Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ashour Elamrawi suffering man careless dizzy Khaill built Chiker, from rot serious at the level of

Ashour Elamrawi suffering man careless dizzy Khaill built Chiker, from rot serious at the level of the bottom of his feet after suffering a disease called Balcankrina, making his left foot in particular, as a piece of meat rotting Taatqtr blood and pus and emit a foul odor too remain a nuisance per visitor solve it secluded place in the center of the rotor after it was neglecting himself how to clean to escape from the hospital, which al-Hassani in the early stages of the disease, and proceeded how to clean family dwelling is being transferred to the hospital how to clean to cure Hassani. Patient Ahmed Bntalib father of two Hajrah with their mother without irreversible time ago, and after the rise in the level of rot in the footage that neighbors would intervene to take him to a clinic unit, which handed over an urgent message how to clean accidentally transported to the hospital Farabi Oujda with the gag was not to contact a doctor clinic counterpart Balwrabe to inform him about it, the thing that Oujda surprised doctors when the patient arrives aboard the ambulance collective in the process of coordination between the Assembly how to clean and the President of the group Igsasn. Despite the acceptance of physicians Balwrabe surgery the patient is essentially cut in the left foot to prevent the spread of disease dangerous, and after an x {RADIOLOGIE} cost benefactors and assembly of more than three thousand dirhams without counting the loss side, but he later informed how to clean by doctors in the process how to clean , flatly refused to bow to the inevitable, although it is a survival from certain death, and his family was forced to return home to die there as he put it, which is strongly intentional suicide. Physicians Farabi handed over the patient's family an urgent message to the hospital administration Hassani include strict instructions how to clean about the case in question, however, that the family of the last reported directly to the house where he was staying alone in the same rotor in response to Tanth, this move the new contacts between citizens dizzy and Assembly Igsasn contacted in turn, the local authority President of the Council of collective and Royal Gendarmerie to inform them about it, where they were moving ambulance en masse to the scene to transport the patient about hospital-Hassani, how to clean however, refused to do so again and strongly, how to clean defying everyone with the express desire to death in his room without complying with the treatment that might go one foot, but save him from the slow death and an investigator with the high level of putrefaction to cover the entire body. For that matter, according to what he says members how to clean of his family and the people of the village, Mr representative of the Ministry of Health Bnazawr demands to take strong action in this section despite all the legal obstacles that prevent forcing people to surgeries, and relying how to clean on the reports of laboratories and doctors that reveal the seriousness of the disease and calls to stop the spread amputation.
Adasco fair trade activists and a group of actors Amazigh proposal how to clean boycott the next census and not to deal with him because of the maneuver how to clean contained, saluting the inset letter in the form Amazigh how to clean Tifinagh

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