Friday, May 23, 2014

Some pins

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Some pins
Step 3: Now let's do the buds, all 66 of them. Place the square of outer fabric right side down and the square of the internal tissue without this concern. masetupcleaner Get tips and mild to slightly exceed the square inside, with holding pin, as shown in the picture. Repeat for all four corners.
Make two folds on each side of the square with holding masetupcleaner pins. On each side of the folds should go toward each other and do it so that the larger square sides match up with the sides of the smaller square. Repeat four sides. To better visualize these steps, see the video. Sew around your square with a little less than 2.5 cm seam to ensure their folds. Let one of the open corners (to be able to fill), but make sure that your amendment goes beyond the folds on each side. Now you can fill. It's tempting to fill them well, but do not, because we'll have to sew the wedges masetupcleaner together on the machine, and if they are too big they will not fit. Repeat with all 66 bubbles. masetupcleaner Step 4:. (Unclear if anyone can help me explaining this step, please type in comments) You can sew together in rows of 6 After all 11 of its lines of 6, you will need to sew together them together. It is crucial masetupcleaner to fix them before you sew. I tack. All lines Sew together until the entire top side ends. Step 5: Make a ruffle to go around your carpet. Not shown the steps to make the ruffle, but you can look here to learn how to make one. Cut six strips of silk with 20 cm wide each for that frill. As seen from the picture, place attached to the carpet backing. The frill is stuck facing inward to the center. Use pins to hold. As the image, place the mat with gomes on the table, masetupcleaner face up. On top, place the bottom with the fully embedded frill, masetupcleaner taking care not to get anything out of place. Pin and then sew around. Be very careful not to pinch pleated at the seam during this process. Just go slow and keep your hands between the pins to straighten (stretch) the ruffle. Leave an opening large, more or less about 18 cm, to be able to untap sides. Turn the carpet. The opening left, sew by hand. There you go! See bottom: masetupcleaner Original Tutorial Other work that mat PAP
Hello, good day! I've done a sample with 4 buds just to see how it looked, and found that if we add the "empty" squares is easier and then we can fill up the way we want. More or less filled. I made a cortinho at the bottom of each square, filled with acrylic blanket and closed with hand sewing. It was very cool and I'm using as pincushion. I have helped with the explanation. Visit my blog: A big hug Regina June 24, 2013 11:07
Been a long time I was looking for a PAP this carpet! I believe that in Figure 4, you said you did not understand, masetupcleaner the photo shows how to join the squares, is not it? Thank you! May 23, 2014 00:01
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