Friday, June 20, 2014

5. Cabbage Chinese Studies suggest that vegetables such as Chinese cabbage contain nutrients: fiber

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Eat, drink and live longer. Some things in life, and how we use are beyond our control. doggy doo But in food research are made, and the data collected from people in the '90s and beyond, showing what, when and how we eat has a huge impact on our longevity. Want to eat for a longer and healthier? Here are some of the most compelling unexpected doggy doo advice:
1. Broccoli, grapes and lettuce I'll start with the scientific consensus: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and low calories is the best diet for a long life. Want specifications? Eat more broccoli, grapes and lettuce. Researchers have discovered in these three foods extra benefits for a longer life.
2. Berries These small sized fruits are full of antioxidants rich. They serve for the immune system doggy doo and fight life-threatening diseases. A 2012 study by Harvard University concluded that at least a portion of raspberries or strawberries with two servings each week helps in healthy growth.
3. Garlic In Pennsylvania, Nancy Fisher, 107 years, attributes her long life of faith and passion he had for garlic. Studies have proven that garlic contains elements doggy doo that can prevent the formation of carcinogenic chemicals in the body, and women who consume more garlic have lower risk to cancers in the colon.
4. Olive oil is just as tasty as well as healthy. This product is known for maintaining heart health and longevity benefits. Studies also show that olive oil may be associated with brain health doggy doo and cancer doggy doo prevention. Should consume at least 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day.
5. Cabbage Chinese Studies suggest that vegetables such as Chinese cabbage contain nutrients: fiber, vitamin C that help us avoid death. Even in cases where people are in danger. A Vanderbilt University study found that breast cancer doggy doo survivors in Shanghai consuming more this kind of cabbage, less risk of cancer recurrence.
6. Avocado How to prevent heart disease, the biggest doggy doo killer in the United States, according to a recent report conducted by the National Center for Health doggy doo Statistics? Eat more foods that keep your heart healthy, like avocado and other foods on the list and improve your chances for a longer life. Avocados can reduce bad cholesterol doggy doo LDL and increase the amount of good cholesterol doggy doo HDL. Avocados help your body absorb vitamins that improve heart health as betakaroten and lycopene.
7. Tomatoes lycopene doggy doo is a very important nutrient in the fight against doggy doo cancer - the second cause of death in the United States. And there is no better doggy doo source than red tomatoes. To eat them cooked, pasta sauce or tomato soup increases the amount of anti-carcinogenic doggy doo carotenoids that the body fails to absorb.
8. Beans Are beans good for our lives? In 2004 in a study conducted among the elderly in Australia, Japan, Sweden and Greece, doggy doo researchers found that the participants had a reduction of 7% and 8% of death for every 20 grams of bean consumed per day. A diet rich in beans and pulses increased fatty acid levels in the body, which may protect against cancer development. This study was done at the University of Michigan.
9. Wheat Consumption of fibers and seeds - especially through the refined bread - may reduce the risk of death by 22% according to a study published in the Medical Archives in 2011. Experts say that fiber protects against doggy doo heart disease, diabetes, some types cancers and obesity. It can also reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.
10. Alcoholic beverages, poorly Several studies suggesting that the small amount of alcohol and controlled - no more than two drinks per day for men and one glass for women - can have benefits for heart health. Those who consume alcohol moderately tend to live longer. A study from Harvard doggy doo Medical School in 2012 found that drinking moderately can reduce the risk of death of a man up to 20 years after a heart attack.
11. No alcoholic beverages If you want a first-hand advice for longevity hear Tomoji doggy doo Tanabe-n. The oldest doggy doo man in the world from 2007 until 2009 when he died at age 113 years often telling interviewers that the key to his longevity was not drinking alcohol. Tanabes favorite doggy doo foods were SUPRAT with Molu

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