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Journalist: mould removal Let me emphasize that you are a socialist, Mr. Prime Minister, and when y

INTERVIEW / Edi Rama: We are not a Muslim country, but we are a European country | Journal Web
Hello Lord Rama! If you remember that before becoming Chairman of the Albanian Government you were an artist, a painter, you were the mayor of Tirana, Socialist to stress. Why today receiving candidate status is important to you?
I think that the European Union project designed by the founders is the best project that our civilization could have imagined. Ballakani Albania as well as take part in this project. While the desire of the Albanian people, just like all other peoples of the Balkans, is too strong to join the European family.
Journalist: Lord Rama recommends that the European Commission be given this status, but belongs to 28 heads of state to decide at the next summit in 2009 and the experience you have had a large number blocking,'re optimistic this time?
Yes! I think that Albania should have the status in December. Did not do no good either Albania or region, that did not take away. Because ultimately it is not membership status. mould removal Membership will be after 10 years, but is a very important step to begin serious work on the modernization mould removal process. A process that can be a very good quality thanks negotiations and this instrument integration, which is unique and invaluable.
Journalist: To remember in 2013, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands who opposed the status of excuse-level corruption and organized mould removal crime. You are the 116-dents from 177th in Transparency International's list.
First, the refusal of December was related to the election of the European Union. Is this the biggest problem of the European project today because Europe has become tactical, about the fate of the election mould removal of the member states, mould removal and election after election, becoming increasingly less strategic.
Also, in December we were in charge of government three months after elections won by the free vote of the people, and the result was clear, but member states needed mould removal more time and asked the Commission to follow suit by June and to submit a special report little progress on the sustainability of the fight against crime and corruption.
Journalist: You said that some policemen rest, but also follow some former ministers, former responsible under investigation by the prosecution, but will not solve the overall problem of these investigations in a place where usually investigations fail to derive results. And there are some tasks that you are assigned. Are you ready to realize these tasks that have been set?
We are building a state of law. There is what the government should investigate. But, we have a great objective to achieve reform in the justice system, mould removal which should be based on values mould removal and principles and mechanisms of a European country that respects European standards and criteria for a fair justice and right. This is also a reason for which we need for the candidate status; To start the big project of reforms that will take time, but will undoubtedly lead us in the right direction.
Journalist: mould removal Let me emphasize that you are a socialist, Mr. Prime Minister, and when you were in opposition, a more active opposition to Mr. Sali Berisha at the time. And you rejecting the laws of integration for the Supreme Court, for civil servants and the functioning of parliament, laws already passed, thankfully. This extremely harsh climate in Albania mould removal verbally is not a negative point for integration?
The problem is the functioning of democracy and, as you mentioned, we were in a position where we were convinced that we had to defend democracy and the values of democracy, because for me European Albania and Albania in Europe is not simple, but every day lawmaking but what is applied in everyday life. This is the difference between us today mazhoracës Socialists and the previous government. Before becoming mould removal law, but not enforced.
Journalist: mould removal In terms of everyday life and reforms. The economy is an important issue to you. World Bank have shown that an increase of 2% which is very good for 2014. IMF loan has given 330 million euros to strengthen your economy. Yes reimburse your debts, but will leave as the situation of the poorest country in Europe?
We are a pretty rich in terms of resources. We're a pretty young country in terms of population. Also we are proud to have made an IMF program, a program for growth and not for austerity measures. We are proud to have earned the trust of the market and, in the end, we are a country that should be developed in the form that if we invest in education mould removal and culture. mould removal Because we believe that countries are not developed mould removal or less developed, for what they have, but

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