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I myself have watched from season 1 until the last season (season 5), but still the first part of s

For me, the television series is like no other. The contents are not merely stressful, but also always makes me curious and make limp. In addition, acting-acting deep cleaning of the supporting cast almost everything is beautiful. No wonder this series has been named as one of the best and most successful television series of all time in there native country, the United States.
I myself have watched from season 1 until the last season (season 5), but still the first part of season 5. So it has not really finished because I watch through Netflix and the last section (which consists of several episodes) aired yet, I had to be patient to wait up to several weeks or months. Reportedly deep cleaning his season finale actually rummage deep cleaning through emotions and beyond expectations.
From the fifth season that I enjoy, I can draw some pretty deep cleaning valuable lessons (gak): Loving family entirely unconditional. The main reason the main character Walter White decides to be a meth maker (a type of drug) is because he loved his family. He did not want his family into a difficult life if he died later. The love of his wife did not change even though the wife was openly having an affair with her boss. He is a portrait of a family head who put family above all else. If you want to create a product, create the best products. Walter White managed to make meth with the highest purity so it is desirable although deep cleaning expensive. That is precisely what makes it able to have a higher bargaining deep cleaning position when faced with the cartel or narcotics-traffickers big fish. In real life, the same thing would apply. If we do or produce something that is best in the workplace and in the business world, then we will also get a high bargaining power and regarded with respect by others. Negotiation is key. It still relates to point number 2 above. So after we were able to show that we can do something that others can not do, Negotiate well before starting a job or project. Think out of the box, do not dwell with the existing bid or normative. In this series, Walter White several times to negotiate with his partner Jessie Pinkman as well as with the drug cartels deep cleaning so he can get a better payoff. Choose the appropriate colleague. Partner immortal Walter White in this series is a young man nan stubborn rancid Jessie Pinkman. He is a former pupil of Walter while still in school deep cleaning and is not a good student. He was also an addict. Both are often hostile, even Jessie had almost killed Walter. But in terms of work (read: deep cleaning making meth), Walter knows that the role of Jessie is irreplaceable. When starting a business, we often find that we are less suitable business partner with us so that stymie business that we pioneered. The best advice from Walter: immediately replace such person with another person who is more suited to us, which can complement us. Know when to quit. At least this is to watch the first part of season 5 yes. I wonder if it makes Meth Walter back in the second part later. Actually, deep cleaning Walter's wife had often urged that meth maker Walter ceased to be, but after Walter felt that what he was looking for and he's after already obtained, he finally decided to quit. In life, we are often faced with the choice to continue employment or business deep cleaning that now we are doing or stop. Option to quit is often not easy to choose, but we know at some point we have to take it. As much as possible do not rely on help from others. Walter White is a person who does not like to get pity from others. When he took a lot of money for his cancer deep cleaning treatment, he did not like the offer of one of the wealthy friend to help with the costs of treatment. He was also not pleased when his son set up a website to raise donations for Walter. For Walter, the better he die rather than have to raise your hand and hoping for help from people. Indeed, we often can not refuse a helping hand from our family or relatives, but not to rely on such assistance. Diversification. If that's my take on another character that is Gustavo Fring. He was a large dealer who hired Walter and Jessie in his mini meth factory. To cover the business of prohibited substances, Gus also has a network of ready meals and laundry business. Perhaps he also had several deep cleaning other businesses that are not told in this series. But essentially, diversification is important to keep our assets. If one bisn

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