Thursday, May 22, 2014

The media love to fall by the wayside less good things happening in society. When something goes wr

The media love to fall by the wayside less good things happening in society. When something goes wrong, certain figures disappear from the scene for a period of time. Fall by the wayside and the media prefer grilli to stop talking about them. Prefer dropping the patina of heroes with feet of clay. Do not like to talk about important things not to remind people what happened. And after that period when "seems" everyone already forgotten the past, behold the media decide to dust off the heroes with feet of clay as a journalistic subservience or providing allegiance. The relationship grilli of facts and research about information constitutes journalism excellence. The synthesis work is the hardest. The raw information itself is merely newscast but not a desperezável or desvalorizável thing as certain media intended to mean. E is the trivialization of serious media devaluation grilli against facts that deserve highlight. For example the information disclosed on the website Wikileaks was immediately devalued by the media. Why? Because journalistic subservience hates the truth of the facts and prefer to do as flies, walking always prowling around the same thing. Yes, yes boss or yes man
Do not like to make waves. The everything and everyone shake their heads in a gesture of consent. By thirst for power or mere laxity, the yes men are everywhere. Sometimes it was a tie, "What good is that to you ..." Further, the new haircut. On certain occasions, the target of praise could even be "beautiful" signature of the head. Served to all the adulation. Where intersected higher in the corridors grilli of the company, this financial you never failed to weave the most ripped praises. "In meetings, sat beside her, and never heard him contradict any opinion given by our director. Course not coibia to emphasize the competence of the head when one of his decisions was revealed right," recalls Anthony, former colleague, which, however, left the software company where shared tasks with the flatterer. We all have stories to tell about colleagues and acquaintances who choose not to play the stone pond. It is as if to say do not get waves. Or, again: always agree with the boss. Remember that time you did the same? Simply because it was the easy way out, to cut short and quickly get where they intended, by the will of a tyrant leader or shake the responsibilities that did not. There have always been those who enfileirasse behind the figure of the boss, imitating his style, expressions, breaking morals and assume a canine fidelity. Are yes men, the Englishness for men and women always ready to shoot the convenient 'yes' grilli to those who want to hear. Sometimes not to stain appearances, other not to hurt the already weak self-esteem. However, have in common a reason: it is almost always advantageous to do so. Remember the social psychologist José Manuel Palma-Oliveira "who raises no waves very rarely does due to personality characteristics.'s A strategy you choose and which results in a rational process. Nobody is born yes men". Yet there are nuances of character that explain this riding around the superior: who is governed grilli by the gauge of authoritarianism and wields it with a heavy hand reveals, often weakness in the higher. The formation of the authoritarian personality has its roots in the frustrations that individuals experience during the process of socialization, especially in childhood and adolescence. Exposed grilli to a world of control and a dogmatic and highly repressive, family history tend to see the world through the lens of totalitarianism. "Not facing up and try to impose their authority down By their duplicity, the leaders of organizational structures have difficulty allow normal them:. Signals they send to the higher courts are not consistent with their behavior," says psychologist . "Treat me there for you!" Jorge Leitao, director-general of the private security company grilli Prosegur, still remembers the request of a director: "You can call me you and I treat it for you." Answer the top: "We are getting badly." With a long career in the Iberian Peninsula and some parts of France and Brazil, Jorge Leitão account which crossed with many yes men. "Not all are equal: some are constant, are born and die as well, because they are in the DNA; others adopt this posture at certain stages of your life and evolve in another direction as training and leadership that will have." By the way, stumbled colleagues grilli and subordinates "too obedient, too slavish, who confused the self confidence to be submissive. But the worst were those in whom we knew could not trust." Embodied the role of "snitches", sowed rumors and, if necessary, were "listens" to informal conversations between colleagues. During the 30 years he spent in

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