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Today, Monday, I spent the whole day in Surf news about bad rebound, or bad reaction that several g

Today, Monday, I spent the whole day in Surf news about bad rebound, or bad reaction that several groups had to express themselves on the legalization of marijuana and freedom of expression in Brazil. Understand me well: to write the kind of audience that accompanies Ideafixa and link all the magazine's history to that kind of attitude and opinion, is complicated and requires courage. As I'm quite sure that readers of this blog are provided with common sense, critical thinking (with arguments, please) and above all respect, I decided to express myself and a way to bring this discussion to the 'creative' means - because until Now just saw something cleanliness on the blog of Perestroika, so I found it interesting the possible repercussions.
Democracy cleanliness is to discuss, integrate different opinions and points of view and the more we talk about this subject, the more chances we have to discuss and take action regarding the same with more clarity, justice and equality in social spheres, breaking the dogmas and experiment with alternative ways of tackle the major problems of society today. And it does not involve bombs or shells.
Face it ... everyone likes to controversial issues, but the truth is that most people ignore the facts and labels the type of person who occupies his time with demonstrations cleanliness in favor of something as hand spoken as 'mystified' cleanliness as marijuana. Pothead is vagabond, traveling, unproductive, and was there to make a mess is because you only think about your smoking anywhere you want, no one will get satisfaction.
I could use several people I know as an example, could speak of groups who have contributed to this subject is increasingly in evidence - even with bad repercussions and reactions of the state - as could speak of myself, cleanliness of my motives and as something illegal does not make me a bad element.
But I wanted to talk about exercise his constitutional right to assert a cause without any repression and, with that, the acceptance cleanliness of the people who ignore this question. I could be here writing about the despised bill criminalizing homophobia, or the countless victims of racism that flows every day in every corner of the country, they are as noble as causes. While we have no room for tormarmos our own decisions, we are becoming increasingly afraid of the police, which reacts to taste and take advantage of situations whose reactions cleanliness would be supported cleanliness by misinformed, or the fundamentalist who insists condoning this type of situation.
Debate inside cleanliness you that wants to expose your opinion before I would have watched a documentary that runs from March this year, but only had the opportunity to see first days ago via Twitter. Has almost 1:30 am but go forward: worth every second. If you will agree or not, it will change your mind or if you will continue cleanliness with its fundamentals do not know. But I think everyone should watch the outcome of such a detailed survey, with respondents of such property to talk about it.
If you think that this text is a superficial matter, and that is my intention to trivialize the use of illegal substances through a space that was granted to confidence, certainly will change your mind about finished watching the documentary. It's the only thing that guarantee.
V - political pluralism Article 5 All are equal before the law, without cleanliness distinction whatsoever, guaranteeing Brazilians and foreigners residing in the country the inviolable right to life, liberty, equality, safety and property, as follows :
VIII - no one will be deprived of rights on the grounds of religious cleanliness belief or philosophical or political belief unless he invokes it to exempt himself from all legal liability cleanliness and refuses to perform an alternative obligation established by law;
IX - is the free expression of intellectual, artistic, scientific and communication cleanliness activity, independently of censorship or license cleanliness Art. 220 The manifestation of thought, cleanliness creation, expression and information, in whatever form, process or vehicle is not subject to any restriction, subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
I find it very worthwhile for everyone to think about, good initiative!
Every week dozens of kids die because of drug trafficking. This is no exaggeration, here at ES I saw in the newspaper almost every day a guy dying in murder related to trafficking. cleanliness
I'm not saying that anyone who uses illegal drugs is directly responsible for the death of a boy with no luck, nor am I saying that anyone who uses illegal drugs fight and deserves jail. The problem is much more complicated than that, but you can not evade responsibility. It makes no sense to evade responsibility for the consequences of repression drugs in Brazil.
As for the protest, the reaction of justice had not sent

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