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Twitter applications for PC / Laptop / Notebook
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Hello hello! Back to our series Applications for ya's twitter! If yesterday I've blackmon mooring been through this: twitter-an application for an iPhone Application for twitter-twitter-an Android Application for Blackberry
Twitter's application of the most popular among friends I am. A wide variety of comprehensive features, can short link, there is also a notification. Elegant dark theme. Tweetdeck also provides features twit longer. blackmon mooring So when users tweet more than 140 characters, TweetDeck will automatically create a shortlink to see the full tweet. In addition to Twitter, TweetDeck also provides access to Facebook, Foursquare, MySpace, etc.. Can multiple accounts too
Applications are almost blackmon mooring similar to TweetDeck, but with themes that are a little brighter. And based on my experience, lighter than Tweetdeck Seesmic. Seesmic also provides features for access to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc..
My favorite! blackmon mooring My favorite so why? Chrome is a simple bird. Feature is already enough for I, can short link, picture uploads, search, and major features twitter. This bird is a Chrome add-ons blackmon mooring for Google Chrome browser. Chrome bird directly installed on Google Chrome, so at the top right there will be a number of new tweet notification number. If there is mention / DM for we too will appear notification
Twitter client Seesmic also cooperate with. The main features blackmon mooring of late certainly make Twitter blackmon mooring available in Twhirl. Can multiple accounts also loh. Not forgetting short link feature, notification and auto refresh timeline. blackmon mooring Interestingly, this Twhirl theme can be changed. blackmon mooring There are over 10 exciting themes available, can be adjusted to taste / favorite color!
Well, this Echofon Chrome add-ons like Bird but made in mozilla. Suitable for you fans of Mozilla blackmon mooring as the default browser. So while browsing can be with a twitter late also. There are useful web Share feature to share web pages that we are open. Looks like twitter on the iPhone. Echofon is also available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Add-ons that can be almost in all browsers. Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and Greasemonkey. If we use the Power of Twitter, can preview the photo / video directly from our twitter page. So no need to open the link in a new tab. Power Twitter is live we install, then we direct access from m. Power Twitter So give some sort of additional features that we access the website Twitter.
In addition to the above application, I have other twitter apps that might be worth trying the MetroTwit I think this app works faster and lighter than Tweetdeck. blackmon mooring Unfortunately this application was made and designed specifically for the PC / laptop which had OS Windows only, because it requires NET Framework blackmon mooring 4.0 For run. MetroTwit addition, I have DestroyTwitter This application is quite minimalist, lightweight, fast loading and can Gunta-changing themes and sound notification. Maybe the MBA meth, which app I installed on my PC, might be another option dherwan May 10th, 2011
"Q; Silverlight blackmon mooring out why her? "Well, Silverlight blackmon mooring is itself a part of Microsoft, also does not understand what the function of this Silverlight, but certainly, make ngeinstall destroytwitter, nor his seesmic, we should have used Silverlight. If diliat of the system blackmon mooring anyway, probably to facilitate the performance of two applications above. Silverlight nyusahin blackmon mooring not really, ngeinstallnya also easy and fast. quibian September 15th, 2011
Meth Shortcomings blackmon mooring there might be guns feature 'mute' y, the rest still very satisfying for me. All the features that would sy n d MetroTwit often used there, ky n TwitLonger list features, zoom jg quite ok. such as TweetDeck, jg MetroTwit display kolom2 gt pk. jd sbenernya let g no mute feature, msh bs diakalin pk "list" ewa December 25th, 2011
ewa yups, I usually also take advantage of the features list. Where can register orang2 jd aja want to see an update coz live tweet to enter the list wrote. Because that's the mute function is not permanent, if you change blackmon mooring the applications that cut no mute feature, of course, lost his mute. Meth December blackmon mooring 26th, 2011
@ 46emperor TweetDeck sekrang has officially joined with twitter. blackmon mooring TweetDeck features that today's official twitter follow rules that do not provide the features TwitLonger / longtweet Meth January 15th, 2012
Just try it.
Bang I've downloaded seesmic desktop 2 no tu

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