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Sorry but this company is a big scam ticker. Cover up information from d. S outstretched, glendale

Arrinera Automotive promised for some time that in July will present the production version of his work. Today, the first sketches of the upcoming shows Polish supercar. glendale wi What changes await Arrinera?
Presented drawings are sketches of exploration. glendale wi This means that it is of them selected the best features to create the ultimate model. The changes were dictated not only need to modify the design Arrinery, but also by technological and technical. Was required, inter alia, relocating air inlets. For the convenience of passengers also decided glendale wi to opt out of opening up the door Arrinery known concept glendale wi presented in 2011. The production glendale wi version will be equipped with a standard solution.
Computer renderings will be presented at the end of July. Then we'll see what actually you would expect from a new car. In August, while the appearance of the so-called will be presented. Series 33. This will Arrinera version of the limited number of copies produced, which will differ from other stylistic elements of the interior and exterior.
The inspiration glendale wi for the creators of this machine was a rush, so engineers spend a lot of time possibly refine the excellent aerodynamics of the car. Chief stylist company, Pavlo Burkatskyy, says that the new Arrinera was created largely by the air stream swirling past body of the car. That's why the Polish supercar bears, and not a different name. Arrinera is derived from Italian and Basque glendale wi and loosely translated means 'a truly streamlined'.
Why do not we see the full version of the car? Arrinera announced that it is still being developed in the wind tunnel. Conducted an analysis of the air flow in the body at speeds up to 360 km / h This is the final stage of the study aerodynamics. It can therefore be assumed that the final version are yet to cosmetic changes, which in fact may require further work, eg the process. Creating a new car is a complicated and time-consuming process, so we have to be patient.
[AMA] Mercedes-Benz V-Class 250 CDI Edition1 - test
This I say for you:] First Arrinera was similar, at least in front of the Gallardo, and now it's time to but this "supercar" conformed to Aventdora. On the penultimate picture you can see the la test double lamp with FF. As for the debate on the "fake or real", I'm a similar glendale wi view, nothing is known, black magic, and we have to wait a little longer.
LS9 engine is already confirmed.
Homegrown art can be done in a short time and at the end of that devoted to write a 50,000 hours, hired 1,000 experts, will produce 10,000 cars, riding 400km / h
"New look car has been very well received by customers' Which customers? Clients what? Nobody has nizcego not produced much less sold? And when they did the "research" since today appear some sketches glendale wi in pencil, glendale wi (though which students design, produce hundreds) and they have confirmed the opinions of May?
Sorry but this company is a big scam ticker. Cover up information from d. S outstretched, glendale wi show the mass of sketches, renderings. They tell them fairy tales as well before production goes and who will supply components, glendale wi only that none of these companies do not sign with them and nothing for the habit does not know. As a result, the stock market nałapali naive as the shares purchased and are happy, and the car as it was not so there is no :)
Before any car will go on the road, zdarzymy go a few liftingów, enhancements, improve aerodynamics, increasing power. Az finally suspend the project and on speculation is over and announce the arrival of Arrinery2 :)
What customers? Previously, "customers" bought completely different "car", and now it turns out that it will look completely different. And what tests in the tunnel, if it's any sketches? They did a test paper? This is embarrassing. How can you publish such puppy love from Arrinery? Przekrętasy have already had hundreds of hours of testing the previous glendale wi Arrinery, and now prepared a completely new body (prepared on paper) glendale wi and again test will last three years. For this "company" should take some of the service, because it's an obvious scam. And stop naively believe that this project will ever come. This design I really like, but lies Arrinery already irritated me.

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