Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Yes, it's true. Not everyone loves the same movies. Even better, though, there are those who seize the obvious opportunity to counterattack and passed the most cannibalistic mood. CAUTION: The video you watch here ... deifies the "toilet humor"!
How much lower can fall film parody? Take, for example, big lake mn the trailer of tainiaras Looper Ryan Johnson. Completely changed the dialogues. Add some specific sound effects. And trampled and the title of the film, with the more obvious ... and dirty way. How do you say movie now?
Yes, this is the Pooper ! Somewhere in 2072, a future without toilet paper, a man travels back 30 years, to confront the impending disaster that goes by the name ... Breakfast Burritos!
Before you hit the play, knowing how dare something quite disgusting. This will affect your good taste. Something truly miserable, that can make you laugh so much that to leave and you ...
And after the "toilet humor", see how many illustrators inspired the movie Johnson, even before the start of the projection in cinemas worldwide! Including big lake mn and beautiful, big lake mn animated trailer that ... painted cousin of director, Zachary Johnson.
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