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Jesse and Skyler is fixed even as the antagonist here. Jesse with a folly which does not go over. W

Farewell Walter and Skyler makes Walter messy life. They split the house. Planning a divorce. He was fired from his job, angry at the Jesse (again huh). Up to refuse money offered $ 3 million for a 3 month contract to make meth for Gustavo Fring.
But, Gus did not remain silent, aware that Walter is a gem that has not been honed and potential, he continues to pursue. Yes because it is ultimately the problem with Skyler Walter wants. Meanwhile, Jesse tried making and selling meth itself. However, again because of ignorance and carelessness, even make them both almost caught by Hank. Walter cleverly asks for help to Saul, and eventually they were both arrested crime scene clean up gagalah Hank.
Effects of Tuco's death was not yet finished. Two cousins chasing Walter Tuco. Again, make brilliant Gus Mexican cartels and police face to face directly, with the victim is Hank. Because this accident Hank, Skyler finally willing to accept money from Walter seconded to Marie. With the requirement: washed clean.
Jesse Walter returned hire. But as Jesse stupid and can not control keimpulsifannya, finally a new problem arises. He knew a girl at the gathering place, which turned out to be her son is killed Combo. You know, Jesse quasi-heroic bosses to kill the child, ask ricin to Walter, but Walter does not want to give, insists that they are NOT KILLER.
If you actually read the drama in Breaking Bad, you will understand the pattern. The base problem of Breaking Bad is right: Walter family, Walter stubbornness, and impusifnya Jesse. That is all repeated from season one to three. If you've a little peace ya, the problem is finished, one of the three sources that would lit a fire. However, in season three of these: I think most pengin Jesse jitak me.
However, the drama Breaking Bad remains a solid and well-written. All feels fit in the universe inhabited by Walter et al. Every event arranged nicely and neatly, so that a mutually crime scene clean up coherent with each other to establish a solid story and contains.
Maybe that's what makes me feel a little shock factor in Breaking Bad three are still felt weak. Because the characters are less fixed and initiatives. They like to wait lacing certain events and react based on the event. Kayak for example, the event in the back when Walter says they are not murderers, and I knew from there he would be killed. Remember-remember wrote, since the beginning of Walter always say something then he's broken his own. Although yes, it is a rational reason why.
I quite liked the character development for Walter. How he learned to intimidate of Gustavo Fring. Yes he just had, he is often too passive. So, brilliant Walter is out when cornered or precarious state. I pengin he was so opposed to the same chess equivalent of Gus Fring, not even so pawn that dimainin Gus Fring as ever. Yes, though, Walter was a pawn that anomaly.
Jesse and Skyler is fixed even as the antagonist here. Jesse with a folly which does not go over. What he did not learn of the circumstances? Not learn of the death of Jane? I understand that the character he does so, but the death of Jane why it feels not too effect on him eventually. Keloyalannya same friends that make wretched. I do not know that loyal or quasi-heroic, due to the attitude, Jesse and Walter have in common really. It is almost always make them kecebur in trouble.
Skyler, huh, I pengin to throw my mug to the author of Breaking Bad. Pathetic really. I initially equal sympathy Skyler, I still support when he ngusir Walter from home because Walter lie. Ok. 1-0 for Skyler. But, then her affair with Ted Beneke. It was like ... what the fuuuuuck! The only female character who became a barometer of the moral and sympathy in this series are also encouraged to fall like that. It was really bad. I was really not like. Moreover, she had given birth. He had Walter Jr. is angry with him. And the reason why she does not have to sleep at the Ted. Yes, it is somewhat restored with Skyler's reputation makes him ngebantu Walt ngebangun clean money laundering scheme. For me, Skyler crime scene clean up will not dapet again sympathy. What lakuin Skyler was even worse and disgusting crime scene clean up than Maggie (True Detective) lakuin to Marty. Maggie had a more obvious crime scene clean up reason and rational.
More scenes crime scene clean up of violence, but not too hard really. Ajalah ordinary. I really like the character of Gustavo Fring! Seriously, without him, Breaking Bad would like porridge without crackers! I remind each Elias in Person of Interest! I hope that in season crime scene clean up 4 will be even more Gus Fring and have fun. Wohoo!
Many say this is the season three points behind when all woven from the beginning will be more burning. Season three is suitable as a lighter. The seeds of trouble getting tum

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