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In the human brain there is a center called a nucleus accumbent pleasure. At this point the release

All types of drugs would have been dangerous. But we need to know more about the meth to be able to understand why it can be so dangerous and spread terror for you and your family members. One of them, because he is actually very close to us, or and those we love.
Shabu is just a popular term in Indonesia black mold for the addictive substance called methamphetamine black mold (meth). Shaped like grains of white crystal like sugar granules slightly larger so that some call crystal meth. In addition to granular crystal, meth is also available in tablet form, usually mixed with other ingredients such as caffeine. Other designations are Tina, Glass, ice, crystal, black mold crank, chalk, speed, methamphetamine (Japan, Indonesia), Nazi dope, dope annie's, annie, poor man's cocaine, ya ba (Thailand), etc.. I will use the terms interchangeably meth and meth in this paper.
Use of methamphetamine can be done by swallowing, injecting or inhaling smoke. Once enough black mold use 0.25 g, 3.5 LBH strong but the effect of cocaine that can cause the wearer sober up to 12 hours. This is the first danger, methamphetamine carries a stronger effect than any kind of drugs at this time.
Once inside the body, directly meth brings a sense of relaxed and fun. There is no longer a sense of anxiety black mold and fear, problem (as) lost. Sensation meth also seemed to give, encouragement, confidence black mold eminence black mold and durability so that the wearer can work for hours even days without getting tired. The discovery of shabu in Japan did in the days of the world war. Meth is given to the soldiers (including in Germany and the Red Army, Russia) so it can fight for days, without fear.
Among workers ranging from laborers to office workers, the use of methamphetamine is actually very significant. High work demands that require work longer without black mold feeling hungry and tired. In Thailand a few years ago, there are companies that even distribute methamphetamine / ya ba to employees to boost productivity!
The effects were felt for shabu was a trick while. Once the use of methamphetamine, in fact the wearer has made a long-term deal with the devil. In the subsequent black mold use of crystal meth, the effect will hit back. These drugs attack the brain, weakens the body and mind make pecandunya suffering from paranoid, excessively aggressive even mad. Once used, the dose needs to be higher.
In the human brain there is a center called a nucleus accumbent pleasure. At this point the release of dopamine, a natural chemical only in so that the cause of pleasure. The more dopamine black mold is released, the more excited we feel. The pleasure is actually a 'gift' given to the human brain. One of the pleasures of normal peak is is sex and eating. In the second activity, the brain dopamine is released and the cause of pleasure and comfortable.
Here's what actually happened: when consuming methamphetamine, he went straight to the pleasure center, accumbent nucleus. Hence the wearer instantly jazzed in a relaxed and comfortable state. Research in mice shows that 150 units of dopamine released in the brain when eating or sexual activity. But meth fool the brain to release more dopamine. A single use, methamphetamine can trigger the release of dopamine in 1200 units. black mold Shabu forcing the brain to work hard 3.5 times harder than the effects of cocaine, or 6 times harder than normal human activity.
Meth began working brain damage. The brain is forced to excessive dopamine release, was to take the fight naturally. Brain began to shut down overactive black mold nerve cells that release black mold dopamine. As a result, at a certain point meth users began to feel the change from the high dopamine (pleasure) becomes less and less dopamine as the brain's nerve cells that begin to die.
As a result, the addict begins black mold to lose a sense of drift that but still trying to catch the feeling of pleasure that they had enjoyed in drunkenness. They will continue to strive black mold to reach that point with the use of methamphetamine black mold dose that would be improved, until many days to get a shock dopamine increasingly rare. Over time, the use of methamphetamine at a dose of rising makes the brain can not work, and meth / methamphetamine began to take over the mind of the wearer.
At this point meth users began to hallucinate. Seeing things that are not real, hear the sounds and so on. One example was his hallucinations of insects so that the wearer's surrounded meth started scratching endlessly. Hallucinations continued, he began scratching with rough objects, even stabbing him to pursue 'insects' he felt into the wound. No wonder the body of meth addicts usually penu

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