Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In my opinion chaos on both sides ... The opposition is out in support of political prisoners!! ...

Criticism deja-vu - Opposition sloppy, can not remove a Ram with 1 million spots
Rama's PM is not ashamed EMKA vetmpr mold removal traditional Albanian political leadership, but constitutes scandal to world standards for leadership in politics. T being the Rams kaprcen's PM will limit n t imaginable prezencss political immorality, mold removal limit the world that for centuries has set up for leadership.
Open eyes around, who's PM Next (not only in Europe mold removal but in botnet mold removal mbar) resembles a little bit the Rams, who have history of such t prbind Rain in the family, who has denied foshnjnn belly Enns abandoned the family, mold removal who has accused his father mold removal t pr inches, who is married and divorced six (I) t times, who is out with wife nude public beach in front to minors, who next one is a prime place to roam naked Pervert bots roads to his place burned (Albania be '97) ...? Records (bmat) mold removal lup viewed with magnifying individual when it comes to politicians, because their behavior in order for t go determines how to proceed in the future, and n kt jet aspect would place at risk, not just their family. Therefore the world has created strict t n przgjedhjen practice of politicians, because they have the destinies of nations (peoples) in hands. Therefore initially recorded during electioneering moral character of the candidate, his political kndvshtrimit then. When the Western officials have grime belonging Ramna because his presence in leadership philosophy that precisely those hits have come in Brush ability to power. Opposition should throw up discrediting the field to national / international against the Rams, to highlight his 1 million to black spots, to urge that the national response / international against political presence in the Devil. Being the Rams T's PM frustrates humanity mold removal and moral precedent dangerous for world's foremost mold removal t t leadership. Hexapod of Albanians today are toughest to pass the time because of the transition for long t, q element to bring up national depression. Affects endured a k n t gabur przgjedhjen of leadership. People should obey (t becomes even from areas for civil society) that despite the toughest kohve t, a Ram's PM only lasts their agony . PS: Rama is always charged as the user drug, but had no courage to Asnjher tested myself (bj blood tests). He never give blood (of course who needs a blood addict), and now this man decides to place n junction Commerce's international drogs, because I know at bj t ... By Vzhguesi
In my opinion chaos on both sides ... The opposition is out in support of political prisoners!! ... Let DP had to count only the last eight years enough time to be indemnified all the political burgorurit Since these people ... even today after 22 years still are not indemnified for me it is the shame of the world / black page shame for Albania ... DP as an opposition party created by the student movement that overthrew communism in Albania will be much inherent that it had done it ... not only that but even to this day we see spo lists these prisoners were in total ... how ... how ... how himself survived of them have received full compensation ... or how many of them have taken two or three times indemnity and any other grain ... not to mention Lek former owners who were left adrift ... so it comes to regular clientele of DP ... more natural in the West after losing becomes immediately a general congress and party leaders loosing more of them leave the ranks of leadership ... such as ... sala did not accept that could run with ... the others prepared the way, the young, new faces ... the only trophy that no country today is in hand to chest is still rrafur change of hands peacefully, taking the responsibility of the directors mold removal of DP ... and so ... azgje New West for good from the front ... so far ... Status should definitely give my opinion ... let's turn Albanians unlike any happen mold removal is not given? Albania will aiding it to be improved? This is a vicious circle ... without assistance Albanian state can not improve mold removal ... but without improvement / no attempt to move forward from the Albanian state can reward you with status ... plus other things besides mold removal ... it must be admitted that the European institutions had enough time to do guide and teacher Miline 2 people ... so in my opinion justify inadvertently Albanian governments for this condition mold removal can not do fur responsibility / bastard Albanian state in the door only ... I say shame is for Europe to say today after 22 years can not succeeded with Albania ... Our failure as has been said is the failure of their ... are 22 years there are 22 days ... there are 2 million people are 2 billion ... plus you with so much wealth has shqiperi

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