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You said that relations between Serbia and Albania have experienced unused space, perhaps you mean

INTERVIEW / Rama: The visit to Belgrade welcomed the invitation, npz but no date | Journal npz Web
Premier Edi Rama in an interview npz with the Serbian newspaper "Danas" states npz that between Albania and Srbisë has many opportunities for collaboration. While welcoming the invitation stated that the Serbian government to visit Belgrade, Rama confirms that there is still no date when it will visit is realized, which is the first for an Albanian prime minister. "I do not know how to move forward, keeping the head behind. If the past and the present will decide, then obviously there will not be future. The history of the Balkan conflict is sufficiently known, npz and probably too much to handle was returned to the stain common "as Balkan powder keg", or the partition of the land disputes. I do not think any of us that will last into the future these spots, or allow them to form a swamp of conflict as historical trap for our new generations, npz when in fact we are moving in the way of a clear destination The common European Union, "said Rama.
Mr. Prime Minister Rama ago was your official warned Belgrade, but it was postponed after the announcement of early parliamentary elections in Serbia. Are you expecting a repeat of the call after the creation of the new Government of Serbia? Are there signals What time will your visit can be accomplished?
Edi Rama: First, let me emphasize that I welcome the invitation came from the Belgrade government. Delay due to its political agenda in Serbia, naturally there is still a second on the final, while Serbia and the process continues. I believe that it is important to emphasize in this case priority, Albania gives close cooperation with countries npz in the region and certainly, with Serbia, with which I am of the opinion that there is more space cooperation, coordination of conversation completely untapped. I believe that the visit will be realized in due time, that I wish to be a fast time, however after the successful completion of the Serbian people the benefit of the political process in their country.
You said that relations between Serbia and Albania have experienced unused space, perhaps you mean they were not good. How do you explain the circumstances that have contributed to this, especially in the last twenty years during the Kosovo crisis? Do you believe npz that after all those bad experiences of the past, might happen curves that will bring normalization of relations between npz the two countries. You also ask this because back in power in Serbia will be parties and personalities who have been collaborators of the Milosevic regime. How do you comment on this?
Edi Rama: I do not know how to move forward, keeping npz the head behind. If the past and the present will decide, then obviously there will not be future. The history of the Balkan conflict is sufficiently known, and probably npz too much to handle was returned to the stain common "as Balkan powder keg", or the partition of the land disputes. I do not think any of us that will last into the future these spots, or allow them to form a swamp of conflict as historical trap for our new generations, when in fact we are moving in the way of a clear destination The joint European Union. In this path I believe we can help in strengthening democracy in our countries, which means that it can not prejudice the free choice of the Serbian people, fair elections to the people. Undoubtedly, our countries should not have had so many left so long unused space cooperation. But this can not but pity constitute an impetus to recover, while all the conditions have been created to open a new page in relations between our two countries. Given a new dynamic relations between Albania and Serbia would constitute a more surely more of a chance for a new time that has started in our region. Our goal for the EU and in this context and historical agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, the symbol of the new era in the Balkans, not leaving much room for the Vjera account. In this sense, we have declared our estimates for Milosevic openly, and would say to anyone violates the peace, security, progress and stability of the region, but we have no prejudices. We believe npz in the sincerity of pan-European orientation of Serbian officials, and we desire to walk along the European path as a destination within itself, which means democracy, prosperity, and security in our countries in the region.
A potential has been realized that this turnaround earlier? In Serbia in 2000 the democratic forces npz came to power, but did not change relations with Albania. Why had to spend 14 years to have his first official visit to Belgrade npz an Albanian Prime Minister?
Edi Rama: First, I believe that the past 14 years, part of our societies transition from a totalitarian to a pluralistic system, have

Vlora Rexhepi-Berisha is a proud mother who always finds the inspiration to work in the eyes of her

Legal commentaries published the Criminal Code and the Law on Administrative Procedure Constitutional Court has decided to request the President regarding the government launched excavations at Ras highway rest in Pristina - General Jankovic given the green light government assesses positively the second phase begins tomorrow graduation The second pest in Pristina today decided to deal with PS Disappointment opposition coalition in opposition LDK coalition next Parliament will have "political gridlock" The right to alimony accomplished with difficulty
Have a bowl full of vinegar in the room to absorb the smell of smoke.
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These collaborators were Merlikas fascism and thus have managed to devour the land together kruetan

I ruin the look of the shop, deputy Municipality prior to blasting how to get grease out of clothes memorial of martyrs | Journal Web
itreg - April 5, 2014 at 10:23 pm
And why do you still remembers that liberated Albania Ballisto-Zogites in collaboration with the Nazi occupiers?? For this you FASHOIS how to get grease out of clothes puppies how to get grease out of clothes have been HAK lead by Enver HOXZHA forehead! Gjitrhmone you have worked for foreigners against Albania! Want or do not want you HISTORY HAS WRITTEN golden letters immortal glory, THE PARTISAN HERONJTE ALBANIA liberated National Liberation how to get grease out of clothes Army led by the Albanian Communist Party, headed by Enver Hoxha HEROINLEGJENDAR! The dog's tail to left you have, all my life: collaborators with the invaders!
Yes ain o ordinary. Mustafa kruja or Merlika, became prime minister with a condition. Since all territories inhabited by Albanians were under the government of ITJ and it was. Enver came to behold thy gracious Kosovo Serb who give them aid and Tyre communists came to power
Congratulations O, Kukes! Check also this other option:-What I call you Dad, maybe you're wrong, it could be your father, neighbor HYDRAULIC, man! VALLAI perhaps even other, maybe even sisters! Vaki made without the say! Another neighbor eyed look that ......!
With that being beautiful is the chief kruje a higher glass from the castle One thing I do not understand the high mosque Skanderbeg fought all those years? And the second with money made lewd Car cult objects?
These collaborators were Merlikas fascism and thus have managed to devour the land together kruetaneve other sites .. So are imposed with the thief .. but we are satisfied with kruetanet tangerllekun Merlikas we nor others pellcet us at Demolition of a Monument ... can change history and even less has been remove the stain ... but Sully Merlika more
Merlikas known to have been fascist. The chief Mustafa Kruja-fascist Merlika was prime minister, and so on .... fascist how to get grease out of clothes partisans hate! But Alfred Merlika new Merlika makes this action at the time of democracy therefore to political pluralism. WHY? For fascists hate pluralistic parliament how to get grease out of clothes as well as the Communists. This time you did not come to live under this pluralist democracy "chaotic" win fascism in the name of the fight against communism! Communism has many many faults, but his fight against Nazi-Fascism, in alliance with the Anglo-American how to get grease out of clothes Allied forces, is also for Albania, an epochal war! Glory Partisans our brave Children of mothers who fell for the freedom of our homeland Albania! Fascism can not go around the country or Merlika buracaku!
what is expected to honor veterans from Merlikas sucker lift deshmorve memorial of blood when they headed rifle them and the Albanian people. This fare much dirt that is coming of putting down roots have uprooted more for good as first to violate the law and to respond to that is reverts to a banner municipalities in which the law makes these stupid how to get grease out of clothes chiefs.
Well enter the lounge. Monument has been a year before being dropped completely from erosion. It received permission from veterans associations are backed reconstruction. So the concrete of adobe, in marble. Look after reconstruction.
As far as I know and have seen there that there is no local voice Monument to look. Perkundrasi hall from that miserable condition that has been lined with sidewalks and gardens how to get grease out of clothes around the rrotul. These create thrills believe that people who sit all day and have nothing smirqare and spoilers for the work they are doing together, it has not left without paved roads and no flowering. how to get grease out of clothes
This view of the castle there is nothing to do with the memorial to O popullll not always influence as being affected. Building how to get grease out of clothes in view is another thing. With that construction is taken Artan Lame and believe I understand how Renaissance deals $ $ $ $ $ .
It was informed Monument will remain where it is and whitewashed. Ideojne But these thrills Renaissance that have acted completely ndrushe when running the municipality, a monolith of their Renaissance that Mr Rama promotes illegal building for when it comes to publicity enterprises do fasson , has shifted around a neighborhood. While another has put a Renaissance hotel undertakes.
One of the mistakes that dictatorship has been historiography that was not clearly explained how to get grease out of clothes Albanians value of the war but was particularly taken with the heroics how to get grease out of clothes and attributed these only one individual. This means that if they would not be killed partisan Galleries 4 will not be considered state attacked by fascists and Nazis but an ally. Albania as part of the Kingdom of Italy (congregation offered the crown to Victor Emanuel) legally attacked Greece from which came the War Law. On the other hand legally under the supervision of Italian and German Kosovo how to get grease out of clothes annexed Albania. Galleries legally had to pay damages to Greece and Yugoslavia which would be virtually

