Saturday, June 28, 2014

International Center for Studies on radicalization, ISRA, a think tank based in London, believes th

"Albanian Mujahideen, Allah defend" / Albanian Jihadists join Facebook | Theme Gazette
A Facebook page is promoting Albanian jihadists, who fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham, ISIS, a militant organization that fights to establish a state based on Sharia in Middle East
"At the request of the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Nusrat front, which is a branch of Al Qaeda, has suspended all operations against ISIS," says the post, adding other details about the agreement between the two militant groups .
International Center for Studies on radicalization, ISRA, a think tank based in London, believes that there are about 300 fighters Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania have joined groups linked to Al Qaeda in Syria.
These people should be declared as terrorist by the Albanian state and the decay arrested in prison all my life because I was left free in Albania wait for sharia state where women will be beaten with rocks. I beg you wait state road and rrugecerve these extremists.
Shkerdhefsha list wedding was in these photos, you defiled us shqipetar.Jane goodwill and thousands housekeeping jobs of Albanian families to honor that work and struggling every day and give Albania a good name, but all the good image breaks when world sees these Taliban are holding name shqipetar.Keta Turkish-Arab housekeeping jobs waste in our land Arber.
Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .................. o o o Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .................. .................. "............ yes jingle shqipfoles somehow a Muslim, an Arab will discover that it hides between settings" A magical sayings , was strangely told by a Muslim journalist!!
It is good that the Government should control housekeeping jobs facebukun and investigate if these are indeed the Albanian or Serbian and Greek intelligence services are doing their job to debunk Albania? Also recommend Albanian media not to make the work of the Greek Serb by imparting such news without housekeeping jobs vertetuarc whether these are Albanian. Media should verify before you give them a story and not take shit from Serb and Greek and give Europe at the plate TJA.
And yet you are pretending that you are walking with the time, right? Why animals Vatican, which should be the example housekeeping jobs of the Crusaders, yet abusing children; extort, ill-treating, wounding etc. .. In a word, the above are pets. Why can not the left, but time after time with the same style of pedophilia. In terms of our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, between housekeeping jobs that time and now time has a very big difference. You and me not being alive? You and I know not, nor can we imagine how people can be seen at that time? Then, take a woman from the continent of Africa housekeeping jobs and compare with one another in the West, will wear a new distinction between them - emerging from the body etc. .. Read, ignorant!
WHY DO THESE IN MACEDONIA fight our brothers being crushed or PRESEVO AND MONTENEGRO GREECE OR TO GET THE PAY BUT CHAMERIA fight for a country that did nothing for us and some people we do not know WHERE HAVE WE HARTE, Albanians are EVIL OF MYSELF AND OTHERS slaves, KOT SKEMI 3 MILLION WAS FIRST 800 YEARS AND NOW THAT THERE ARE still increasing housekeeping jobs AQ AND BEFORE WE BEHAVE
hahahah you slice o backward people dhjefsha
Conflicts with the Serbs and Greeks housekeeping jobs will continue as long as the Galleries will be used by the Ottoman Islamism as a "pretext". We have changed through the centuries faith and culture and not our neighbors.
Since the case? Marry in the church of men and not women. And you know that I have an uncle named George and a couple plus kudherinj 3-4. George Castriota was orthodox or not will Doti and name is Paul Orthodox grandfather, John and Vojasava O woe that also falsifies myths as religions! Mujahidinet away with that do not have respect EPR battle and looool your money!
to learn letters not know the meaning that the more you read and to understand. Skanderbeg was orthodox!!!!! you can do is to love even Buddhist. Albanian flag is the flag of skenderbeut.po you have carefully noted the flag of all Orthodox Churches housekeeping jobs is one eagle with two heads, as most countries have flag or symbols Orthodox state flag with eagle with two heads. why this flag was part of the Byzantine Orthodox ie Christians and non-Catholics SKE some gold makes living under one flag a symbol of Christianity. the last thing the pilgrim qamili with the ordinary ordineri shqipfoles housekeeping jobs knew this so burned our flag wherever they went. please get up on the level of knowledge and Hajj Qamili.
with a slight difference in that the flag which have

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