Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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FEAST spring Slavic holiday celebrated on March 21 at the Spring Equinox, specifically hoarders dedicated to Mother Earth. Magical rites and rituals that accompany this feast, hoarders they bring to the homes energy hoarders and joy of life and to ensure the success and abundance of the start of the year. A common practice is melting or burning effigy symbolizing Marzanny-chased winter. This is done at the commencement of the noise-crackling of whips, klekocie and terkocie rattles, singing and playing hoarders various instruments. After this symbolic exile winters, followed by the ritual of greeting the Spring. On the hills, hills, hills men kindle bonfires to accelerate hoarders the coming of spring and sunny days. Young roam dl forests and meadows in search of willow and hazel twigs with buds bazi-cats which are built panicle. It is also a time for cleaning farms, backyards, work around homes. Baked pies and cakes especially spring. The most important symbol of that holidays are painted eggs-eggs-Slav SYMBOL OF LIFE, FERTILITY, hoarders MAGIC vitality. Easter is an important part of rituals, which is to provide health and good looks of the household. To oust the evil powers, after the preparation of the main ritual, on the evening before Christmas celebrates the whole farm and incensed with different herbs each of its corner. Nstępnego day is celebrated hoarders ŚMGUS-ritual, which involves hitting each other with twigs or willow catkins. The ritual purifies man and gives him strength. The culmination Swede Olympic Holidays hoarders are combined with singing and dancing, a solemn feast, during which endows the kraszankami. That feast is usually held on the hills. Food remnants in miedziach buried in the earth to increase fertility. Next day Christmas is DYNGUS-washing in water, hoarders which is ALWAYS holidays. This ritual over time transformed into a wrap up each other with cold water. Dyngus is the power of adding people to the life force, just as the rain gives power plants. In the evening visit the graves, burial mounds, smentarze ancestors, where mention is made of them and left them food. The last rites of that saint is the custom of planting young trees, the roots of which buries the pieces of Christmas kołacz. In other regions, there are also parades redecorated animals and people dressed up as animals. Young women are birch wreaths on their heads and young men carrying palm-weaving of meadow herbs and last year's crops. At the end of the procession are musicians who intentionally make noise to cause storms, rain, and lightning-the first spring storm and the first lightning striking the ground is seen as an act of love Perun Earth. Only after the first thunder, you can start the first work in the fields. During the major problems with the abundance of, crops, tilling the black and white ox outline of the village, which also protects against evil forces. FEAST spring Today is the day Swede Holy Praise Mokosh-Mother Earth By moisture permeated Udźwignęła yield burden Praise the sun, the smell of spring from the ground Which brings Let the miracles rozlicznymi Mroźna winter will bring an end to the sacred fire warms the ground giving a clear example of what the Sun among the clouds of winter slumbers To his power awakened in the end let the fields turn green Let them behind colorful flowers Let the water with gold shimmer whispering a silent song of the summer, let the children are born strong Let the young combine in pairs Let our voice from the Gods doing in the hearts Let no lack of faith Spring in the light breath of wind coming towards us of Flowers white To leave us in wonder That we wonder at the foot of the bed linen. The spring mating ****** Torn from sleep Swarożyca Żercy sacrificed by Marzanna World appeared languidly their faces To be able to enjoy the morning dew Spring with a storm in the procession arrived Perun thunder sky reminded earth green living covered And the rain did not forget her drink Strzybóg chased dry and the old uncovered fresh, drove the chill As a mother with a sleeping breath melted ice water welled New life Mrs. Mokosh moist and fertile mating Any nature to be bold is the time that lust is eager Bottom of night time cruelly Sun stingy with Luna dispute about the power goes Until the summer quarrel not clothing hoarders I rozjemczo solstice will not boldly enters our eyes shine ************ hoarders
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