Saturday, June 28, 2014

International Center for Studies on radicalization, ISRA, a think tank based in London, believes th

"Albanian Mujahideen, Allah defend" / Albanian Jihadists join Facebook | Theme Gazette
A Facebook page is promoting Albanian jihadists, who fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham, ISIS, a militant organization that fights to establish a state based on Sharia in Middle East
"At the request of the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Nusrat front, which is a branch of Al Qaeda, has suspended all operations against ISIS," says the post, adding other details about the agreement between the two militant groups .
International Center for Studies on radicalization, ISRA, a think tank based in London, believes that there are about 300 fighters Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania have joined groups linked to Al Qaeda in Syria.
These people should be declared as terrorist by the Albanian state and the decay arrested in prison all my life because I was left free in Albania wait for sharia state where women will be beaten with rocks. I beg you wait state road and rrugecerve these extremists.
Shkerdhefsha list wedding was in these photos, you defiled us shqipetar.Jane goodwill and thousands housekeeping jobs of Albanian families to honor that work and struggling every day and give Albania a good name, but all the good image breaks when world sees these Taliban are holding name shqipetar.Keta Turkish-Arab housekeeping jobs waste in our land Arber.
Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .................. o o o Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .................. .................. "............ yes jingle shqipfoles somehow a Muslim, an Arab will discover that it hides between settings" A magical sayings , was strangely told by a Muslim journalist!!
It is good that the Government should control housekeeping jobs facebukun and investigate if these are indeed the Albanian or Serbian and Greek intelligence services are doing their job to debunk Albania? Also recommend Albanian media not to make the work of the Greek Serb by imparting such news without housekeeping jobs vertetuarc whether these are Albanian. Media should verify before you give them a story and not take shit from Serb and Greek and give Europe at the plate TJA.
And yet you are pretending that you are walking with the time, right? Why animals Vatican, which should be the example housekeeping jobs of the Crusaders, yet abusing children; extort, ill-treating, wounding etc. .. In a word, the above are pets. Why can not the left, but time after time with the same style of pedophilia. In terms of our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, between housekeeping jobs that time and now time has a very big difference. You and me not being alive? You and I know not, nor can we imagine how people can be seen at that time? Then, take a woman from the continent of Africa housekeeping jobs and compare with one another in the West, will wear a new distinction between them - emerging from the body etc. .. Read, ignorant!
WHY DO THESE IN MACEDONIA fight our brothers being crushed or PRESEVO AND MONTENEGRO GREECE OR TO GET THE PAY BUT CHAMERIA fight for a country that did nothing for us and some people we do not know WHERE HAVE WE HARTE, Albanians are EVIL OF MYSELF AND OTHERS slaves, KOT SKEMI 3 MILLION WAS FIRST 800 YEARS AND NOW THAT THERE ARE still increasing housekeeping jobs AQ AND BEFORE WE BEHAVE
hahahah you slice o backward people dhjefsha
Conflicts with the Serbs and Greeks housekeeping jobs will continue as long as the Galleries will be used by the Ottoman Islamism as a "pretext". We have changed through the centuries faith and culture and not our neighbors.
Since the case? Marry in the church of men and not women. And you know that I have an uncle named George and a couple plus kudherinj 3-4. George Castriota was orthodox or not will Doti and name is Paul Orthodox grandfather, John and Vojasava O woe that also falsifies myths as religions! Mujahidinet away with that do not have respect EPR battle and looool your money!
to learn letters not know the meaning that the more you read and to understand. Skanderbeg was orthodox!!!!! you can do is to love even Buddhist. Albanian flag is the flag of skenderbeut.po you have carefully noted the flag of all Orthodox Churches housekeeping jobs is one eagle with two heads, as most countries have flag or symbols Orthodox state flag with eagle with two heads. why this flag was part of the Byzantine Orthodox ie Christians and non-Catholics SKE some gold makes living under one flag a symbol of Christianity. the last thing the pilgrim qamili with the ordinary ordineri shqipfoles housekeeping jobs knew this so burned our flag wherever they went. please get up on the level of knowledge and Hajj Qamili.
with a slight difference in that the flag which have

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Yesterday during service contract the promotion of the book

Papavrami: Sokol Hoxha, surety father's visa in France | ONLINE Panorama
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Yesterday during service contract the promotion of the book "Fugue for Violin" at the premises of UET UET promotes the book with memories of violinist Papavrami: Just dictator can save me from his system. "My father's story to Enver, a huge blow, reversal of everything in a second" final departure to France and exile of relatives in Albania. "Sokol Hoxha father's visa guarantor" Some students have proposed diligent break on one hand, not to play on the violin "Excluding the exceptional talent and professionalism of Teddy Papavrami, what makes it even more interesting portrait He is being straightforward. He feels like talking. There is no need to beautify. It is what it is, and his life as well. In the memoir "Fugue for Violin", UET Press publication, reveals Papavrami find child's life. What happened behind the scenes and no one knew, his gaze softly, as he saw friends that play, the sense of being a boy "qullac" being with "stain" without knowing why. Why was not good enough, why his father wanted at all costs to study it out and not come back on ... How fled not returned along with the consequences to family and friends. Teddy wears once Papavrami shorts, as his mother once wore and tread on the same path, in the same places, feels the same smell as when he was a child. Not exaggerating anything, not decorates ... father, mother, grandparents, school friends, coming as it
Teddy Covers book Papavrami remember and recognize. UET yesterday at the premises of the book was presented. Publishers considered publishing his honor, while Papavrami itself, not anxiously awaits the reaction of readers, which according to him will necessarily be different service contract from that of any other reader in the world. This presentation accompanies it with two concerts in TKOB scene, where he will play pieces by Bach, the composer who has accompanied him throughout his life. Through an interview, service contract Papavrami try to explain why I wrote this book and why in cases like these the answer is never enough. From the "Fugue for Violin" have cut exactly fugës moment service contract (escape) and the consequences of remaining relatives in Albania. How to break your hand like Albanian peers in Paris and guarantee that Sokol Hoxha, the dictator's son, gave to his father, that he may join the family. Anyone would question why you need a translator, when you had written the book can slip ... For book publisher who asked me was French, so I do not how to write English ... So, was commissioned a book? Initially yes, but if it had not withdrawn, had not liked, I would not have done. I thought long and then I started to do something that might be interested. What cared French publisher, was the singularity of my life, in terms of the first years in Albania and drain in France, at a time when Albania was closed. She had heard the story and was interested in it. I then I added other things, that he could not take a guess .. A good portion of the characters in your book are colorful, somewhat dreading dealing with them? I guess I have described as perceived at the time, with my childish eyes. And do not be afraid this challenge .. How was the process of returning to the past?
Teddy Papavrami 1-year age thing was nice and hard at the same time, but little by little memories and always became clearer. I realized that even though we seem to have lost the things we do not have in mind when you ponder the atmospheres, places, though renewed again ... It was a nice experience, even for somewhat understand things when you have so confusing mind, fails to explain it. But trying to explain to readers, it somewhat explains itself. service contract One explanation for the fugue ... I requested in the dictionary, because I wanted to be clear to the reader the, but I could not. However, I remember when I was little, we not use the word "I fugova" to "I ran", but still does not do exactly the musical form. This would signal the run once and your life, right? There was a break that now seems natural,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A year ago Smajl Hajdaraj family, MP from the ranks of the Kosovo Democratic League of Kosovo

