Thursday, May 29, 2014

What ends up happening is that a lot of people leave the dream of an event surrounded brands of cos

And if you watch it all, good and less good things things (not to mention bad for anyone working on this for years) but the truth is, no one has yet experienced in the area, with years of work rose up and said the true reality of life a makeup artist.
In conversation with Barbara Brandão, professional makeup artist mold and blogger idea of saying what really is the life of a makeup artist, and what we feel and get ready for the idea that is easy and live surrounded by glamor will be demystified emerged.
What ends up happening is that a lot of people leave the dream of an event surrounded brands of cosmetics, glamor, mold beautiful people and especially a seemingly easy life where you can make big money life.
In Portugal you do not need training to be makeup artist, is apparently super easy to get a professional makeup artist diploma and start working. Gives more importance is the degree to which the capacity to work and deceit starts right here. Makeup artist (seriously) makes training, training makes another, and another and another until you feel you are able to meet expectations. Studying mold every day, trains the hand, try to be better. A professional mold makeup artist must have the humility to know what really goes and what can wait. A makeup artist can just say professional when taking income from their profession, mold when the makeup is your profession. A person who has a degree but only if the make-up itself is not a professional makeup artist.
Start activity as makeup is difficult. A person wants to buy stuff but do not have money, you want to work but have no materials, wants to show work but does not have as much to show nobody watches. Pass up many months or even years to be someone to look at us and see our capabilities and give us the opportunity we fight for centuries. Unfortunately during this process the validity of our stuff runs out, we continue to invest and "will not take long to earn to pay for this investment but will be worth it" is what we think ...
A professional makeup artist mold not only mak ... he is the manager of your business, you must learn to relate to people, be catchy. Must please their customers have the ability to understand what is required in each job has to be versatile. You must have the ability to work for free and always with a smile on his face. Must perform flawless, can not complain, you must have an enormous capacity to adapt to ever changing mold realities, different people. A professional makeup artist can not be shy or hesitant, may not show any lack of confidence or weakness.
A professional makeup artist working on your own, pay your monthly or receive Social Security or not. If you want to have a safe working have to pay it too. If you become unemployed have nothing. Break an arm have nothing mold ... If you wake up with a swollen finger has to fend or applying makeup with the other hand. A makeup artist can not get sick, can not linger mold and can not have personal problems. If you are sick or going to work or is frowned upon because they did not attend. Can not fail or be no median time on your work but the chances of being called back drop dramatically.
A makeup artist is constantly in a dilemma ... and if I get a part-time or full-time to at least have a fixed income? And finally call me for an important job and I can not do because of part-time/full-time? How to Survive a professional makeup artist? Live with their parents until age 40, is fortunate to have been born with a silver spoon or else do what I throw himself headlong and be what God wants!
A makeup artist will never know when to work and when they will receive much less. A makeup mold artist works the green receipts, issuing the receipt and pray that you pay three months later. Sometimes it does not quite get but pays taxes not received, often gets delayed without interest or any consideration of the paying that habitually walks in a crude car, go on vacation to paradise sites but has no money to pay for the work Makeup Artist.
Can you imagine mold always live under this pressure? Then imagine having to be available 24 hours to your work, do not have time, do not have the manpower or financial stability or not take vacations when other people have, can not have a bad day, can not fail ... A professional makeup artist has worked mold since the look daily. And the fact that the find or fight hard not guarantee mold that you will be given opportunities. It's a world where often the least important is your ability to work.
And this is the reality of the life of a makeup artist ... a little glamor, heights without a penny in your pocket when you have imens

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