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Americans will be able to watch

The first part of "The Hobbit" filming JRR Tolkien fantasy books, there will be a few weeks in theaters. Induces a sensation not only artistic layer and the momentum of the film, but also the technologies used during its production.
Americans will be able to watch "The Hobbit" from December 14. We of course wait a little longer - until 28 December. I do not understand what is the meaning to delay the launch of the period in which everyone in this country are on the road - maybe Polish distributor knows something we do not. Whether faster premiere of "The Hobbit" will be even in Armenia.
Poles not only see the first part of "The Hobbit" later than Americans or Armenians. They will also be able to enjoy high-quality sound that you can now generate in the cinema. As for the Dolby Atmos. It allows you to "map to 128 independent elements of sound" at the cinema with up to 64 audio sources. 7.1? It's a relic!
At first glance, this is a great solution. Allows you to localize sounds or sound effects in virtually any location hall, and more than spectators. Can thus be obtained, eg the effect of the plane trip over their heads and effectively scare the audience sounds in the back during a good horror movie.
Be like James Bond. Amazing gadgets 007 "Skyfall" comes on silver screens, and James Blond .. I mean MI6 Bond rescues mtp kit the mysterious killer. But what would Bond be without its unusual ...
So many theories. How does it work in practice? Unfortunately, we know that in the near future. Atmos is available only in U.S. cinemas. The first uses his film was "Merida mtp kit Brave". Until the premiere of "The Hobbit" Atmos will be installed in approximately 80-100 halls in the United States.
Did you ever live to see the atmosphere in Poland? Unlikely to do so in the coming years. For now, some Polish cinema (also large multiplexes) introduce habit of viewing movies on a widescreen TV (not cinema). Besides, they charge extra for buying tickets on the Internet ;) "The Hobbit," or soap opera
Americans will surely be delighted by voice. Otherwise it may be the visual side. "The Hobbit" was shot in the technology of 48 frames per second. This is the first cinema production using the standard. Another part of the "Avatar" also likely to be produced in a similar technology (James Cameron did not give a precise number of frames).
The first opinions on the so-called. 48p were rather negative. During the event, a group of chosen CinemaCon 2012 saw 10 minutes "The Hobbit" in the new standard. Viewers said that the image looked "too real", what's more - like a low-budget aesthetics mtp kit of soap operas mtp kit from the 70s (the so-called theater scene).
Jackson insists that 48p allows for better 3D effect (yes, "The Hobbit" will be in 3D, of course) and minimize flicker. Renowned film director to shoot the same last manifestations of the magic of cinema, bringing aesthetically your film to the level of Class B Shares watched in the 90s on VHS derived from rental housing estates.
While Dolby Atmos actually has a chance to bring a new quality to the movies, it seems only 48p marketing humbugiem created in order to once again feed the mass audience "news". I can not see 3D plastic (like a lot of people have this affliction), so I hope that "The Hobbit" will be available in standard, flat and niemydlanej (2D, 24p).
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