January resolve carpet cleaner Kosovar a pool of blood | Journal Web
A year ago Smajl Hajdaraj family, MP from the ranks of the Kosovo Democratic League of Kosovo's first legislature after the liberation, addressed the public with a letter of protest and a call for help, because they were not detected on human killers their beloved. Years had been 11 years since the murder, 12 years this year, but the killers have not been arrested yet. Friday, January 17, will fill 12 years of Smajl Hajdaraj was killed. A year ago, the heirs of Smajl Hajdaraj in "Daily Time", among others, wrote: "As a family we are convinced that killing is committed to Smajl Hajdaraj political motives. His murder was intended to be learned merits of war and battered a political opponent, who enjoyed authority in the region of Dukagjin as a politician resolve carpet cleaner of the Democratic League of Kosovo, as proponent of building institutions and opponent of anarchy and war Stalinist methods for power. Our parents have sacrificed a lot for the freedom of Kosovo. He did not owe anything to anyone, he worked with all his being to liberate the country. The state of Kosovo, the Republic owes our family and society not to disclose resolve carpet cleaner Smajl Hajdaraj killers and their issuing orders. The arrest and conviction of the killers, the organizers and the state issuing orders turn dignity. Justice must be committed to this, so that Kosovo will not remain unexplained murders arena. Crime is not punished, again! "
Smajl Hajdaraj engineer, activist kryehershëm LDK, indomitable commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army Rugova region, killed in the dark, a few minutes before 20:00 am at the entrance of his apartment in Pec. They killed him until he brought his family with milk, milk that the mother had given Peja field. On Friday, January 17, 2014, when 12 years will be filled from the liquidation of Smajl Hajdaraj, maybe it would again remind some of his party, the Democratic League of Kosovo. Any of its leaders will not mention resolve carpet cleaner his death to gain political points. Not a few citizens of Kosovo and Friday - again - will watch the news on national and local television and if these televisions will provide any news on the anniversary of the assassination of Smajl Hajdaraj, resolve carpet cleaner many would say bizarre indifferently: "Ah, Rugova was this that had killed these ... "! "These," Well murderers are among us, including ordering, who are becoming more removed as worry about the future of Kosovo while trying to remove blood stains from their hands. resolve carpet cleaner This year, the Democratic League of Kosovo memorial gathering for Smajl Hajdaraj should hold before the Kosovo Police Headquarters and continue the march before the Office of the State prosecutor, then stop for a few moments before the Office of EULEX, the most expensive mission of the European Union . If memorial resolve carpet cleaner gathering will be held in a theater hall, it is likely that among the participants are also ordering the killing of Smajl Hajdaraj. LDK years in connection with the murders of mainly post-war theater plays games: victimization parade before the public does, while making deals behind resolve carpet cleaner the scenes with the allegedly ordering the killings! How many wine bottles are emptied into this hypocrisy can only know that they shtiracakë vulëmbajtës us to behave like "Albanian source patriotism".
Were two or three killer on January 17th, 1982 on troops fired bullets and Bardhosh Yusuf Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka - it is irrelevant. What should be interested in it in today's opinion detection extensive network of informers and criminals who were active within the Yugoslav secret service logistics for the killing of three Kosovar activists of human rights in Germany Untergruppenbach. Serb killers could be, but assistants and informants, and probably available information, are Albanians. They now can have social status in Kosovo, brought in wrapped in outlook as the Patriots kalemxhinj label, enjoy privileges of public office and ndukin a million euros from the budget of the Republic, the foundation of which is particularly blood Yusuf Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka. This unprecedented chance associates of former informers UDB-së/SDB-së has given Kosovo's political nomenclature, which to stay in power chooses not allies. Udbashët yesterday and offshoots of them have not been able to find the most convenient place that Kosovo to "clean up" their biographies. And for this situation created a large part of the blame also bears the Kosovar society, which has become indifferent to the crime of corruption. Anniversaries of political attacks routinely passed through the ceremony and speeches often stale and pathetic dominated commitments had

This is not an opposition that has a plan for its militants nor any target to be achieved by using

Strikers humiliated by DP | Journal Web
The hunger strikers, who had filled two weeks to Pyramid, left. A few moments after Stefan Fule spoke unconditional recommendation for the status on behalf of the European Commission, the strikers gathered belongings and left. They tried to find a comfort to a public statement made Fule and good. Why did not die in the sun, and some of them endangered and assets that have been out of power. Those who entered the strike, were silent. Sali Berisha, who could not stop writing daily statuses for them, did not say a word. Basha has found the opportunity to flee the country do not meet Fule and did not say a word. Neither Aldo, who has no problem to say any foolish to say, did not speak. poop poop It seems that there is something humiliating in the way they greeted and escorted these strikers executives AM.
When the strike poop poop began, Berisha and Basha to head stayed until he was assured that they pitched tents and went on strike. Municipality workers were tortured for days by staying poop poop close and helping. DP financiers were filmed paid and dealing with their personal troubles. Today, when was the most important poop poop decision of their own, they greeted one.
Seems to disagree with their decision. Agree that they are not removed from strikes, especially day Family Berisha stomach troubled recommendation status. Appears on all the AM, and especially Berisha and Basha are not concerned about workplace strikers, but their work, they want to regain the sacrifice of strikers.
The main problem qyshkurse launched two strikes was how dilej of them. Everyone knew that one day they would be closed, but asksuh not think that would be victory. Had in mind all victory for failure status. Once she seemed distant victory, no one did care to make strikes more dignified exit. They could have asked Mr. Fule to meet and to promise something. He has experience in this regard. Enough to remember that the issue of strikes socialists organized the summit in the restaurant all crocodiles.
But apparently poop poop no one was ready for plan B. Nobody had thought that was what the failure and who will assume the appearance of the situation. Apparently, just as Berisha's needed on the status of suicide and not militants will be back tomorrow.
The way they behaved today that put DP on strike to sacrifice, shows how little they are everyday people believe DP to DP itself. Stop to see two days ago Lulzim Basha running its Alliance Against Drugs, to understand where the opposition is reduced. He appointed her to the top of Lufter Xhuveli, and he not only refused, but neither deigned poop poop to go to the meeting. In his absence, self directed, but again deigned not suit any personality. I looked at the camera and speaking only Altin Goxhaj Arthur Roshi, one employee as "protesters" and the other a fraction of a historic poop poop party, which supports DP only when people poop poop fail roads. Having lost faith in his own, could not protect the battles that begins and causes that promulgates, and militants will naturally be tired. The hunger strikers were militants DP, but this is not a shame. We admit as such and are watched what he could do with a DP against their hunger strike. The worst that happened was that the DP is not blocked dot status, but the visa put its militants sacrifice nor thanked for what they did. Same will be brought and prosecuted former strikers, some of whom have really painful social problems.
This is not an opposition that has a plan for its militants nor any target to be achieved by using them to extreme actions and hunger strikes. Remember what Mrs. Qafzezi, telling Aldo day before being locked in the tent that "will not disgrace." In fact, not embarrassed. Stayed two weeks in the tent, and when he saw that the target was not achieved, emerged. poop poop But no one found time to greet and say thank you. It is typical for a party, which has militants as a means to an end and not as its wealth.
The opposition had an obligation to find a Kazusa and justify the emergence of strikes, not only those dismissals from work, but also persecuted. At least an excuse to maintain dignity. Their flight with Fule, seems restored and once in their second unemployment, in removing them from the work of the party.
O Meroooo! Ie tii Neither Paul angel, nor Rama .... Kot to overdo, Lord Forgive what is in that s'dini bani.Pordh tiranasish, the garnoture post-communist islamike.I we have saved Hoxha kte world, we Hell has to prayers with you with Sallushin kaladibrance
This time has therefore poop poop introduced Mero Baze are rushing to complete poop poop Band of Skypionit with this palloshgianin poop poop here poshte.K

