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On a rainy winter night, at the peak of a police officer stopped clean all the things a car without a taillight. Inside the car there is a 20-year-old student named Jazzie, and her boyfriend Frank. The police clean all the things asked them:
Police warned them to justify taillight. However, they both looked confused, dazed and remain silent. Then they asked the police about the direction and path, and police clean all the things said that the way they are going to go the distance is 161 km from the place, they get lost.
If it was a heavy rain accompanied the strong winds, and the police told them to fix the car because it can harm others. The police escort and even then they only samapai highway, then left them and the police do not know that they were drunk.
They were both drunk drugs began to tune young adults, its name Methamphetamine. Actually, the drug was not popular in Indonesia, they get the drugs from their friends, Janette a foreign citizen is a campus with them.
Originally Jazzie and Frans was not an addict or a drinker, but because Janette lure them with a drug that can increase stamina, relieve stress and create a happy, clean all the things finally the two of them also tempted to try.
Tonight was the first time Frank and Jazzie try wearing methamphetamine. And for the first time also they are facing a very serious problem, namely the emergence of a delusion that they are trapped in the wilderness, and they can not get out of their fantasy. Frans and Jazzie out of their cars, and in the middle of the pouring rain they cry out for help. They keep going and trying to get out of the forest that is the illusion. They do not realize that in addition to their left and right is a deep ravine, so the roads are slippery clean all the things because they were to slip and fall into the abyss. It's clean all the things unfortunate and tragic fate of two young children, and the next day they were found dead .........
Methamphetamine language for those who wear a jock is meth. Meth including stimulant drug, belonging to the type of hard drugs and 3.5 times harder than cocaine. The drug is cheap, once the use of methamphethamine about 0.25 grams can be obtained for $ 25 dollars or Rp. 275,000 ;. Users suck in through your nose, swallow, suck it with cigarettes, and injected directly in their veins. clean all the things One time use can make people drunk up to 12 hours. Not surprisingly, over the last 10 years, methamphetamine is a favorite. In the United States, clean all the things especially the spread of methamphetamine use among young people ......... ..
Methamphetamine users, the number one offender. Their lives are affected clean all the things methamphetamine expressed in their behavior, including anxiety, speaking totally real (imaginary), began to see things and hear strange noises. The more wear methamphetamine, it causes the user is getting worse and out of control.
Methamphetamine is one of the hard drugs that can not be controlled. So Methamphetamine is a drug that is very damaging to the users both in terms of physical, mental and biological. Like a zombie like when wearing clean all the things it. Which originally appeared healthy and strong, clean all the things but after becoming addicted to methamphetamine users or become clean all the things seemingly helpless. It's extremely sad what has been created by methemphetamine against the wearer's body. That also can makes users hyper, paranoid, angry and delusional.
Meth entry through the bloodstream to the nucleus accumbens, which is the brain's pleasure center. The process, the conductor of the release of dopamine, a key chemical for human enjoyment. Dopamine is a natural chemical that makes us feel happy. The more dopamine that out, then we will feel more happy. This is one of the ways the brain to help us survive. Meth sneak into nerve cells and triggers clean all the things more dopamine out. Once the use of meth can trigger more than 1200 units of dopamine. Meth strength 3.5 times more intense than cocaine. And approximately 6-fold the normal body can do. Drunk meth lasts longer than other drugs, up to 12 hours. But the higher the dose consumed, the negative effects that occur in the body the greater. clean all the things
wah ...... metamphetamin turned out that way anyway ...... his films can be where ????????????????????????????? donk frequently reference ksh ... kaya gini .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless ....... :)
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