Monday, May 19, 2014

We lived on an island, we had to travel. fred butler Came much to the mainland and went to the Cana

Early afternoon. A magical light strikes the eyes of Nini Andrade Silva and make them a pure blue. The hair is very blonde, precise cut. Round face, angelic. A diaphanous beauty that is broken by what he says. A certain way of speaking peculiar. Adopting ancient expressions, using the gerund. The Madeiran accent cerrado. The very broad grin. The relaxation of those who have lived a lot and has not succumbed to the elements. The death of parents. Her illness fred butler (that speaks little, but enough). Static, it is a. And another, agile, vitalistic, fred butler creative when it expresses.
Pontualíssima arrives, gives the time on the clock, fred butler the Prada handbag rests on a chair, measures light for pictures. Wearing a black outfit that always walks. "My pijaminhas". To not waste time in airports, wraps three sweatshirts and pants in two equal hand bag, and off you go. And to make sure that you do not put unwanted items in the trunk ... Then the mixture pijaminhas with a high-heeled shoes to go to the embassy dinner, or with slippers put my finger to walk across the street people. fred butler
What does she do? Creates environments. It is an interior designer. More than anything, makes the interior design of hotels. Something big. Positive. "Sometimes I'm doing a job and do not know how it will end, but I know it will end well." Lead a team of 40 people. Lives in a minimalist house in Madeira. (Truly lives worldwide). fred butler Your style is minimal, or ninimalista, as I called him.
My house no longer exists. My house actually was my parents' house. My parents have died, the house no longer exists on the site where there. It was a fantastic house with a huge garden and a school. My parents were teachers and always had many children at home. Eighty fred butler children every day. I have not walked this school. I went to a college because it was too fast.
My spaces have nothing to do with this house. The things I have to do with the experience I had in the world. It was a typical Madeiran house with "slap suns", shutters reguazinhas green wood. Large, with several rooms, rooms.
We lived on an island, we had to travel. fred butler Came much to the mainland and went to the Canaries. At 14, 15 I started to go to the United States. I left the JFK airport, I looked at the street and could not believe what I was seeing. It was like entering a movie! Those buildings, the Cadillac. Today, after having traveled to Asia, the rest of the world is very small. The world becomes small after going to China.
I went to see. I had some great friends, Kiekeben family, who had a factory of embroidery and needle point. Had business in New York and Florida and worked with the best designers in the world, who came to Madeira to make your carpets. A New York designer, David Easton, came from Concorde to Paris, fred butler and then Lisbon and Funchal, just to pick a color. Sold to Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, White House - top. This family was very important to me: I opened the door to all that was decoration.
My parents had been teachers of their children. fred butler I dated one of the children for many years. Was a German family. What I learned from them? First to be great and be simple. But it had already learned at home. Influenced me a lot because they have the whole world within them. They took me to the sites. This my thing to go to China is also Kiekeben fred butler Sir, I have always said that the world was changing and I had to take the embroidery out of wood. I was influenced by many people who have gone in my life; he was one of them.
My parents, my brothers. If you could choose, would turn again to the world, fred butler wanted to return to the same house and start all over again. My parents were fantastic, fantastic. Were some people who left us to be "us." Mom always told us that was how it was, we had to be ourselves. Never forced me to do anything. Physically it was just like me. I have a brother and a sister, I'm the youngest. My sister was an excellent student, already knew how to read at age five, finished the course early. Everything was very wrong with her. Worked in tourism for many years. Work with me today; is he who sees me emails, it's who comes to my life.
You know, a house is not what you see, is what you feel. In our house felt things. It was not so much if it was green or purple. It was a beautiful house. We sang together, we made plays. What I miss the house is what I felt inside.
We had a classic furniture that was formerly in Madeira, and that people still have mixed with modern things. There are always those who keep the mobile family. Our room had a curtain with a tiny orange flowers and a blue carpet on the floor. fred butler Had a bed, some shelves and over from one end to the other where we had books and dolls. My mother sent the master strengthen pr

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