Monday, July 7, 2014


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The man set fire to the petrol station hose and poured how to get blood out of clothes oil on the worker at the station and wanted to ignite how to get blood out of clothes the fire so the security guard Chris Murdoch and appointment Shahidi Miad Shahidi prevention of fire and so expose their lives to danger. Murdoch hurried to rescue the man and inventory Shahidi lighter out of the hands of man. He praised the director of the company where they worked Securecorp Steve Pearce brave he worked as an offer to risk their lives in order to save the worker and extinguish the fire. Murdoch received the Courage Award and Shahidi, a super-medal Australian Security Valour Medal at a grand ceremony in the town hall of Sydney. And one of the supervisors of the Foundation how to get blood out of clothes awards are sponsored by Philip Ruddock and Qantas, Westfield, a young man, SecureCorp and MSS Security. And also received awards courage Michael Peacock and Mark Fuller to prevent them and an attack on a woman, and most experts believed the money that the Reserve Bank will lower the interest rate in the middle of this year to become the average of 2.5 percent. Has reduced how to get blood out of clothes some of the financial institutions Minor interest rate and recognized the major banks put it under consideration reduce how to get blood out of clothes the rate, especially if the global economic recovery continued. The governor of the Reserve Bank Glenn Sevens it was important not to reduce the average now, but the door remains open to reduce the rate in coming months.

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