Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No. No misunderstandings of this nature, but my trip, as many people of culture, the closest report

Art is unchecked supremacy minds of ordinary people, as are the people palma del rio and politics. If a company has the ability to absorb and make part of its territories art possible, then I believe it would be a therapy for which it badly needs
Artist in an early story about passion; palma del rio writing and for his initiative the latest "visual" palma del rio part of myrtezaiFestivalit Book and Art "Spring 2014", which holds its first edition on April 23 to 27
No. Tell you right that instant a spat with a journalist, spat that at first glance looks quite ordinary and unimportant, palma del rio but by spinning inside because that was my habit to go back early. Since a spat that left a bitter taste, that as a public inattention can affect little by little and without mercy to deport drifts limbo of mediocrity. More than inattention, left me a taste of betrayal between palma del rio two people who ndërçmohen. This prompted me to tell you that no man can ignore if the soft approaches, carefully and sensitively. Made me a favor, actually, because I woke one old egos - writing. Since an invisible collision, not showy, but that means the depths of unwanted communication distance. I had to re-dimension an early report by yourself. Looks like a sudden stupidity, but I tend towards big stupidity that basically keep emotion.
No. Passed on immediately, after an exchange of messages, where you swear that a slippage of attention. Even this may be, but I appreciate palma del rio people who can not change, even in the attention. I have invested a lot to live with human quality that can not finesse tramples and invisible in a relationship.
No. No misunderstandings of this nature, but my trip, as many people of culture, the closest report is precisely what has built and believes. At this point it seems intolerable to allow yourself a tripël disingenuous with what I am. What it would mean if we tradhtonim yourself? How can you be disingenuous at this point!? Especially after a certain age, will not allow herself to a lack of sincerity. I would like to permanently open.
Must occasionally remind ourselves that "people are", and as such I have my complexes that were overshadowed somewhat in the early stages of growth. For example, years ago, in all my public exits in the media, often in the press, I took my nickname. Then write in the newspaper "Koha Jone", and in a newspaper in Tirana palma del rio Kosovo, directing S. Buçpapa. My nickname was Ana Kraja. The whole reason why I did this was that instinctively believe that my name artist should not konkurrohej in print by a journalist or analyst, or even by a researcher. So I thought at the time. Those who knew and understood immediately by stylistics. It was a trick that would give me satisfaction strukjes following words, after texts. A current of a dual nature, he gave me a special pleasure to read yourself, and opinions of others from a comfortable position palma del rio poll.
There are times that I have something palma del rio to say; I need an outlet. But, in general, as in counter-current to maintain a profile drawing, vetëmjaftohem with the idea that I harbor, and the ship that docked to me is lucky. (Laughs) There is a big attraction when others want to discover, compare the case when someone offered with tenacity to be discovered. Character issues, sometimes reports. I think that building the public image of the artist palma del rio will not hurry, there is a life before, to witness the offense and smart ideas. palma del rio Other modes are then strain, surface, that may very easily turn against, but few are those who understand this; even fewer are those who accept. We must not forget that the marathon is long and difficult.
In fact, this has to do with a dilemma that comes from the distant past, when I was in the School of Arts of Tirana, at age eighteen, when a literature teacher spotted that I had the ability, without tirelessly taught to write things that transcend age and appearance of an ordinary, and asked me to meet his father, which scared me, that I thought CoC've done anything wrong. Qetësohesha told me, he only wanted to meet him. Came to the meeting and said that this guy should palma del rio go to literature, because there are some strange reactions to the way the renewed without ceremony in forms of thinking and reasoning. At that time I gave a non-cut, without letting it become part of my trial, and remained so - I continued painting, but I imprint in mind that it had detected that I had a natural connection with writing. palma del rio This dichotomy between painting shkrimësisë and will watch over me, and not issued. But, in today's judgment, helped to extinguish these limits, as two reports form the same thing, that with time can produce similar realities

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