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For 4 people rosenhill you will need 4-5 ripe pears 2-3 tablespoons honey 2 bowls of yogurt or 1 tu

This is me ..... who hates Pancake Day! Sorry but no matter how much I try in recent years, rosenhill I can not agree and feel the excitement of my countrymen for this wondrous celebration ... triglycerides !! And do not get me wrong, I'm not a vegetarian, nor will ever be. I love meat, I eat on average 1-2 times a week and I have no intention to quit! But the Crispy Pancake NOT eating meat !! Time to say why this happened. The reason rosenhill is stupid, but stubborn writer! Well, years ago - the metro was not even preparedness should go from Holargo in Kallithea. Pancake Day was a beautiful night than slowly starting to remind us that spring is approaching. I started at 8 pm (usually case was three quarters of an hour with moderate traffic) ........ and I arrived just before midnight !!! Actually 11:45. All roads were blocked because the rabid Greeks wanted to eat the brizolitsa his tsiknismeni elsewhere, could not find a tavern in the neighborhood to pave the transmitter and to the SLEEP EAT xekoiliastei !!! A mess, I remember even now .... like a nightmare! I look out the window of the bus and desperate to see more .... and desperately hungry people to look at me !!! I arrived home hungry, but I was so tired that I fell straight to sleep! And since in this reaction as almost hysterical reaction to the smell of the Greek, I say NO to meat! Despite the fact that I am a tsiknopempti pooper I have 2-3 tips: 1 Do not overdo it! 2 Collect your laundry early! After 7 will hovering in a cloud ... tsiknismeno ... and pity fragrant emollient !! 3 Select a light dessert. We now have a quick and simple rosenhill solution.
For 4 people rosenhill you will need 4-5 ripe pears 2-3 tablespoons honey 2 bowls of yogurt or 1 tub of yoghurt and a carton mascarpone (for yogurt in recent years prefer to eat sweet or light strained with 2% fat.'s As needed thick) 2 tablespoons caster sugar a little rosenhill vanilla (extract or powder) a few digestive biscuits, broken. Peel and cut the pears into small pieces. Put them in a pan with the honey and sauté over medium heat. Continue sautéing until soft and karamelothoun pears. In a bowl, beat well the yogurt (or yogurt-mascarpone) rosenhill with sugar and vanilla until it is homogeneous, creamy texture. In stylish glasses rosenhill (mine are completely ... Dorian, you use something more sophisticated) put a bit of yogurt. Place over a few caramelized pears and top few broken biscuits. Repeat with another layer of yogurt, pears and finish with cookies. rosenhill Lightweight, easy, quick! Have fun today! And as I said: By far! Lurking something .... triglycerides !!
I do not want to keep in my memory such suffering ... I remember Pancake Day at home with loved ones, to honor the custom measure, circular dances, with the outbreak of the natural need for celebration after musty winter! Great your sweet! I keep in mind! Thank you! Delete Reply
@ Angeliki N. Good morning! I think that this festival like other have lost their deeper meaning because Neoellinika gives more importance to the food that accompanies these celebrations! This basically want to stress! Amelie Morning! I hope you have a wonderful time! After noon is, if the office is located near traditional patisserie, I recommend a piece of custard for dessert! Delete Reply
I'm glad I'm not alone so sympascho.ego the Pancake Day and I do not let alone the carnival! not mou.tin Pancake Day celebration can not because it is a day katakreourgismou In my view, and I say this because while I eat meat 2-3 times a week (mostly a chicken and red meat I can not because I smell strange as if I can not eat it because at that moment my mind rchetai in the face of misery animal) .and so the fact the smell of stinking !!! yes stinks to come aidia..syngnomi that burst but I have gathered it all and well de must eat kreas..kai Pancake Day is the fear of diatrofologou..acha Delete Reply
Have you and yours the !! I have come only 2 times Tsiknopepmti to eat that because we were offered by the office rosenhill and we were all gentlemen! By the way, my house sit and eat a normal meal because it is daily and the next day is waking rosenhill up and not want to get up with severe stomach! The dessert I find it great because I imagine that this is not white yogurt (not to eat so white and raw), but ice cream !!! And lick my fingers !!!! Delete Reply
amelie hope finally emerged ... custard !! @ Nike was not expecting that

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