Thursday, July 3, 2014

Page Nkhst پst Alکtronیک Arhیo and Blaگ addresses the demands and Blaگ Nosth haye پیhیn D

Lord of Light Great Lord of the chair the High-Lord of the sea Almsgeor and the home of puns, the Bible and the Psalms, the Lord of the shade and Aharor and the home of the Holy Qur'an and Lord of angels close and the prophets and messengers O Allah, I ask you your face Quran and the light of your face enlightening and Your old Aahi Yakyiom florence az ask you your name, which brightened by the heavens and Alerdon and your name that fit him ancients and others Aahia before every neighborhood Loya alive after every neighborhood and Aahia time to greet Aamhieddi dead and deadly florence az neighborhoods Aahi no god but You O reached Maulana Imam al-Hadi al-Mahdi based insure peace be upon him and his fathers divine all believing men and women in the East and the West facilitated and Jblha and honoring the sea and me and my dad prayers talents throne of God and outrigger words and Ahsah his knowledge and surrounded by his God, I renew to him in the morning on this, and I lived my days covenant and contract and sell it to him in my neck does not ÇÍćá them nor Azul never Oh God, make me one of his supporters and his aides and Almaben him and Almsaraein him to spend Hawwaijh and abiding For orders and lawyers about the former to the will and citing his hands Oh God, if me and him dying, which made him the slaves inevitably doomed Vokhrzina of graves Matzra technician wielding a sword abstract fallopian pays a courtesy call calling in the present and the apparent O Arne presentable governance and coots offices and Oekhal florence az eyes glance from me to him and hastily reappearance and easy director and a broader approach and follow me Mahgth and Carry commanded him and stress burdens and Amar Oh God, do your country and respects its slaves, you say, and you say the right Corruption has appeared on land and sea, including earned the hands of the people fully demonstrating God, us and the Lake and the son of girl prophet named after the messenger may Allah bless him and his family even Aazfr Bshi Ä from wrong, but torn right right and achieve and make O alarming florence az for oppressed slaves and helpers who Egged his helpers others and again to malfunction of the provisions of your book and praising with the provisions of the flags of religion and the ways of Prophet may Allah bless him and his family and make God, who Hsnth of quite aggressors O mystery of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon and his family to see him and followed him to his call, and after God, have mercy Acetkantina reveal this sorrow for this nation with his presence and his appearance hurry us away and they see that they will soon see your mercy, O Most Merciful
Page Nkhst پst Alکtronیک Arhیo and Blaگ addresses the demands and Blaگ Nosth haye پیhیn D'1389 Azar 1389 پیundha System Collector Daneshگahی Golestan Daneshگah florence az پیam Noor Gonh Sual Daneshگah پیam Noor پortal Daneshگah پیam Noor Samana duplication Sazman Snjh and Amozh کchor center deems necessary Daneshگah Azad website Republican president website ESTABLISHMENT Verhnگی and informed Rsanی tebyan پaیگah For Rsanی book serves most Rhebrی

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