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Aidan Turner anime artificial intelligence Benedict Cumberbatch Best Picture Oscar in 2014 Breaking

Season five, this time with sixteen episodes, Walt trip with a resounding close. Amazing story, the characters are mature, strong conflict, saucy visuals, and equitable solution. I do not want to give too many spoilers for this season, because there are many things that insistently approached. Make shocked, even though many of them are probably already you think of the beginning.
Divided into two main storyline, Walt market that fills the empty meth debris and Walt that Gus Fring finally have to face his own family. contract services Since the beginning contract services of the season, the suspense already dibeberin. Make sticky on the seat. It was nice to look in Walt can finally contract services build a successful empire methnya, although they had to sacrifice a lot of things.
However, instead of Breaking Bad's name if you do not 'breaking' success of Walt. When he decided to retreat from the world is full of money for meth with his family, most things we do not want to happen. Hank knows who the real WW And, the remaining eight episodes in season five, it chases Walt and police.
The issue is not on confrontation Walt and police, more weight on Walt and keluarganya.Walter White did everything for his family. For Skyler, his wife. For Flynn, his son, and Holly, his youngest son. He thought he would die of cancer. So, he did everything, so that his family's future is assured. Making meth, killing many people, and build their own kingdom contract services methnya. contract services However, in the end, what he strived turns against itself. His family became an antagonist in the story.
Too many scenes contract services are dramatic and heart-wrenching. But, you know it's too many things that end up dragging all that you know the story there. Maybe in your heart will misuh-misuh why Walt had to plunge into the dark world. Try if Walt nurunin prestige, perhaps all would not like now.
It is a story about transformation. Walt's character is a real example of the words of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself Become the villain. "Walt who started clumsy and high prestige, being a cruel and tetep high prestige. However, contract services it is difficult to protest changes because we ngikutin Walt journey from the beginning. Ups and downs, happy hard, so maybe it's also what makes you hate the character finally Skyler. I was the one that did not like the character of Skyler. Season contract services four is already pretty cool, but in season five he was back ... I do not know why Skyler contract services too shocked by what Walt, because he should know how hard the world like it.
Three final episode was the culmination of the story. You can not stop. You can not pause even scared look in what will happen. You feel sorry for Walt once hated. In the end, you might hate it. How condemned the cruel world to them.
Breaking Bad captures the beauty of tragedy. Tell it so slick. Beautiful that makes us ultimately feel pity and maybe feel a little better because our lives were normal-normal, do not need to fall like Walt. Breaking Bad is the study of character and reality. Good and bad are not bounded anymore. Black and white are melting contract services into one. All because of one thing, the basic human instinct: contract services survival. In this way, that's exactly what Walt did to his family, so that they can survive and live a decent daily with. However, no one ever knows what happens tomorrow. In the Breaking Bad universe, all may occur, and some of this is not something that pleases them, or heart.
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