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- After what I helped with the cooking, to spoil the recipe. My wife cooks so well that I would not

Councillors about the holidays of Easter and ... local elections | PORTAL SLUPCA24.PL
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State reading this article, taking a short break during the final preparations for the holidays, or resting after a festive meal. In our house the Easter holidays are held more or less traditional. Some people do not like the whole preparation and planning holiday trips. mold remediation And as the time they spend orchowscy councilors? Who bakes cakes, and he seems to be only for the next? By the way, we asked about whether they will stand in the next local elections, scheduled for 16 November. Janina Nowak - President of the Municipal Council
- Christmas mold remediation is for me an opportunity to meet with the family, both the Easter holidays and Christmas provide a lot of joy. As a child, the more I liked Christmas because of the eve, gifts, now is more important for me because of the Easter mold remediation experience of the Paschal mold remediation Triduum. Spring holidays are more industrious, you still need to do some work in the yard, in winter it is just cleaning house - began his speech Janina - the holidays are coming to us, both daughter and Granddaughter Sophie (19 months) in Bydgoszcz. mold remediation Grandma can not wait for her. On the rabbit will get a sandbox, because he likes to play in the sand. Sandbox will be at Grandma's in Orchowie, in the garden.
- Of course, Easter is linked soup that I cook only on Easter, the egg. Preparing a traditional ham, such as it was in my family home, which is soaked in brine seven days, with the spices, then cook it. According to my mom. As daughters lived in the house, I always tried to maintain and communicate the tradition of food preparation holidays. I bake a mazurka, this is my specialty, daughter mold remediation waiting for him and a traditional cheesecake, highly caloric on cream 30% delicious.
- I'm more on so, I will stand. This will be the fourth time, three times I was a councilor, once failed. Now it will be more difficult because they completely different circles, will be single mandate. I will start with her. I have the time, experience, health allows it, you can work on.
- More like Christmas, it's Christmas Eve, the wafer. I have seven children, the house was still two daughter helps in orders, she washed the windows. For 5 years I was president of Housewives in Różannie, can alone make Christmas decorations that roam the family. How was KGW wystawiałyśmy reeds for sale in front of the church, we had the money for their needs. Unfortunately, the wheel fell apart when I gave up the chairmanship, I was already a mayor and a councilor, I had too many responsibilities. I was the first mayor, who was a councilor.
- Painting eggs for Holy Water. Traditional Easter breakfast, I share everything with Holy Water, each a piece of egg, ham, what is sacrificed, so as to divide the wafer. Children from families coming in second feast for dinner, I have five grandchildren (2 boys and 3 girls). Śmigus - Dyngus, it is only a glass of water, then son-crazy.
- After what I helped with the cooking, to spoil the recipe. My wife cooks so well that I would not disturb her. I'm just doing supply. What is needed is sending me and I bring my. The windows in this year's daughter confusion, came with her granddaughter. More like Easter holidays are the Spring.
- Always Easter breakfast is common, come to my parents, daughter-in-law and granddaughter of Ola (8 years), the son of the daughter in law and grandson Matthew (11 years). In the morning to church for Mass Resurrection. After a traditional breakfast we go to the parents of his wife and her sister to the cemetery.
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