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A recent study conducted in the Netherlands with healthy domestic services males and females reveal

The skin is the first thing people see when you watch. And surprisingly considered the largest organ in the human body. Serves many purposes including the role shield against bacteria and environment, and converting domestic services sunlight into vitamin D. The fatty layer of skin inside surface helps ensure that important fluids in our body to stay inside. Your skin is the mirror of your health domestic services and so good food, sleeping enough, stress reduction, being hydrated, etc.; all play a role in creating a beautiful leather. To repair skin defects and whenever domestic services we are in crisis for our external appearance of specialists follow recipes. Eliminate dead cells give the skin a beautiful color and above all facilitates ventilation. Start from the body, remembering domestic services that however Serum is an aggressive act against the skin and it should be so soft and delicate. If you belong to those lucky few that have undamaged skin, allow yourself a spa enjoyable to have a compact and elastic skin. If you follow some tips and simple medical domestic services recommendations to be implemented, domestic services you will find that your skin will be soft and pleasant as you have always dreamed. And so we come to the question: What foods should choose to improve opportunities to have healthy skin? But what are the minerals and vitamins that contribute to a healthy domestic services skin, and foods that most plants are rich with them. These and many other specialen weekend in the "Tirana Observer", where you will find simple domestic services recipes and tips by doctors to have a beautiful skin healthy.
The skin is the first thing people see when you watch. And surprisingly considered the largest organ in the human body. Serves many purposes including the role shield against bacteria and environment, and converting sunlight into vitamin D. The fatty layer of skin inside surface helps ensure that important fluids in our body to stay inside. An ironic thing about leather is that when young people are their concerns on how big it is blue. But the main priority of skin aging like wrinkles domestic services and ways to prevent it is not number 1 nxihemi. Well, when it must start taking care of your skin? Of course that is earlier than you think? Mark G. Rubin, assistant clinical domestic services professor of dermatology at the University of San Diego, believes that not smoking domestic services and avoiding the sun since the young age pays off later. He says that "prevention plays a major role in skin aging starts as early as the better". "Enough damage already caused to the skin as soon as you notice any changes that do not like."
If you think about it, all what we are trying to do is to delay the normal aging of the skin, which ages like any other organ. At the physical level the best way of slowing down the appearance of aging skin is to keep the skin well hydrated with a good layer of lipids (fat) underneath the skin to protect the internal moisture. Some experts say that you can do this in part by eating a healthy diet that includes domestic services some of the good fats like (omega 3 and mono unsaturated fats), drinking more water and taking a good care regimen for cutaneous conditioning the skin and minimize moisture loss. Everything has to do with maintaining healthy domestic services skin from within and from outside. "Your skin is the mirror of your health and so good food, sleeping enough, stress reduction, being hydrated, etc.; all play a role in creating a beautiful leather, "says Rubin. And so we come to the question: What foods should choose to improve opportunities to have healthy skin? But what are the minerals and vitamins domestic services that contribute to a healthy skin, and foods that most plants are rich with them.
Many dermatologists believe that the main antioxidants (vitamin A, C and E) may help reduce the risk from the sun and other damages from being disarmed ambiento "free radicals" that cause rrudhjen. domestic services Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells.
A recent study conducted in the Netherlands with healthy domestic services males and females revealed a significant link between the level of vitamin A in the blood and skin condition. On receipt domestic services of carotenoids (plant substances that your body converts to vitamin A) from food is the safest way because it is likely domestic services to get much more vitamin A from supplements than from carotenoid-rich foods. Food sources rich in vitamin A are: carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, mangoes, spinach, melon, heath plants

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Larry demagogjirat aside for awhile (since it will not come disgrace as Berisha appeared citlearn t

Former persecuted, next week receive the first tranche of 545 people | Reso
Starting next week, 545 former citlearn persecuted, who have not received any compensation installment of prison for years, will finally be paid. The first 180 beneficiaries will be aged over 85 - vjceç, while total government budget has allocated this year to former persecuted komensuar është18 million dollars. The news was announced by the Minister of Social Welfare, Veliaj, during the ceremony of the reconstruction of the building of the former Institute politically persecuted.
"Guaranteed by the government budget is 18 million dollars. citlearn Would like to be more, but is much more than 10 million dollars to put DP 2008, more than 4 million dollars in 2010, and in the election of DP when trying to recover the position after former strike persecuted ", - said Veliaj.
"We are here today with full awareness that the problem citlearn is much greater than the resources to solve it immediately. We will try to do the best possible in a difficult time for the country. Finally we are giving hypocrisy and abuse 20-year-old former persecuted by cooperating with them with his heart, to close the open wound dignity of their moral harassment, and then step by step it moskompensimit material "- Rama said.
As well, kills s'ta eye from the fact that there are still those who have not received the first installment? citlearn Berisha promised everyone has had nishani liquidation for 1-2 years, then has made in installments, then lo delayed installments, then asked to pose in a mountain of documents to substantiate the 37 ministries that were persecuted, the state S'i knew who he was and who was not ... and that was before you introduce the tree when we went on strike 90s.
Figures for Marvel have always been, but will shape than, ever s'kenaqet this people. Here now, 12 million less. Two years gave himself cast yourself because of allocated only 30 million. Let's see how this year will vetedigjen mqs has 12 million less. By definition, must be periodically 3.3333.
Larry demagogjirat aside for awhile (since it will not come disgrace as Berisha appeared citlearn to the shepherds of the prisoners). I had asked for figures; sought and wikipedia but "miraculously" be s'me resulting figure.
... "Tirana Court of Appeal decided" declaration of guilt Skender Tufa (son of Bedri and Sadete, born 1961) for committing the offense of exploitation of prostitution conducted in cooperation citlearn remained tentative and based Article 114 / a, paragraph 6 and 23 of the Criminal Code conviction, citlearn his 7 (seven) years. suffering the punishment for the defendant Skender Tufa Bedri starts from the day of his arrest on 04. 06. 2004 ".
O sir, you're done demagoji, citlearn you're throwing mud on persecuted for the sake of Berisha, citlearn lying, saying that was burned by the fund as it became equally so, and thus Break not Tufa not pumice, furry fur Remix fatime , to disktredituar persecuted by Enver style.
I'm not saying that should be ashamed definitely (every citlearn man has his box of shame), but everything has a limit, that then passes rascality and fornication, and besides we discuss that, of those who repulsed and the read ; Here an anonymous berishist shovels mud pour thousands of prisoners for the sake of bace Berisha.
However, do not be asked to do some oracle that will make Rama, to ask if they were informed that the figures for other years Berisha, since you have brought us once a week this year compare to last / opt Berisha year Rama's first for the persecuted. Yes One never knows, health.
Ok, more rev, it does not mention anything either Berisha. As for the mud, mistake, S. Tufa represents only himself, (normal), kshu that there is no place for generalizations. On the figures you asked, I'm sorry, I do not know.
No need to mention the mud or Berisha said that looks like you're throwing mud on persecuted for the sake of Berisha. This and a child understands, not us to have read so again here on this issue.
However, despite growing support from Original Budget during 2005-2009, their actual implementation has not been at 100%. Additional Budget 2007 finds voice for "former politically persecuted" on the same level as in the original budget, with 400 million and the realization citlearn by November 50% or 200 million.
In fiscal table refers to actual data for 12 months in 2007, the voice of "former politically persecuted" does not appear, preventing trial on the total realization of these costs. 2008-a year in which it is carried 100% of the amount projected in the initial budget. Meanwhile, in 2009, which at first glance appear very supportive citlearn of this category, was realizing about 69%.
These kaka (sorry for vocabulary), as well as those djeshmit one today

