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A year ago Smajl Hajdaraj family, MP from the ranks of the Kosovo Democratic League of Kosovo

January resolve carpet cleaner Kosovar a pool of blood | Journal Web
A year ago Smajl Hajdaraj family, MP from the ranks of the Kosovo Democratic League of Kosovo's first legislature after the liberation, addressed the public with a letter of protest and a call for help, because they were not detected on human killers their beloved. Years had been 11 years since the murder, 12 years this year, but the killers have not been arrested yet. Friday, January 17, will fill 12 years of Smajl Hajdaraj was killed. A year ago, the heirs of Smajl Hajdaraj in "Daily Time", among others, wrote: "As a family we are convinced that killing is committed to Smajl Hajdaraj political motives. His murder was intended to be learned merits of war and battered a political opponent, who enjoyed authority in the region of Dukagjin as a politician resolve carpet cleaner of the Democratic League of Kosovo, as proponent of building institutions and opponent of anarchy and war Stalinist methods for power. Our parents have sacrificed a lot for the freedom of Kosovo. He did not owe anything to anyone, he worked with all his being to liberate the country. The state of Kosovo, the Republic owes our family and society not to disclose resolve carpet cleaner Smajl Hajdaraj killers and their issuing orders. The arrest and conviction of the killers, the organizers and the state issuing orders turn dignity. Justice must be committed to this, so that Kosovo will not remain unexplained murders arena. Crime is not punished, again! "
Smajl Hajdaraj engineer, activist kryehershëm LDK, indomitable commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army Rugova region, killed in the dark, a few minutes before 20:00 am at the entrance of his apartment in Pec. They killed him until he brought his family with milk, milk that the mother had given Peja field. On Friday, January 17, 2014, when 12 years will be filled from the liquidation of Smajl Hajdaraj, maybe it would again remind some of his party, the Democratic League of Kosovo. Any of its leaders will not mention resolve carpet cleaner his death to gain political points. Not a few citizens of Kosovo and Friday - again - will watch the news on national and local television and if these televisions will provide any news on the anniversary of the assassination of Smajl Hajdaraj, resolve carpet cleaner many would say bizarre indifferently: "Ah, Rugova was this that had killed these ... "! "These," Well murderers are among us, including ordering, who are becoming more removed as worry about the future of Kosovo while trying to remove blood stains from their hands. resolve carpet cleaner This year, the Democratic League of Kosovo memorial gathering for Smajl Hajdaraj should hold before the Kosovo Police Headquarters and continue the march before the Office of the State prosecutor, then stop for a few moments before the Office of EULEX, the most expensive mission of the European Union . If memorial resolve carpet cleaner gathering will be held in a theater hall, it is likely that among the participants are also ordering the killing of Smajl Hajdaraj. LDK years in connection with the murders of mainly post-war theater plays games: victimization parade before the public does, while making deals behind resolve carpet cleaner the scenes with the allegedly ordering the killings! How many wine bottles are emptied into this hypocrisy can only know that they shtiracakë vulëmbajtës us to behave like "Albanian source patriotism".
Were two or three killer on January 17th, 1982 on troops fired bullets and Bardhosh Yusuf Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka - it is irrelevant. What should be interested in it in today's opinion detection extensive network of informers and criminals who were active within the Yugoslav secret service logistics for the killing of three Kosovar activists of human rights in Germany Untergruppenbach. Serb killers could be, but assistants and informants, and probably available information, are Albanians. They now can have social status in Kosovo, brought in wrapped in outlook as the Patriots kalemxhinj label, enjoy privileges of public office and ndukin a million euros from the budget of the Republic, the foundation of which is particularly blood Yusuf Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka. This unprecedented chance associates of former informers UDB-së/SDB-së has given Kosovo's political nomenclature, which to stay in power chooses not allies. Udbashët yesterday and offshoots of them have not been able to find the most convenient place that Kosovo to "clean up" their biographies. And for this situation created a large part of the blame also bears the Kosovar society, which has become indifferent to the crime of corruption. Anniversaries of political attacks routinely passed through the ceremony and speeches often stale and pathetic dominated commitments had

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