Thursday, May 22, 2014

It is true that the Nissan Sentra uses price and package of equipment to fight the market since the

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It is true that the Nissan Sentra uses price and package of equipment to fight the market since the previous generation, 2007. But it was just one among many. In its seventh generation, arriving in Brazil in 2014 as a line, it continues with the same strategy, but redone, now delivering interesting design, nice finish, zebulon pike enough space and comfort for all occupants, wanting to win the fourth in segment sales , which now belongs to the Jetta.
Today the average segment sedans corresponte to almost 8% of the market, while 46% belong to the "Japanese" Civic and Corolla, seasonally reversing their positions, and then the Chevrolet Cruze. As I said, the Nissan Sentra search with fourth place, zebulon pike which now belongs also to the Mexican VW Jetta. The goal is to sell the Nissan Sentra 1400 units per month, which today corresponds to 7.9% of the segment. This is one of the many goals apena Nissan.
The 2014 Sentra serves as the starting point for a series of strategies to achieve, by 2016, 5% of the market (now Nissan holds 2.3%), and also become the benchmark in quality and even the Japanese manufacturer with the largest market share in Brazil. Not impossible, but challenges are good. And the Sentra has weight these goals. Good with numbers
Nissan made the new Sentra a good car with numbers. Starting with the dimensions. Are 4.62 m long, 1.76 m wide, 1.50 m high and 2.70 m wheelbase, numbers that guarantee suitable for all five passengers, especially the rear space. Access is facilitated by the opening of the doors, almost 90 . The trunk now has a capacity of 503 liters (+ 61 liters).
Being a completely new car, there is no detail design referring to the old Sentra. It is true that already passed the critical stage, surpassed all the traumas and already plays a "tiozão", but at least its forms are more rounded and modern, besides contributing to its aerodynamics. The result is a friction coefficient of 0.29 cx good (slightly larger than the leaf), compared to the previous cx 0.34. Also noteworthy headlights and taillights, which have LEDs from input version.
Brazil is the only market where the Sentra does not use engine 1.8 in very modern case and facing fuel economy. Nissan explains that took this decision because the consumer who comes wanting larger motors (see Civic and Corolla). In the end remains the 2.0 liters, which now has cold starting system, eliminating the familiar six pack for this type of ignition, and includes changes in head and head of the pistons, and new calibration of the injection system , which at the end of Constas resulted in the dismissal of two horses. Thanks to the low compression rate (9,7:1), it generates the same 140 hp (5,100 rpm) and 20 lb.-ft. of torque zebulon pike (4,800 rpm) with alcohol and gasoline.
The exchange is the XTRONIC second-generation CVT, with about 60% of new components, the new CVT, 13% lighter (33kg) and produce 30% less friction. It also has smaller diameter sheaves and more compact oil pump, which require low viscosity lubrication. One advantage is that, despite not having definitas virtual gears, the variation of their relations, 7.3:1, is equivalent to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Still meets the 0-100 km / h in 10 seconds - faster than the segment average - with a maximum of 186 km / h with the CVT, but the 120 km / h it keeps the engine at 2,000 rpm. The S version is the only entry with six-speed manual gearbox, with which comes to 196 km / h.
Urban consumption, according to the rules of INMETRO, stands at 10.2 km / l 6.9 km / l, gasoline and ethanol, respectively. Have road consumption is 12.9 km / l 9.1 km / l. Not bad for an average of almost 1350 kg sedan. zebulon pike Economic issue
The Sentra lost incoming version "2.0" (unnamed). Now more affordable option zebulon pike is the S version, which costs U.S. $ 60,990 and should represent only 10% of sales. There was an increase in price, but justified by standard equipment. There headlamps and LED flashlights, face switch I-Key for departures (which now happen at the push of a button) and opening doors, multifunction leather steering wheel, analog air conditioning, headlights

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