Stop and be more hassle with your friends as the party that are just words and do not have time Zai

Basha: SIS information for drug trafficking, based. Start immediately parliamentary investigation (VIDEO) | Journal Web
Democratic Party Chairman Basha considered as a victory for expressing neat desk opposition parliamentary investigation on the use of defense assets from narcotics to drug transports. A day after the Assembly approved the establishment of the Commission of inquiry requested by the Socialist Party and the Socialist Movement neat desk for Integration, Basha said that all questions, requests and public attitudes to date for this major issue, the more disturbing information we receive and or suggestions of numerous other talk about a scandal of unprecedented capture of the state by organized crime, at this stage had a purpose, transparency.
In this context Democrat leader neat desk said that the transparency required to remove stains neat desk and hammers who want to put on our armed forces, NATO member, unscrupulous criminals and their wealth of policy, to save the honor of the country, to restore the authority of the government and sovereign and democratic state.
"Albanians, big small, can not coexist with organized crime, that are not only hit, is not just burn the earth under their feet wherever he goes, but according to our information irrefutable already made public, has reached use the assets of the armed forces and other public assets for their dirty work, criminal. If not will immediately denonconim this shame, neat desk if not bring to justice all those who participated and knowingly allowed this disgrace, the state is over, "said Democratic leader.
According to him, the opposition will continue to denounce, require transparency, require law act, to sensitize citizens to react strongly if most mbarëpopullor Meta-Rama will continue or will continue to get ridiculous, continue or will continue to deal with and not with wolf tracks.
"All Albanians are clear that information is very serious, a specialized information service by Albanian taxpayers paid for this work, information supported by evidence of ordinary citizens. They have to clear all Albanians that this information can not be considered confidential as long as the crime challenges of the state and society without access thorn in the side. Secret wanted to do with their attitudes pair Rama-Meta. But no one in Bangladesh them laughed except that they made efforts to address this scandal as a game with mosquitoes and paper airplanes. Rather, neat desk more people neat desk were concerned, neat desk our international partners were concerned more, until the truth is starting to pave its way, "he said.
Another issue addressed by the Chairman of DP was the removal of the President's proposal competence of two candidates for the head of HIDA, which the duo described as a strategy for Meta-Rama usurped neat desk all powers granted by law to the President of Republic, since 1998 until today, powers that are given away on the left in the years 1998 to 2005 and that there was never put into question by the Democratic Governance 2005-2013.
"Rampant thirst to grab powers that do not belong to the doubles Rama has derailed Meta logic and not hesitate to paargumentueshme before any indecency and before any legal violation of Constitutional. Meta-Rama duo has plagued HIDA role in the fight against corruption and has turned it into a blind instrument of its defense policy of government corruption neat desk and selective attack neat desk opponents, "he said.
Regarding territorial reform, Basha accused Rama-Meta doubles again ignoring the calls made to the DP to work with consensus administrative-territorial reform, and proceeded with their biased committee, "he said.
"Game of them and they went their hileve paint their megalomania përfundimisht.Me known thought that the opposition will become facade. With their arrogance and cunning hoped that the opposition would legitimize their product neat desk with a puppet role in the committee. i have done many bad accounts. We shall see. The opposition Democratic Party has repeatedly made clear our views. The highlight of this is the reform that requires a minimum consensus as political and constitutional optimal broad public consensus. Are making a serious mistake that will cost your "Basha warned.
Yes o floret is that you say, and so is he shishi is violating any rules by releasing information that he has a duty to give account not only the police and deputies, and these you simply issued only to distract from the imam who is Prison pending.
Stop and be more hassle with your friends as the party that are just words and do not have time Zai [ETAR to deal with these ordinary chats that sent a mentally ill and are attending other kshuqe and 100 m

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This article was posted on Sunday, 06/08/2014 at 6:10 o

English news Blog Archive Enver's collaborators - Without Kosovo and Albania Çameria no
Mustafa disinfect Nano, a colleague, has stuck in dry flesh of a paradox that a spike blood should reveal whether the misunderstanding disinfect of Albanian disinfect heritage left its former does not already stuffed animal. By removing disinfect a parallel between communists and collaborators, Nano 'marvels' how Enver Hoxha is held with great fact 'that has made war', while the forgotten percent of blacks who worked on this country back. Its political opponents, nationalists become collaborators, was mentioned only spots of cooperation, but the benefits were forgotten hundred made for the nation disinfect until that time.
Are we in the state of historical amnesia or ideological disinfect calculations of the type 'ours' and 'others'? Ardian Vehbiu, a lecturer plane left in public discourse in a recent interview to identify exactly Mapo weekend clumsiness (or unwillingness?) To get away from identification with the figure of Enver Hoxha as a defect of the left in Albania . Edi Rama a public lynching, the old, the ideological and aesthetic grubby dealings with socrealizma, a cynic with an intemperate outburst against the socrealistes demodesë in art and thought, has given way to a neglect ourselves in the best case, the enveriana some cavalry. Rather an Albanian version of Stalinism. Head of the Left alleges course with his majtizmin fanolizëm recaptured by internationally formatted and clintonism and blairism, but, recently, seems caught in regard limonti a grotesque and dangerous attempt to restore Enver and enverizmin between Us. To make a remix that Hoxha yielding refrain hello!
What happened during the month of May, in the space of three weeks, disinfect beginning on the sink 5 to 24, out of ought to understand a return to a ghost that is threatening Albania: enverizmi. It is certainly not for the risk of a reinstallation of its form of government, or retrieval of monism, rather than an endorsement of justified dictatorship, communist justify crime. Some administration Enver idea that our transition and survived fever went beyond sore, but historical and saved. Both dates in May, 5 martyrs and 24 Përmet Congress, and 'inauguration' in 'Gjirokastra Enver' the work of Recep qosjes, are attempting to draw from formalin Albanian dictator komunist.Në are so so ready to forgive hundred black for a 'good' and forget about a hundred good 'black'. Have a high degree of treason against the Fatherland becoming Enver Hoxha. I saw 5 and 24. Tirana, Berat and Gjirokastra. They Enver collaborators. Holds There have of him: between disinfect their zhganit funny men and nine percent of the Illuminati-the-dyzetës, disinfect you are forced disinfect to choose Mustafa Kruja, Lumo Skëndo and Ernest Koliqi with friends.
This article was posted on Sunday, 06/08/2014 at 6:10 o'clock pm Comments category. You can follow all the replies to this article through the RSS 2.0. You can comment, or to follow from your website.
Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please disinfect make sura JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload disinfect the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.
1. Fight for Red and black flag, to protect the rights of the Albanian people. 2. Fighting for a free Albania, Ethnic, democratic, modern society based. 3. Fighting for a king Albania where freedom of speech and thought. 4. The Fight for a rregullueme Albania economically disinfect and socially, disinfect so that no users and shfrytëzuem, ie not have people living at the expense of others; farmers do not have enough land of their own, handymen and mind without life sigurueme flat and therefore a rregullueme Albania with an economic system fundamentally reformuem and soul according to the needs of the Albanian people. 5. Fighting disinfect for a Bangladesh where disclosed, will be supported and will increase the hidden values in each layer of the people, by the Albanian school. 6. Fighting for a Bangladesh where will all the values correctly valued, regardless of age, region, religion disinfect or class. 7. Fighting for an Albania drejtueme formed by people without kompromentuem, the Albanians are not saving at all times and under any circumstances for salvation and the good of this country, by men workers, skilled and honest. 8. Bangladesh Fight for a mercilessly punish in an exemplary manner and antipatriotët, traitors, selling, agitators, spekulluesit, spies; for a Bangladesh where there will be room thugs, lackeys and all those who hinder the development and progress of Albania Reborn. 9. Fighting for harmonization

