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In connection with the pagan origins of the holiday, popped a molly Halloween meets with criticism

Halloween, Hallowe'en - custom of masquerading and referring to the feast of the dead, is celebrated in many countries of the night on October popped a molly 31, before popped a molly the day of All Saints. References to Halloween are often seen in popular culture, especially American.
Najhuczniej Halloween is celebrated in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Although the day is not an official feast, enjoy the feast of Christmas most popular. Halloween popped a molly celebration occurred in Poland in the 90s and since then has become a tradition celebrated as uproariously as przygarnięte of the ocean Valentine's Day.
The exact origin of Halloween is not known. It may be a Roman festival in honor of the deity of fruits and seeds (Pomona), or with the Celtic festival to welcome the winter. According to the second theory of Halloween is derived from the Celtic Samhain ritual. Over 2 thousand. years ago in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and northern France in the day saying goodbye to summer, winter greeted and celebrated the feast of the dead.
The Druids (Celtic priests) believed that the day of Samhain Blurring the boundaries between the underworld and the world of the living, popped a molly the spirits, both bad and good, it was easier to get into the world of the living. Ancestral spirits worshiped and invited to their homes, evil spirits and deterrence. An important part of the celebration of Samhain was also bonfires. Sacrificed on the altar of god remains of crops, animals and humans. Burning wanted to add sun forces to fight the darkness and cold. Around the outbreaks were held dances of death. The symbol of Halloween, were worn by the druids black dress and big turnip, nicked the likeness of demons. It is believed popped a molly that just the need to deter evil spirits derived from the custom of dressing up in that day in bizarre costumes and masks establishment. popped a molly Witches in the company of black cats foretold the future.
Christian Church opposed the handling Halloween entering Souls' Day. Feast of the Holy introduced 998 years. Odylon, French Benedictine monk and superior of the Abbey of Cluny. In the fourteenth century the memory of All the Faithful Departed has been introduced popped a molly into the Roman liturgy and disseminated throughout the Church. popped a molly
31 October 1920 in the city of Anoka, Minnesota was the first in the United States, Halloween parade. The participants of the parade were the inhabitants, dressed in colorful costumes of popular characters. In subsequent years, the march organized annually on October 31. In 1937 Anoka Halloween proclaimed capital of the world.
Halloween in Poland appeared in the late 90s with the opportunity for adults are organized numerous cultural events in nightclubs, theater performances and film screenings in cinemas. Schools and kindergartens organized on this occasion additional attractions for their pupils. On Halloween the children come to school dressed as a scary movie characters. Going from house to house collecting candy for the children happens occasionally, but more often.
In connection with the pagan origins of the holiday, popped a molly Halloween meets with criticism from the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox, Episcopal and Lutheran and other Protestant churches. At the same time the handling of Halloween in Poland also cut rodzimowiercze Slavic religious organizations - in favor of the cultivation of native customs, traditional Forefathers.
The night of October 31 to November 1 is also an important feast in the Church of Satan. With this reason that the Roman Catholic Church condemns Halloween and identifies it with the worship of Satan. A manifestation of this attitude are such marches "HolyWins" (loosely translated - "holy popped a molly wins") organized by the Catholic Community of Emmanuel.
In Ireland there is a rule that after November 1 is not collected wild fruits, because they can be poisoned. In regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland cleans popped a molly the flat extinguishes the fire under the kitchen, and housewives teach food and drinks, and then they all go to sleep.
Jack-o'-lantern this Halloween lamp made from a hollowed pumpkin. In the middle of the hollow pumpkin cutouts puts a candle. On the occasion of Halloween tradition has become putting in a window or door houses a lighthouse.
History of Halloween lanterns originated in Ireland. Formerly done it with turnip, beet, turnip and potatoes. Until the discovery of America in Europe is not known pumpkins. United Kingdom first turned turnips with jack-o-lantern on the pumpkin, which is easier popped a molly to rzeźbiło and was greater.
The name jack-o'-lantern comes from a man named Jack, who's popped a molly life he used every opportunity to enrich themselves. One day, Jack met the Devil, who offered him riches for the soul. Shortly before Halloween devil came to him to take his soul. However, the man tricked managed to imprison the demon. Miser, however, died Oct. 31. Jack could not ascend to the heavens, p

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