Monday, July 14, 2014

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Yes wic few days ago jump magical 24th birthday. Why magic? Because so. Because after they have finished the world clearly makes fun of me every day, from day to day uwiadamiajc me that life is not as Marks and snw A full color so far . And so, with an innate optimism see in the mirror maid agency every morning, consciously dopijajc coffees, and confuse yourself on Rowo: "I fuck".
Then It turned out that I do not have asthma, but it is not known what happened to me. Is It might have to get worse? Professor maid agency foretold me byskotliw career in respiratory medicine, which skwitowaam vomit in mylach iumiechem on the lips.
And no, the state umysowym absolutely nothing wsplnego is that I am older than the Byam. Do not bother with this up. Just recently I have bad days than usual and do not know how to handle it. He can not hijack a.
Even multiplex maid agency zrobio kidding maid agency me. Respect of bite on the night horrorw. Three movies, with ktrych ukasz zaleao on the third (in 3D), and the second is Miaa to "Pia ilet 3D". As spaam four hours, and the last movie had to pno, so wic for "Pile" asleep already at the beginning. Then wake up at the end of the second session, confident that przespaam "Pi", and here It turned out that turned him on this movie, what it Luke as recommended, and I pen it niewiadmoci przespaam. I only hope that my line of paragraph leciaa not what happens to me a recurrence.
Miaam was ballerina, but Byam fat kid and I did not want my mom save the ballet. Probably pour their sick ambitions for the child, as in May in the habit of making maid agency insane parents. Probably will be abnormal parent.
Help me two things-porzdne physical maid agency fatigue or making something good for other people-can simply click on the puppet, give blood, or register yourself as a bone marrow donor. Invented what, because it works. Do not give up the causeless bitter alom, fingers crossed :)
Cleaning helps me - very soon we can see the effect of your wysiku, which underpins the (at least to me), and of improving aesthetic apartment :) Alternatively, shopping - in pitek I thought you all kill, such deprecha maid agency dosigna me, and yesterday issue 300 on clothes and lokwk in Saturn (day without vat, as no hives temptation?: D) and immediately feel better :) Sure as spring comes ISOC, this psychosis go away, so I wish you and you, and myself SPRING, SPRING, WIOSNYYYY! :) Take care! :)
I drink as much coffee and eat so much chocolate that I should have enough joy to the end of life :) purchases fall away, because they do not like, unless I have what counsel. Bach me up like at home :) posprztane, the wine has been drunk ... yet widely pojta "physical activity". maid agency What's in it-as it says on the fatigue-mental-physical fatigue ...
How it finds przyjacika: mona and the gallery podotyka clothes, D Poazisz shopping, wallet peen, and even wyali up you can by the way :) Anyway what would not do - in a good company will always be mio
Benefit from the advice and already I feel better. Yes wic buy new pants and lotion ciaa, baking tryliard liters of coffee, bites biaymi "michakami" ... disgust after certain other situations, but at least it is better . I think I'm up assimilated to the new situation. In any event-thank you :)
Child effectively maid agency reverses the comments from many Problems / doubt :-)))) used after consultation with your doctor or pharmacist. :-) Spring season depression :-( Fingers crossed for us all ktrych comes by. Well of course Julian Kings niezy to correct humor.

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