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So is playing AGH, or campus at 5 am -
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Disgusting garbage. I have nothing against fun or drinking alcohol as such, but the proud boast the scale of degradation, which is achieved and exceeded just disgusts me. Is "fun student" must end with millions of bottles, cans, bags, cigarette butts and other trash in the lawn, not to mention the obrzyganych niedobitkach dogorywających in the bushes? The student, as a person household chores aspiring to become the "educated" should household chores also represent some level of personal culture, sometimes cleaning up after yourself and finding pleasure in other pastimes than the competitions' How many who exit $! Ow breweries. "

piotrisz, exaggerating. Right, that garbage terrible and it should clean up after yourself (even on small town {not} can be seen in the video is a huge banner - Respect your grilloprzestrzeń), household chores but with so many revelers it comes out differently. Most are of course the students with academics who behind household chores the vast majority of clean up, but due to the fact that THO-SE-JU-WEEEEENALIAAA! , There is a lot of guests (some minor or from other universities - variously, różniście). They do not always clean up after themselves, but of course household chores not generalizujmy. Best of all there are 3 things: 1 Litter household chores between dachshunds can be seen only in the morning. 10 am no longer a single larger debris. Cans are processed by indigenous students ;-), papers sorted in baskets on colored paper and black and white, the rest dumped where you have the correct cleaning crews (jobs!). There is no trace anywhere on is the student holidays and grilling - just having fun on the space they mainly seen in the video. 2 Sure, you have to revel and boast about later - But I screwed up! Usually bragging his "processing" takes place during exercise, laborek and sometimes the lecture household chores - just rockin 'when is the time (głównie!). Studies at the university, however, are not the easiest (pokoszę to declare that they are sometimes very severe) and sometimes you have to decompress. Everyone was playing very well, there were no riots, each student guarded himself household chores and his colleague at the end of next - nobody nothing bad happened and who himself bounces, was covered .... blanket. Or zanoszony to the dorm for a batch. :-) To sum up - once a year can be so crazy to the max! 3 Playing in such a wonderful group you're just tired. ;-) Imagine that the bandit will come to someone with "guests" on the sausage, opyli the one on the grill, or maybe even two, drank in the culture catches it (always please, thank you and I'm sorry to be!) And suddenly change him the azimuth of the positive areas of your own self. He'll be back quietly tram or bus to domciu night, politely sit out or pośpiewa, certainly will not be doing współpasażerom problems and everyone will be happy. Do not believe me? Come to us for the year. Until then - DS-4, Filutek.
I feel complicit :) piotrsz for your speech you must remember that the Friday barbecue between dachshunds after the presentation, you can easily fall into the largest recurring events taking place in Kraków. household chores Do without police, security guards, etc. Try to get drunk elsewhere several thousand people and leave them without the police. This ensures that the glazing will fly and the ambulances arrive, etc. The town never nothing like this has happened. What a waste. As you can see recyclers have this day paradise so they are also the positive aspects :) As for cleaning up after themselves. Slightly exaggerating, because at 24 you are not able to locate the bags in which you bring lunch, because hundreds of people have long dug it to the other side of the court. However, it is you want anyone household chores to believe that as you have more than 2 per mille in the blood is worried about the fact that you left behind a bottle or plastic bag gently speaking, you are not credible. The rest, which is able to live with the knowledge of leaving bags, cans and other crap at each invite for next year!
@ Kidzior: Perhaps household chores if the film were shown PEJZARZE morning cleaned up the area, my opinion would be different. And so I see some absurd pride and self-admiration, that it became a pigsty and shambles. household chores @ Cathal: I do not have the habit of drinking the amount of blood alcohol content, so the problem does not concern me more. But that's not what I mean - also have a variety of things to complain about in terms of the order, but it is not doing the same pigsty strikes me here, and boasting it and presenting it as an achievement. I do not doubt that many people household chores have spent a nice time without mayhem and aggression. household chores I praise them for it. But I do not like zbydlęcony student entertainment paradigm relies on urzynaniu a corpse in the scenery of the growing mountains of waste, obszczanych walls and the belief that the better the party the bigger the mess left behind.
You have not seen the stadium Mermaid

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