Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If you want to make your handbag style wayuuu, advise improvise and make macrame strap or the same

After seeing several videos on Wayuus (natives of Colombia), I realized that the technique that Wayuuu women use to make the Wayuu bags, crochet is worked in all low, with the technique of wire driven. homemade carpet cleaner
In the videos I watched on the technical Wayuu women realized that they work with at least 4 line colors, which will give a certain firmness in the bag, since the wires are worked homemade carpet cleaner together (the color that is forming the design will involve covering up other lines which will be conducted by the work, which gives firmness to work)
If you want to make your handbag style wayuuu, advise improvise and make macrame strap or the same technique used to make the bag, or crocheted wired conducted homemade carpet cleaner to form the designs.
Place your graphic-design combination, side by side with a blank sheet of graph paper. Using the drawing copied as a guide, decide which color is predominant in each square of the graph; then paint the squares with the appropriate color. Any blank square will be working homemade carpet cleaner on the background homemade carpet cleaner color you chose. Include at least two rows of color "background", or a colored homemade carpet cleaner border, bypassing the model. 3
Count the number of squares that your design has. The amount of little chains required homemade carpet cleaner to form the pattern is equal to the number of such squares, each square corresponds to a chain on the drawing. Make lows throughout aa bag. This corresponds to the bottom of your recipe, reading from right to left. 4
With this technique ALSO GIVES TO MAKE CARPETS, ETC TABLES homemade carpet cleaner
Leia Rock (a friend's blog here) is also a site where ncontrou craftswoman teaches the technique of tapestry crochet and didiviu information is http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/ us ... In this blog ha site models beautiful for inspiration. As for handles in diamonds she found references on how to do it ... since the striped tank top, she reports that are held in backstrap loom, and this site clearly shows the technical and several tutorials homemade carpet cleaner available there: http:/ / backstrapweaving.wordpress.com
Updated the pottage and put a video that teaches how to crochet conducting wire. The last video shows how men do some parts and I figured it is dest so that the handles do. If you want to make your handbag style wayuuu, advise improvise homemade carpet cleaner and make macrame strap or the same technique used to make the bag, or crocheted wired conducted to form the designs. Delete Reply
Good evening friend Darya became great your post and I want to thank you for the links that indicate my aulinhas. homemade carpet cleaner Jesus bless you with daily quantities. A hug, Edinir-Croche www.edinir-croche.com Delete Reply
Very good your posting ... I have also researched the Wayuu backpacks are beautiful even found a site where the artisan teaches the technique of crochet tapeçaria.http :/ / www.tapestrycrochet.com. In this blog site ha gorgeous models for inspiration. As for handles lozenges have not found references on how to do it ... seems macramé, already striped handles are held in backstrap loom, this site shows well the technique, there several tutorials available (??): Http:/ / backstrapweaving.wordpress.com. Hugs. Delete Reply
Hi Leah, thanks for sharing your find with us. Have updated the post with your information to share with the friends who want to make a pouch style wayuu. Thank you and good week. Smacks. Delete
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