Friday, June 27, 2014

Yesterday during service contract the promotion of the book

Papavrami: Sokol Hoxha, surety father's visa in France | ONLINE Panorama
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Yesterday during service contract the promotion of the book "Fugue for Violin" at the premises of UET UET promotes the book with memories of violinist Papavrami: Just dictator can save me from his system. "My father's story to Enver, a huge blow, reversal of everything in a second" final departure to France and exile of relatives in Albania. "Sokol Hoxha father's visa guarantor" Some students have proposed diligent break on one hand, not to play on the violin "Excluding the exceptional talent and professionalism of Teddy Papavrami, what makes it even more interesting portrait He is being straightforward. He feels like talking. There is no need to beautify. It is what it is, and his life as well. In the memoir "Fugue for Violin", UET Press publication, reveals Papavrami find child's life. What happened behind the scenes and no one knew, his gaze softly, as he saw friends that play, the sense of being a boy "qullac" being with "stain" without knowing why. Why was not good enough, why his father wanted at all costs to study it out and not come back on ... How fled not returned along with the consequences to family and friends. Teddy wears once Papavrami shorts, as his mother once wore and tread on the same path, in the same places, feels the same smell as when he was a child. Not exaggerating anything, not decorates ... father, mother, grandparents, school friends, coming as it
Teddy Covers book Papavrami remember and recognize. UET yesterday at the premises of the book was presented. Publishers considered publishing his honor, while Papavrami itself, not anxiously awaits the reaction of readers, which according to him will necessarily be different service contract from that of any other reader in the world. This presentation accompanies it with two concerts in TKOB scene, where he will play pieces by Bach, the composer who has accompanied him throughout his life. Through an interview, service contract Papavrami try to explain why I wrote this book and why in cases like these the answer is never enough. From the "Fugue for Violin" have cut exactly fugës moment service contract (escape) and the consequences of remaining relatives in Albania. How to break your hand like Albanian peers in Paris and guarantee that Sokol Hoxha, the dictator's son, gave to his father, that he may join the family. Anyone would question why you need a translator, when you had written the book can slip ... For book publisher who asked me was French, so I do not how to write English ... So, was commissioned a book? Initially yes, but if it had not withdrawn, had not liked, I would not have done. I thought long and then I started to do something that might be interested. What cared French publisher, was the singularity of my life, in terms of the first years in Albania and drain in France, at a time when Albania was closed. She had heard the story and was interested in it. I then I added other things, that he could not take a guess .. A good portion of the characters in your book are colorful, somewhat dreading dealing with them? I guess I have described as perceived at the time, with my childish eyes. And do not be afraid this challenge .. How was the process of returning to the past?
Teddy Papavrami 1-year age thing was nice and hard at the same time, but little by little memories and always became clearer. I realized that even though we seem to have lost the things we do not have in mind when you ponder the atmospheres, places, though renewed again ... It was a nice experience, even for somewhat understand things when you have so confusing mind, fails to explain it. But trying to explain to readers, it somewhat explains itself. service contract One explanation for the fugue ... I requested in the dictionary, because I wanted to be clear to the reader the, but I could not. However, I remember when I was little, we not use the word "I fugova" to "I ran", but still does not do exactly the musical form. This would signal the run once and your life, right? There was a break that now seems natural,

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