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Journalist: mould removal Let me emphasize that you are a socialist, Mr. Prime Minister, and when y

INTERVIEW / Edi Rama: We are not a Muslim country, but we are a European country | Journal Web
Hello Lord Rama! If you remember that before becoming Chairman of the Albanian Government you were an artist, a painter, you were the mayor of Tirana, Socialist to stress. Why today receiving candidate status is important to you?
I think that the European Union project designed by the founders is the best project that our civilization could have imagined. Ballakani Albania as well as take part in this project. While the desire of the Albanian people, just like all other peoples of the Balkans, is too strong to join the European family.
Journalist: Lord Rama recommends that the European Commission be given this status, but belongs to 28 heads of state to decide at the next summit in 2009 and the experience you have had a large number blocking,'re optimistic this time?
Yes! I think that Albania should have the status in December. Did not do no good either Albania or region, that did not take away. Because ultimately it is not membership status. mould removal Membership will be after 10 years, but is a very important step to begin serious work on the modernization mould removal process. A process that can be a very good quality thanks negotiations and this instrument integration, which is unique and invaluable.
Journalist: To remember in 2013, France, Germany, England and the Netherlands who opposed the status of excuse-level corruption and organized mould removal crime. You are the 116-dents from 177th in Transparency International's list.
First, the refusal of December was related to the election of the European Union. Is this the biggest problem of the European project today because Europe has become tactical, about the fate of the election mould removal of the member states, mould removal and election after election, becoming increasingly less strategic.
Also, in December we were in charge of government three months after elections won by the free vote of the people, and the result was clear, but member states needed mould removal more time and asked the Commission to follow suit by June and to submit a special report little progress on the sustainability of the fight against crime and corruption.
Journalist: You said that some policemen rest, but also follow some former ministers, former responsible under investigation by the prosecution, but will not solve the overall problem of these investigations in a place where usually investigations fail to derive results. And there are some tasks that you are assigned. Are you ready to realize these tasks that have been set?
We are building a state of law. There is what the government should investigate. But, we have a great objective to achieve reform in the justice system, mould removal which should be based on values mould removal and principles and mechanisms of a European country that respects European standards and criteria for a fair justice and right. This is also a reason for which we need for the candidate status; To start the big project of reforms that will take time, but will undoubtedly lead us in the right direction.
Journalist: mould removal Let me emphasize that you are a socialist, Mr. Prime Minister, and when you were in opposition, a more active opposition to Mr. Sali Berisha at the time. And you rejecting the laws of integration for the Supreme Court, for civil servants and the functioning of parliament, laws already passed, thankfully. This extremely harsh climate in Albania mould removal verbally is not a negative point for integration?
The problem is the functioning of democracy and, as you mentioned, we were in a position where we were convinced that we had to defend democracy and the values of democracy, because for me European Albania and Albania in Europe is not simple, but every day lawmaking but what is applied in everyday life. This is the difference between us today mazhoracës Socialists and the previous government. Before becoming mould removal law, but not enforced.
Journalist: mould removal In terms of everyday life and reforms. The economy is an important issue to you. World Bank have shown that an increase of 2% which is very good for 2014. IMF loan has given 330 million euros to strengthen your economy. Yes reimburse your debts, but will leave as the situation of the poorest country in Europe?
We are a pretty rich in terms of resources. We're a pretty young country in terms of population. Also we are proud to have made an IMF program, a program for growth and not for austerity measures. We are proud to have earned the trust of the market and, in the end, we are a country that should be developed in the form that if we invest in education mould removal and culture. mould removal Because we believe that countries are not developed mould removal or less developed, for what they have, but

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A suspicious mole that is changing in size, shape and color should be referred to a specialist for

Melanoma, MARK understand how dangerous skin | DAILY GAZETTE how to remove nail polish
The desire to get tint should not push us to stand for hours in the sun, even more so without proper care through protective creams. This is because, small spots on the skin may have, or may vary and MARK becoming severe forms of the disease, such as skin cancer, melanoma or otherwise known. For readers of the newspaper "Day" Ilda doctor Xhelili shows that we have already entered the hot season and birthmarks and care to stay in the sun should be the maximum. This after exposure to UV radiation is one of the main factors for the development how to remove nail polish of melanoma. UV radiation causes damage to the DNA of cells, causing mutations (changes) in the genes of the cell and thus being transmitted through the generations. Melanoma is one of the types of skin cancer. It is less common than other cancers, but is among the most dangerous. Designation derives from the Greek word "Melas", which means dark. So is a tumor "bad", the melanociteve. The latter how to remove nail polish are cells that produce the dark pigment melanin, which is responsible for skin color. Mainly found in skin cells, but are also found in other parts of the body such as the gut and the eye (melanoma and intestinal uveale). So, melanoma can occur in any part of the body where the melanocitet, which are the majority in the skin. It causes about 75 percent of deaths related to skin cancer. Today, worldwide how to remove nail polish diagnosed about 160000 new cases of melanoma annually.
In general, an individual's risk for developing melanoma depends on two groups of factors: internal factors and external environmental factors. Generally external factor cited that individual's family how to remove nail polish history and the most important environmental factor is exposure to sunlight. Refer epidemiological studies that exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) is one of the main factors for the development of melanoma. how to remove nail polish UV radiation causes damage to the DNA of cells, causing mutations (changes) in the genes of the cell and thus being transmitted through the generations. Melanoma is more common in areas of the body most exposed to the sun, such as calves of the legs in women. Also most at risk are those who work in outdoor workers for example farmers working in the fields, floriculture, as they are exposed to sunlight. Importance is the age of the exposure and the exposure time. The younger and the greater the risk of developing melanoma. Most at risk are also white people with more moles than the black race. But this does not mean that the black race is not susceptible to this disease. They also recommended the use of protective how to remove nail polish creams to prevent skin burns from sunlight.
In everyday language melanoma is known as "The Mole. One of the early signs of melanoma is Nishani asymmetry, irregular borders how to remove nail polish or bumpy-bumpy appearance, and diameter greater than 6 millimeters (roughly the tires of a pencil). Such views pose as emergency visit to dermatologist. If the disease progresses, it will still have the appearance of pruritus (kruajten), ulceracione (cracks), to the flow of blood. If the disease appeared metastasis, then we will have such nonspecific signs such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weight loss. Metastasis in early stages are not common and about a fifth of patients who are diagnosed early on. Metastases are the most common brain, but cancer can spread to the liver, bone and lymphatic system.
A suspicious mole that is changing in size, shape and color should be referred to a specialist for examination dermatoskopik. Thus, this type should be monitored continuously for Nishant absolute risk of melanoma is low and therefore not recommended how to remove nail polish prophylactic surgical removal and histological examination concerned, but only dermatoskopik examination. These cases refer only to exclude a melanoma. Patients with many moles, especially atypical ones are at a sufficient risk to develop melanoma (relative risk is approximately ten times greater than those with less nevus, how to remove nail polish the risk to life is 1 to 15) and therefore should be ' directed referral system for examination dermatoskopik, ekcizim and histopathological examination, self monitoring how to remove nail polish their education, based on the risk of melanoma in a recent meta-analysis.
Here are the preventive measures recommended in the first place recommended to minimize exposure to sunlight. When we have to go recommended protective measures such as pants g


