Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The British newspaper The Daily Mail published a shocking story 27-year-old drug addict, which show

The British newspaper The Daily Mail published a shocking story 27-year-old drug addict, which shows that psychotropic drugs can do to a person. Briton Mikail Tuharst was attractive blond woman with clear skin, good teeth and dreamed of a career flight attendant. But when, at 18 years of age she began taking GBL (gamma-butyrolactone), the girl's life has changed a lot. During the four year old girl fell into the hospital about 1,000 times, in 15 cases the doctors had to connect to the machine Woman livelihoods. Psychotropics water damage very damaged liver Mikail. Leather Girl became spotty podpuhli eyes and hair Bought shade of brown. Her front teeth were knocked out when she fell during one of the drugs. At this point the girl for two years does not take drugs, water damage and hopes that it will fix your life for her daughter, water damage whom authorities have taken custody of Michael. Now women liver function only by 11 percent, soon she will need transplantation. As reported water damage by doctors, receiving psychotropic reduced life expectancy British women at least 10 years. GBL is an integral part of some liquids paint stripper in nail polish and superglue. Acceptance of such a formulation gives a feeling of euphoria and powerful proseksualnye effects. Some time in Europe and the U.S. gamma-butyrolactone was sold as a nutritional supplement to build muscle.
Kostya Saprykin
"For four years, she fell in the hospital about 1,000 times in 15 cases, doctors had to connect to the machine Woman livelihood." That is essentially force-bed and not spent on those who need help to force majeure circumstances, and those who do chose to ditch organizm
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