Wednesday, August 6, 2014

As kvačkanje previously reported , Proserve have been caught out lying to the DVLA and the courts Th

As kvačkanje previously reported , Proserve have been caught out lying to the DVLA and the courts They have been telling the DVLA they are not using their data for parking enforcement, then telling the court that they are. They have been telling the DVLA they are using the data for trespass, then using the data for breach of contract. They have been charging the motorist VAT on items that HMRC have stated are not VATtable. They have pursued claims using the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 while knowingly been outside the time-scales. They have claimed money for services which have already been paid for. For all of these acts Proserve has now got its just deserts; they have been short-listed for Parking Team of the Year in the British Parking Awards 2014 .
Why is there no award for "most creative way to not supply a POPLA code" or "best PPC at lying and cheating their way into fleecing innocent kvačkanje motorists of money they are not actually entitled to"? Reply Delete
We at the DVLA however are continuing to sell data to Proserve in the full knowledge kvačkanje that they are obtaining it unlawfully and then misusing it because it appears that the elastic component of 'reasonable cause' can be stretched further than we thought previously possible - lots of those lovely £2.50s - KERCHING!! Reply Delete
I am minded to book my place at this Star[turn that word around]-studded evening. Tonight's Oscars pale beside it. For a mere £150, only one-and-a-half PCN's, it is nowhere near cheap at half the price. A little birdie tells me The Parking Prankster is up for this one: 'The Special Jury Award An award presented by the panel of judges to an exceptional entry to this year's awards.' Reply Delete
Should we be surprised? The industry has no morals. Setting up an "independent" panel to be trustworthy and fair. Working with this "independent" panel to make sure they can win appeals by closed training to themselves and not the motorist. Trying to make their invoicies to look like parking tickets. Being creative with some court cases. Who is presenting, Del Boy? Reply Delete
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