Its shadows wandered through the bloodthirsty mtp usb device driver dark night tranzicinit Albanian threatening anonymous "bravely" mtp usb device driver rrikthimin its tragic. mtp usb device driver And nobody can bother me owls enveriane choir consisting of atrophied scarecrow still carrying moldy their minds and in their hearts rotten holding portraits of the most bloodthirsty dictator who has known history of this country, but should bother every Albanian who feels sorry for the people of this country about what is happening recently.
If the trend of this phenomenon would be devastating ekskluzivizitet end in itself or part of a nostalgic archaic, criminally connected by guilt complexes with the past and localized at the periphery of political life in this country, this would not pose a concern great, but there is something more. In the last communist celebrations, mtp usb device driver as of May 5 on May 24 in homage to the panel with raised mtp usb device driver fist, fist as a symbol of national disunity communist greeting to yesterday's tragedy "forgotten" today "surprisingly" shamelessly bold rises as ominous message for a return to the communist past and not Slavic as an unintentional gesture for "rebirth", promised by politicians who are in power today.
The worst thing this country mtp usb device driver could not ever come out of a nostalgic crowd who require rehabilitation macabre figure mtp usb device driver of Enver Hoxha, the lush garden mtp usb device driver with weeds Albanian pseudo democracy of pain is noted with concern that these self-proclaimed mtp usb device driver Renaissance such frustrate every day more and more Albanians in their hopes that there would be different, but time as a relentless laktus shows the opposite, faded more and more promises of the past. Renaissance unborn died because mtp usb device driver infected uterus where it was conceived as the idea can not promise to give her the opportunity to live, meadow land that raised him for 50 years only poisonous herb was poisoned once and for all and it can not but promised flowers reproduce inherited vegetation.
When Pandeli Majko raises his fist in front of the U.S. Ambassador, greeting fist as a symbol of communist and considers it as a symbol of unity means that things have gone too far. Majo appreciated so much by the time the American administration and the famous American President mtp usb device driver Bill Clinton, a unique symbol of the liberation of Kosovo mtp usb device driver who waited Makjo in the White house with the warmth of caring big brother to the great; it shows that the communist legacy in Bangladesh has taken a tragic proportions and speed is a terrific turn deadly mtp usb device driver threat to the future of this country and of this people. mtp usb device driver The great evil is that this person has constant repetition in "feats" of his when he comes to call Midhat ash, grains and collaborator; Midhat potriotët Frashari one of the biggest this country to death who devotedly served the national cause and not the proverbial cause sllovo orthodox communism which your fathers served with zeal humble servant turning this country into the oasis of Death of bondage between the civilized and democratic Europe.
In a conversation I had long ago, March 1999 along with some of my friends with Sali Berisha, I said these words: the man can betray everything to be betrayed by everything except origin mtp usb device driver can, it does not even dot betrays nor she never betrays. I believe mtp usb device driver the message is rather clear that the genetic mtp usb device driver code in terms of the political biological remains always a determining factor in the way of acting and thinking. Could otherwise occur on May 24 Përmet, when Meta along with owls choir will sing Arjen death of this nation Enver Hoxha tunjateta Meta everything that has reached political mtp usb device driver or better on business policy has achieved its with strongly pragmatic sense, becoming in a particular account in case of Albanian politics and beyond. Son of an officer who later sell cabbages to the new bazaar with political ambitions clear enrichment purposes, knew how to sail neatly into the turbulent waters of Albanian politics, mtp usb device driver climbing and for the sake of some conjectures until it peaks higher . When cunning Nano has interrupted his career in power he had become economically strong enough to create his own political movement which SMI dub. In this motion was dissatisfied includes all of the Nano, communist extremists, former sigurimsat and customs officials and police officers remove corruption (and when

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5. Cabbage Chinese Studies suggest that vegetables such as Chinese cabbage contain nutrients: fiber

News from Albania, World and Region Special Features Actuality Politics News Op-Ed World Economics & Region Sports Entertainment Science Editor Lifestyle Gallery Video Horoscope Special Supplements Health Opinion Survey
Eat, drink and live longer. Some things in life, and how we use are beyond our control. doggy doo But in food research are made, and the data collected from people in the '90s and beyond, showing what, when and how we eat has a huge impact on our longevity. Want to eat for a longer and healthier? Here are some of the most compelling unexpected doggy doo advice:
1. Broccoli, grapes and lettuce I'll start with the scientific consensus: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and low calories is the best diet for a long life. Want specifications? Eat more broccoli, grapes and lettuce. Researchers have discovered in these three foods extra benefits for a longer life.
2. Berries These small sized fruits are full of antioxidants rich. They serve for the immune system doggy doo and fight life-threatening diseases. A 2012 study by Harvard University concluded that at least a portion of raspberries or strawberries with two servings each week helps in healthy growth.
3. Garlic In Pennsylvania, Nancy Fisher, 107 years, attributes her long life of faith and passion he had for garlic. Studies have proven that garlic contains elements doggy doo that can prevent the formation of carcinogenic chemicals in the body, and women who consume more garlic have lower risk to cancers in the colon.
4. Olive oil is just as tasty as well as healthy. This product is known for maintaining heart health and longevity benefits. Studies also show that olive oil may be associated with brain health doggy doo and cancer doggy doo prevention. Should consume at least 2 tablespoons of olive oil per day.
5. Cabbage Chinese Studies suggest that vegetables such as Chinese cabbage contain nutrients: fiber, vitamin C that help us avoid death. Even in cases where people are in danger. A Vanderbilt University study found that breast cancer doggy doo survivors in Shanghai consuming more this kind of cabbage, less risk of cancer recurrence.
6. Avocado How to prevent heart disease, the biggest doggy doo killer in the United States, according to a recent report conducted by the National Center for Health doggy doo Statistics? Eat more foods that keep your heart healthy, like avocado and other foods on the list and improve your chances for a longer life. Avocados can reduce bad cholesterol doggy doo LDL and increase the amount of good cholesterol doggy doo HDL. Avocados help your body absorb vitamins that improve heart health as betakaroten and lycopene.
7. Tomatoes lycopene doggy doo is a very important nutrient in the fight against doggy doo cancer - the second cause of death in the United States. And there is no better doggy doo source than red tomatoes. To eat them cooked, pasta sauce or tomato soup increases the amount of anti-carcinogenic doggy doo carotenoids that the body fails to absorb.
8. Beans Are beans good for our lives? In 2004 in a study conducted among the elderly in Australia, Japan, Sweden and Greece, doggy doo researchers found that the participants had a reduction of 7% and 8% of death for every 20 grams of bean consumed per day. A diet rich in beans and pulses increased fatty acid levels in the body, which may protect against cancer development. This study was done at the University of Michigan.
9. Wheat Consumption of fibers and seeds - especially through the refined bread - may reduce the risk of death by 22% according to a study published in the Medical Archives in 2011. Experts say that fiber protects against doggy doo heart disease, diabetes, some types cancers and obesity. It can also reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.
10. Alcoholic beverages, poorly Several studies suggesting that the small amount of alcohol and controlled - no more than two drinks per day for men and one glass for women - can have benefits for heart health. Those who consume alcohol moderately tend to live longer. A study from Harvard doggy doo Medical School in 2012 found that drinking moderately can reduce the risk of death of a man up to 20 years after a heart attack.
11. No alcoholic beverages If you want a first-hand advice for longevity hear Tomoji doggy doo Tanabe-n. The oldest doggy doo man in the world from 2007 until 2009 when he died at age 113 years often telling interviewers that the key to his longevity was not drinking alcohol. Tanabes favorite doggy doo foods were SUPRAT with Molu

