Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Cardboard Toys / E-Mini
Toy Library
Whenever I discover a new toy for girls that you think really worth buying I put here for you. I asked for the E-Mini, partner blog, choose something very creative for me to test with children.
What I love about these toys is that besides being affordable, allow dozens of games and activities with pencil, ink, crayon, paper, anyway. Everything that your creativity and send your child match! I always liked to play with creative things since childhood. And I'm all like toys that stimulate the creativity awesome cleaner of children and rely on the help of parents to create an entire game.
Comes just the outline in black and you can paint with the material you want. At the age of Bruna's favorite item are the paints and brushes. But for children a little higher, you can use small pieces of fabric to make a carpet, a curtain, a tablecloth awesome cleaner .... has many options to invent!
All sale on E-Mini (here).
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