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Unfortunately, not always the

Apartment after the wedding with his parents on the one hand a lot of facilities, but on the other - no small challenge. When two pairs outside ink stain removal the house there is a child, the situation requires more delicacy and attention. ink stain removal Three generations under one roof - whether it succeed?
There is no secret that parents are "on hand" at a time when the world comes to a child, it really disputes plus. They see it especially couples who are married have moved not only to their own apartment or house, but also - to a different city . A small child needs care 24 hours a day and are often forced to give up work (parental leave), charges ink stain removal (nanny or nursery), no small stress, and sometimes - remorse (leaving the child care stranger is not an easy task ). Meanwhile, parents are the people to whom we trust. ink stain removal They raised us, and certainly know about child care more than ourselves. They are not only a source of direct aid, but also many valuable tips.
Living with grandparents is also a big plus for the child. Being a retired grandmother or grandfather can organize your child time, devote a lot of attention, bestow special feeling. There is no secret that tend to be more patient parents - less nervous, more endured (more survivors alien to them is often present pace of life and the pursuit of a career), but also - more experienced (their memories and stories are richer and often interesting than their parents).
Unfortunately, despite numerous pluses, which are not to be forgotten, living ink stain removal with parents, however, has several disadvantages. It should be considered before taking challenges and find ways to make us just did not give a misery. The mistake that often make young couples, living ink stain removal with his parents, is allowing yourself to a sense of obligation towards them. It's true, a lot of parents owe, but as those offered them the option / agreed to it, probably they also see it as an advantage (they are still themselves, to share with young bills, etc.). Such a sense of commitment makes it even if not everything fits young (habits of the parents, interfering with their habits, excessive participation of parents in their lives, imposing their sentences and the dominance of parents) - are silent and pretend not to see the problem.
It's not the best way out, because silence at the beginning and silent consent to all of the rules prevailing in the home make over time will be increasingly difficult to push through their own opinion. Meanwhile, at a time when the world comes to a child, parents should have the final say on the question of his upbringing, not grandparents.
That is why the principle of "collision" intercourse is best to work out before the world will be a child. Then the appearance of your baby will only strengthen the grandparents belief that they are under the roof of a separate family, which is ruled by "their rights". Ideally, if the young get available as a stand-alone part of the house (eg floor) with separate ink stain removal bathroom and kitchen. If you can make use of such facilities, good to each family separately cooked and cleaned their parts. Of course, this does not mean that the daughter-in-law can not invite the top for lunch, but that's the point that it was a situation that requires an "invitation", not widespread practice.
Unfortunately, not always the "separation" of families is possible. If you do not, you should work out the rules that will allow families to lead as independent lives (eg, days of the week to share where we cook or interval that we spend in the kitchen). Already the very beginning we set the rules relating to payments, cleaning, visits, spending time together, information ink stain removal about his presence or not (if such a marriage must inform parents that goes - to the others not to worry, if there is such a need). should also determine - This time it concerns the spouses, as far wtajemniczają parents in their personal affairs. fact that sharing a house does not mean though that they must also share with them any problem or quarrel.
However, if you have not reached a sufficiently clear rules for cooperation between the two marriages, ink stain removal having a child is the situation even created to ensure that a gentle reminder of their existence. ink stain removal The best solution is, of course, real talk. It is first of all to introduce parents to their own vision of education your comfort and views on the key issues for us. Such an open approach to the problem will certainly bring benefits to both parties: grandparents proves that we appreciate what they did for us, we count them, we take seriously and we have for respect, parents give a chance to nurture comfort of your own choosing. ink stain removal
Let's ask openly that they did not do anything behind us informed of any problems with the baby, did not hide his bad behavior, etc. However Respektujmy their sentence. Do not fret

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