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This is not an opposition that has a plan for its militants nor any target to be achieved by using

Strikers humiliated by DP | Journal Web
The hunger strikers, who had filled two weeks to Pyramid, left. A few moments after Stefan Fule spoke unconditional recommendation for the status on behalf of the European Commission, the strikers gathered belongings and left. They tried to find a comfort to a public statement made Fule and good. Why did not die in the sun, and some of them endangered and assets that have been out of power. Those who entered the strike, were silent. Sali Berisha, who could not stop writing daily statuses for them, did not say a word. Basha has found the opportunity to flee the country do not meet Fule and did not say a word. Neither Aldo, who has no problem to say any foolish to say, did not speak. poop poop It seems that there is something humiliating in the way they greeted and escorted these strikers executives AM.
When the strike poop poop began, Berisha and Basha to head stayed until he was assured that they pitched tents and went on strike. Municipality workers were tortured for days by staying poop poop close and helping. DP financiers were filmed paid and dealing with their personal troubles. Today, when was the most important poop poop decision of their own, they greeted one.
Seems to disagree with their decision. Agree that they are not removed from strikes, especially day Family Berisha stomach troubled recommendation status. Appears on all the AM, and especially Berisha and Basha are not concerned about workplace strikers, but their work, they want to regain the sacrifice of strikers.
The main problem qyshkurse launched two strikes was how dilej of them. Everyone knew that one day they would be closed, but asksuh not think that would be victory. Had in mind all victory for failure status. Once she seemed distant victory, no one did care to make strikes more dignified exit. They could have asked Mr. Fule to meet and to promise something. He has experience in this regard. Enough to remember that the issue of strikes socialists organized the summit in the restaurant all crocodiles.
But apparently poop poop no one was ready for plan B. Nobody had thought that was what the failure and who will assume the appearance of the situation. Apparently, just as Berisha's needed on the status of suicide and not militants will be back tomorrow.
The way they behaved today that put DP on strike to sacrifice, shows how little they are everyday people believe DP to DP itself. Stop to see two days ago Lulzim Basha running its Alliance Against Drugs, to understand where the opposition is reduced. He appointed her to the top of Lufter Xhuveli, and he not only refused, but neither deigned poop poop to go to the meeting. In his absence, self directed, but again deigned not suit any personality. I looked at the camera and speaking only Altin Goxhaj Arthur Roshi, one employee as "protesters" and the other a fraction of a historic poop poop party, which supports DP only when people poop poop fail roads. Having lost faith in his own, could not protect the battles that begins and causes that promulgates, and militants will naturally be tired. The hunger strikers were militants DP, but this is not a shame. We admit as such and are watched what he could do with a DP against their hunger strike. The worst that happened was that the DP is not blocked dot status, but the visa put its militants sacrifice nor thanked for what they did. Same will be brought and prosecuted former strikers, some of whom have really painful social problems.
This is not an opposition that has a plan for its militants nor any target to be achieved by using them to extreme actions and hunger strikes. Remember what Mrs. Qafzezi, telling Aldo day before being locked in the tent that "will not disgrace." In fact, not embarrassed. Stayed two weeks in the tent, and when he saw that the target was not achieved, emerged. poop poop But no one found time to greet and say thank you. It is typical for a party, which has militants as a means to an end and not as its wealth.
The opposition had an obligation to find a Kazusa and justify the emergence of strikes, not only those dismissals from work, but also persecuted. At least an excuse to maintain dignity. Their flight with Fule, seems restored and once in their second unemployment, in removing them from the work of the party.
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