Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is known ever since, that before we play on our new consoles, we need to extract them. The first

It is known ever since, that before we play on our new consoles, we need to extract them. The first thing that catches the eye when you open the box is the console, and more specifically its size, which compared to the first version of the PlayStation 3, it is just a tiny, which easily allows us to place it almost unger anywhere next to the TV. Included in addition to the PS4 will find: Playing Killzone: Shadow Fall 2x DualShock controller PlayStation 4 Camera USB power cable (power supply is built into the console) HDMI cable headset quick start guide Safety Guide Manual PS Camera (GB) Console:
Damian Upper: After nearly seven months of the time of submission of the Order of my pre-Friday courier unger brought me a long-awaited shipment. After unpacking the console, set up and connect everything, I could finally turn on the PlayStation 4 and personally check everything, but before unger we say about how to have executed the "four", I would like to share with you a few thoughts unger on the outside unger of the PS4. For people who do not have the habits of frequent cleaning in the room I have bad news, namely the new console the Japanese, is a kind of magnet for dust. After 3-4 hours on the "top four", settles even the first layer, so if like me you treat your console as a new member of the family you will have to also make friends with a cloth. Some complained unger about the volume of work the console, and exactly saying that he works too loud. Personally, I can not agree with this opinion unger sitting at a distance of approximately 2.5 meters from the TV (42 "), practically hear the PS4. As I mentioned at the beginning, I spent some time with the "four" and admit to you that I did not give her a break. After about 15 hours of fierce game I decided to check the temperature of the console and to my surprise the console was cooler than the PS3 (Fat) after a similar unger period of use. Desgin new baby Sony, personally reminds me a bit of the PS2, which is not bad news, and somehow leaves some Players unger (including me) a sense of nostalgia, but as we know the PS4 is just for Players (This is # 4ThePlayers). The console can be positioned horizontally unger and vertically (with or without unger the stand), depending on the taste of the consumer. I'm your baby I set vertically, not so much because of the taste, which for better ventilation PS4. At the end I wanted to mention a very nice location unger of the "Power" and "Ejcet disc", which at first glance hard to spot on the front of the console.
Sebastian Pawelczyk: The first thing that strikes the eye by pulling the console out of the box is its size. The device is really small. In addition, the power supply is inside the case so no one should have any problems with the development of an appropriate space in close proximity to your TV. Sam appearance is a matter of personal preference. In my console looks much better than the pictures or recording videos. Diamond shape fits well with the nature unger of the device and creates unger an interesting design. The equipment is divided into two parts (one composed of glossy finishes, and the other with a matte) that are separated by a special stripe of light. Depending on the tasks, this line comes in different colors (blue at the start of the console, white under normal use and yellow in stand-by mode). The front of the device in addition to the two USB ports will also find a button to eject the disc from the drive, and a standard power button. Some people complain that the buttons are too close together so you can accidentally turn off the console when it comes out of the disc. Personally I do not mind this fact, just a moment of habit, not to make this kind of errors. On the back we find standard console ports of HDMI via an internet connection. The only noticeable unger downside is responsible for the placement of the feet position of the console horizontally. If you press harder on the device housing falters. In fact, like it does not bother, because once set the console is quite stable. unger
Damian Upper: The first impression after taking falls from the foil packaging and a gripping it in his hands is a feeling of satisfaction, why? Below you will print it in points: Pad withstand approximately 7 hours, the DS4 is greater than the PS3 controller, much better in your hands, Drains (s dealer) much more convenient Share buttons and settings are not conveniently located, just a little distance between analogues increased , DS4 has a built-in speaker / microphone, DS4 has functions of vibration, has a mini-jack socket for headphones entire pad works better and faster, Knobs have a greater resistance Nothing creaks, Touchpad As for me, the best pad on the market.
Sebastian Pawelczyk DualShock 4 is in my opinion one of the greatest strengths of the console. The first thing that I was able to observe a very good in

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