Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stop and be more hassle with your friends as the party that are just words and do not have time Zai

Basha: SIS information for drug trafficking, based. Start immediately parliamentary investigation (VIDEO) | Journal Web
Democratic Party Chairman Basha considered as a victory for expressing neat desk opposition parliamentary investigation on the use of defense assets from narcotics to drug transports. A day after the Assembly approved the establishment of the Commission of inquiry requested by the Socialist Party and the Socialist Movement neat desk for Integration, Basha said that all questions, requests and public attitudes to date for this major issue, the more disturbing information we receive and or suggestions of numerous other talk about a scandal of unprecedented capture of the state by organized crime, at this stage had a purpose, transparency.
In this context Democrat leader neat desk said that the transparency required to remove stains neat desk and hammers who want to put on our armed forces, NATO member, unscrupulous criminals and their wealth of policy, to save the honor of the country, to restore the authority of the government and sovereign and democratic state.
"Albanians, big small, can not coexist with organized crime, that are not only hit, is not just burn the earth under their feet wherever he goes, but according to our information irrefutable already made public, has reached use the assets of the armed forces and other public assets for their dirty work, criminal. If not will immediately denonconim this shame, neat desk if not bring to justice all those who participated and knowingly allowed this disgrace, the state is over, "said Democratic leader.
According to him, the opposition will continue to denounce, require transparency, require law act, to sensitize citizens to react strongly if most mbarëpopullor Meta-Rama will continue or will continue to get ridiculous, continue or will continue to deal with and not with wolf tracks.
"All Albanians are clear that information is very serious, a specialized information service by Albanian taxpayers paid for this work, information supported by evidence of ordinary citizens. They have to clear all Albanians that this information can not be considered confidential as long as the crime challenges of the state and society without access thorn in the side. Secret wanted to do with their attitudes pair Rama-Meta. But no one in Bangladesh them laughed except that they made efforts to address this scandal as a game with mosquitoes and paper airplanes. Rather, neat desk more people neat desk were concerned, neat desk our international partners were concerned more, until the truth is starting to pave its way, "he said.
Another issue addressed by the Chairman of DP was the removal of the President's proposal competence of two candidates for the head of HIDA, which the duo described as a strategy for Meta-Rama usurped neat desk all powers granted by law to the President of Republic, since 1998 until today, powers that are given away on the left in the years 1998 to 2005 and that there was never put into question by the Democratic Governance 2005-2013.
"Rampant thirst to grab powers that do not belong to the doubles Rama has derailed Meta logic and not hesitate to paargumentueshme before any indecency and before any legal violation of Constitutional. Meta-Rama duo has plagued HIDA role in the fight against corruption and has turned it into a blind instrument of its defense policy of government corruption neat desk and selective attack neat desk opponents, "he said.
Regarding territorial reform, Basha accused Rama-Meta doubles again ignoring the calls made to the DP to work with consensus administrative-territorial reform, and proceeded with their biased committee, "he said.
"Game of them and they went their hileve paint their megalomania përfundimisht.Me known thought that the opposition will become facade. With their arrogance and cunning hoped that the opposition would legitimize their product neat desk with a puppet role in the committee. i have done many bad accounts. We shall see. The opposition Democratic Party has repeatedly made clear our views. The highlight of this is the reform that requires a minimum consensus as political and constitutional optimal broad public consensus. Are making a serious mistake that will cost your "Basha warned.
Yes o floret is that you say, and so is he shishi is violating any rules by releasing information that he has a duty to give account not only the police and deputies, and these you simply issued only to distract from the imam who is Prison pending.
Stop and be more hassle with your friends as the party that are just words and do not have time Zai [ETAR to deal with these ordinary chats that sent a mentally ill and are attending other kshuqe and 100 m

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