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Larry demagogjirat aside for awhile (since it will not come disgrace as Berisha appeared citlearn t

Former persecuted, next week receive the first tranche of 545 people | Reso
Starting next week, 545 former citlearn persecuted, who have not received any compensation installment of prison for years, will finally be paid. The first 180 beneficiaries will be aged over 85 - vjceç, while total government budget has allocated this year to former persecuted komensuar është18 million dollars. The news was announced by the Minister of Social Welfare, Veliaj, during the ceremony of the reconstruction of the building of the former Institute politically persecuted.
"Guaranteed by the government budget is 18 million dollars. citlearn Would like to be more, but is much more than 10 million dollars to put DP 2008, more than 4 million dollars in 2010, and in the election of DP when trying to recover the position after former strike persecuted ", - said Veliaj.
"We are here today with full awareness that the problem citlearn is much greater than the resources to solve it immediately. We will try to do the best possible in a difficult time for the country. Finally we are giving hypocrisy and abuse 20-year-old former persecuted by cooperating with them with his heart, to close the open wound dignity of their moral harassment, and then step by step it moskompensimit material "- Rama said.
As well, kills s'ta eye from the fact that there are still those who have not received the first installment? citlearn Berisha promised everyone has had nishani liquidation for 1-2 years, then has made in installments, then lo delayed installments, then asked to pose in a mountain of documents to substantiate the 37 ministries that were persecuted, the state S'i knew who he was and who was not ... and that was before you introduce the tree when we went on strike 90s.
Figures for Marvel have always been, but will shape than, ever s'kenaqet this people. Here now, 12 million less. Two years gave himself cast yourself because of allocated only 30 million. Let's see how this year will vetedigjen mqs has 12 million less. By definition, must be periodically 3.3333.
Larry demagogjirat aside for awhile (since it will not come disgrace as Berisha appeared citlearn to the shepherds of the prisoners). I had asked for figures; sought and wikipedia but "miraculously" be s'me resulting figure.
... "Tirana Court of Appeal decided" declaration of guilt Skender Tufa (son of Bedri and Sadete, born 1961) for committing the offense of exploitation of prostitution conducted in cooperation citlearn remained tentative and based Article 114 / a, paragraph 6 and 23 of the Criminal Code conviction, citlearn his 7 (seven) years. suffering the punishment for the defendant Skender Tufa Bedri starts from the day of his arrest on 04. 06. 2004 ".
O sir, you're done demagoji, citlearn you're throwing mud on persecuted for the sake of Berisha, citlearn lying, saying that was burned by the fund as it became equally so, and thus Break not Tufa not pumice, furry fur Remix fatime , to disktredituar persecuted by Enver style.
I'm not saying that should be ashamed definitely (every citlearn man has his box of shame), but everything has a limit, that then passes rascality and fornication, and besides we discuss that, of those who repulsed and the read ; Here an anonymous berishist shovels mud pour thousands of prisoners for the sake of bace Berisha.
However, do not be asked to do some oracle that will make Rama, to ask if they were informed that the figures for other years Berisha, since you have brought us once a week this year compare to last / opt Berisha year Rama's first for the persecuted. Yes One never knows, health.
Ok, more rev, it does not mention anything either Berisha. As for the mud, mistake, S. Tufa represents only himself, (normal), kshu that there is no place for generalizations. On the figures you asked, I'm sorry, I do not know.
No need to mention the mud or Berisha said that looks like you're throwing mud on persecuted for the sake of Berisha. This and a child understands, not us to have read so again here on this issue.
However, despite growing support from Original Budget during 2005-2009, their actual implementation has not been at 100%. Additional Budget 2007 finds voice for "former politically persecuted" on the same level as in the original budget, with 400 million and the realization citlearn by November 50% or 200 million.
In fiscal table refers to actual data for 12 months in 2007, the voice of "former politically persecuted" does not appear, preventing trial on the total realization of these costs. 2008-a year in which it is carried 100% of the amount projected in the initial budget. Meanwhile, in 2009, which at first glance appear very supportive citlearn of this category, was realizing about 69%.
These kaka (sorry for vocabulary), as well as those djeshmit one today

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