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The laser reacts to light. It sends a light wave guide in a certain color, ignoring all other color

The laser reacts to light. It sends a light wave guide in a certain color, ignoring all other colors; light simply does not recognize them. Once the right color reveals, the laser penetrates into tissue and heats it.
The laser reacts to light. It sends a light wave guide in a certain color, ignoring all other colors; light simply does not recognize them. Once the right color reveals, the laser penetrates into tissue and heats it.
Retifilikues (sanding) laser used for skin tightening. In other words, provoked a controlled burns. Laser leveling the playing wrinkles and side bench grinders, removing skin mikroshtresa, reports Telegraph.
Vascular heat produced by the laser slit separates the blood vessel from the other, body calls it unnecessary element and casting as waste. Lasers are effective e kemija for the removal of small blood vessels, but if it enhanced veins, it is better to use mikroskleroterapia.
Heat from the laser depilues Depilues distinguishes black hair and brown (to be hatched and gray does not work). Once spotted, the hair, the heat penetrates and destroys the hair root bulbin. With that hair grow in cycles 4-6 weeks, they did not disappoint with the first dot. Usually during a session removed a third of the hairs, e kemija 3-4 procedures are needed so that all processed hair. There laser created specially for dark skin.
Color used for color laser tattoo removal. Heat seeks and detects certain color, destroys and dissolves the pigment, then the immune system detects remnants e kemija of pigment and excrete them from the body.
Laser mole removal This is the most powerful laser, which penetrates to the deeper layers of skin. He penetrates the cork pigment and blood vessels, making light colored Nishani. However, due to the large size of the blood vessels, e kemija the course lasts more than 10 sessions, causes pain and the wound përtharjes period requires about 6 weeks time.
mobile desktop

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In my opinion chaos on both sides ... The opposition is out in support of political prisoners!! ...

Criticism deja-vu - Opposition sloppy, can not remove a Ram with 1 million spots
Rama's PM is not ashamed EMKA vetmpr mold removal traditional Albanian political leadership, but constitutes scandal to world standards for leadership in politics. T being the Rams kaprcen's PM will limit n t imaginable prezencss political immorality, mold removal limit the world that for centuries has set up for leadership.
Open eyes around, who's PM Next (not only in Europe mold removal but in botnet mold removal mbar) resembles a little bit the Rams, who have history of such t prbind Rain in the family, who has denied foshnjnn belly Enns abandoned the family, mold removal who has accused his father mold removal t pr inches, who is married and divorced six (I) t times, who is out with wife nude public beach in front to minors, who next one is a prime place to roam naked Pervert bots roads to his place burned (Albania be '97) ...? Records (bmat) mold removal lup viewed with magnifying individual when it comes to politicians, because their behavior in order for t go determines how to proceed in the future, and n kt jet aspect would place at risk, not just their family. Therefore the world has created strict t n przgjedhjen practice of politicians, because they have the destinies of nations (peoples) in hands. Therefore initially recorded during electioneering moral character of the candidate, his political kndvshtrimit then. When the Western officials have grime belonging Ramna because his presence in leadership philosophy that precisely those hits have come in Brush ability to power. Opposition should throw up discrediting the field to national / international against the Rams, to highlight his 1 million to black spots, to urge that the national response / international against political presence in the Devil. Being the Rams T's PM frustrates humanity mold removal and moral precedent dangerous for world's foremost mold removal t t leadership. Hexapod of Albanians today are toughest to pass the time because of the transition for long t, q element to bring up national depression. Affects endured a k n t gabur przgjedhjen of leadership. People should obey (t becomes even from areas for civil society) that despite the toughest kohve t, a Ram's PM only lasts their agony . PS: Rama is always charged as the user drug, but had no courage to Asnjher tested myself (bj blood tests). He never give blood (of course who needs a blood addict), and now this man decides to place n junction Commerce's international drogs, because I know at bj t ... By Vzhguesi
In my opinion chaos on both sides ... The opposition is out in support of political prisoners!! ... Let DP had to count only the last eight years enough time to be indemnified all the political burgorurit Since these people ... even today after 22 years still are not indemnified for me it is the shame of the world / black page shame for Albania ... DP as an opposition party created by the student movement that overthrew communism in Albania will be much inherent that it had done it ... not only that but even to this day we see spo lists these prisoners were in total ... how ... how ... how himself survived of them have received full compensation ... or how many of them have taken two or three times indemnity and any other grain ... not to mention Lek former owners who were left adrift ... so it comes to regular clientele of DP ... more natural in the West after losing becomes immediately a general congress and party leaders loosing more of them leave the ranks of leadership ... such as ... sala did not accept that could run with ... the others prepared the way, the young, new faces ... the only trophy that no country today is in hand to chest is still rrafur change of hands peacefully, taking the responsibility of the directors mold removal of DP ... and so ... azgje New West for good from the front ... so far ... Status should definitely give my opinion ... let's turn Albanians unlike any happen mold removal is not given? Albania will aiding it to be improved? This is a vicious circle ... without assistance Albanian state can not improve mold removal ... but without improvement / no attempt to move forward from the Albanian state can reward you with status ... plus other things besides mold removal ... it must be admitted that the European institutions had enough time to do guide and teacher Miline 2 people ... so in my opinion justify inadvertently Albanian governments for this condition mold removal can not do fur responsibility / bastard Albanian state in the door only ... I say shame is for Europe to say today after 22 years can not succeeded with Albania ... Our failure as has been said is the failure of their ... are 22 years there are 22 days ... there are 2 million people are 2 billion ... plus you with so much wealth has shqiperi

The British newspaper The Daily Mail published a shocking story 27-year-old drug addict, which show

The British newspaper The Daily Mail published a shocking story 27-year-old drug addict, which shows that psychotropic drugs can do to a person. Briton Mikail Tuharst was attractive blond woman with clear skin, good teeth and dreamed of a career flight attendant. But when, at 18 years of age she began taking GBL (gamma-butyrolactone), the girl's life has changed a lot. During the four year old girl fell into the hospital about 1,000 times, in 15 cases the doctors had to connect to the machine Woman livelihoods. Psychotropics water damage very damaged liver Mikail. Leather Girl became spotty podpuhli eyes and hair Bought shade of brown. Her front teeth were knocked out when she fell during one of the drugs. At this point the girl for two years does not take drugs, water damage and hopes that it will fix your life for her daughter, water damage whom authorities have taken custody of Michael. Now women liver function only by 11 percent, soon she will need transplantation. As reported water damage by doctors, receiving psychotropic reduced life expectancy British women at least 10 years. GBL is an integral part of some liquids paint stripper in nail polish and superglue. Acceptance of such a formulation gives a feeling of euphoria and powerful proseksualnye effects. Some time in Europe and the U.S. gamma-butyrolactone was sold as a nutritional supplement to build muscle.
Kostya Saprykin
"For four years, she fell in the hospital about 1,000 times in 15 cases, doctors had to connect to the machine Woman livelihood." That is essentially force-bed and not spent on those who need help to force majeure circumstances, and those who do chose to ditch organizm
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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