Trash", and only when you delete messages in the trash, the storage space will be truly liberated. pawling ny To access this area, you can click on the "Trash" (or "Trash" pawling ny if you use Gmail in English), then select all emails pawling ny and delete them in here. Do not forget to delete the whole folder Spam / Junk mail okay, this is the place that contains the Gmail spam filter automatically for you. Over time, the directory can also contain hundreds of letters to you. Switch to plain text email using the email that you see more pictures, color decoration, it is the type of mail in HTML format. pawling ny Often such a letter does not occupy much space at all, but imagine you have hundreds, even thousands of letters after many years, it was a different story. Therefore, if you do not wish to spend the HTML, you set up Gmail to send messages in plain text, so we'll save a lot more space. The way to do that is in the editor pane, click the small arrow in the lower right corner of the screen, select "Plain pawling ny Text mode". Delete old emails, read emails we again use the Gmail search box. This way you do not have to search for letters by hand. All you need is that type older_than: 2y to display any messages older than 2 years. And if you want more space to move, you can try 1y, which is limited to only 1 year older messages only. When the results appear, you select them all, click the trash can icon is finished. In addition to using keywords older_than, you can enter additional phrases such as title, sender, ... to work more efficiently cleans. For example, I used the phrase "Tinhte.vn older_than: 1y" to display pawling ny the notification pawling ny letter from Delicate older than 1 year, then I will delete and there is quite a bit more space. And if you want to find and delete pawling ny the letter was read, you use keywords in: inbox is: read. Download backup If the email can not be deleted because of a reason, you can download them to store their computer and then delete all necessarily pawling ny on Gmail. By using an application on the PC, such as Thunderbird or the mail application available in Windows or OS X, you can download this letter, then exported to hold on somewhere. How to export depending on the application, this feature will typically located on the File> Export okay. So what about you? How do you clean up your Gmail inbox? Please share let everyone know just in this topic okay. See also: Some tricks to use Gmail effectively
Because Gmail is free so do not necessarily have to delete any emails out. Following his way, set up a new mailbox XXX01 (xxx is the original address) then move automatically through the entire old mailbox. So the old email address back to the original space.
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