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In August 2012, at the start of the trial of Criminal Case 470, the lawyer Márcio Thomaz Bastos put

Gaping inequality: Demotucanos can dismember the trial of trensalão | bloglimpinhoecheiroso
In August 2012, at the start of the trial of Criminal Case 470, the lawyer Márcio Thomaz Bastos put a point of order. Did the trial dismembering, separating the defendants entitled to special venue - three members - and the other 35, they would be entitled to be examined in the 1st instance. The request was rejected by 9-2.
On Wednesday, the 8th, the Minister Marco Aurélio de Mello examined the complaint about the toucan propinoduto involving corruption in the works of the São Paulo Metro. Marcus Aurelius decided to spin off the process.
The decision Wednesday does not compromise the biography of Marcus Aurelius, who was one of two votes in favor of dismemberment in 2012. Shows But the notion that the Supreme Court would "change history" when the "trial of the century "and" end impunity of the powerful "is far short of the reality. Did not the Supreme Court case law, apparently.
Charge of judging the monthly allowance of DEM / DF and filmed their legislators when receiving money in half in grocery bag and bag fair, the STJ dismembered. That is, even at the level of appearances you can tell that offers equal treatment for equal situations. "Two weights, two mensalões" grafton wi wrote Janio de Freitas, in 2012.
Imagine: the break up, as defendants Dirceu, Delúbio Smith and 32 other defendants quite possibly even have been tried so far, as with the monthly allowance defendants PSDB / MG, involving crimes grafton wi committed six years before the 470 cases reported in AP and nobody grafton wi knows when they will receive the final sentence.
Even if it had occurred, they would be entitled to a second trial by another court of law. Instead, in especialíssimos cases are entitled to a limited and occasional revision, with several conditions, by the same court.
In 2012, the single vote for the dismemberment caused unease in plenary STF. When Ricardo Lewandowski voted in favor of the request, Joaquim Barbosa made an aggressive intervention: "Because I kind we treat this issue now. This is disloyalty. " The conductor grafton wi replied: grafton wi "Because I kind who want to prevent their excellence I express myself."
By voting against the request made of dismemberment in Criminal Case 470, the Minister Gilmar Mendes argued that if it was not the case in the Supreme, the process would prescribe. Let's read what he said: "This process is only coming to an end because it was concentrated in the Supreme Court," he said. "If he were scattered around, his destination was the prescription."
I welcome the break. Not only by the principle that one should grafton wi ensure equal treatment to citizens accused of crimes grafton wi equal, but because the Constitution defines well. Anyone who has any doubt about the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to prosecute defendants who do not have special forum, just type the name of Dalmo Dallari on the internet to have a flawless lecture on the subject.
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Is more than proven that such a monthly allowance, AP 470,

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